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Jesus in Afrika’s Story


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Jesus in Afrika’s Story

There is lots of redefinition going on with nations and with individuals. And mind you, redefinition of what has always been, in order to make a new headway or go in a new direction is sure a beautiful thing. God Himself is the same yesterday, today and forever, but, He also evolves in order to bring to light new dimensions of Himself to man. Meaning nothing really stays the same forever. Change is life and life is about change. And by that, and in a changing world, redefining of things is sure a good thing. I am concerned about some things happening in our world, I am mostly however concerned about my beloved continent of Afrika. For obviously, Afrikans have been programmed over the years to accept and follow the dictates of the outside world, and almost all the time, without thorough thinking. But this doesn’t have to continue, for the Afrikan narrative of original wisdom, which was destroyed by the invasion of foreigners is true and alive and will once again permeate the hearts of Afrikans for their emancipation.

The awakening
I am particularly glad about the various things coming up in Afrika and how Afrikans are beginning to lend their voices, strength, and knowledge to the Afrikan narrative of an emancipated Afrika.
It blesses my heart to see young and old people beginning to see the truth about the original beauty of Afrika from a fresh perspective not laced with some corruption or from the mindset of slaves or slavery. Yes there remains a lot to do concerning the liberty of Afrika, but at least, we do have now a good start towards the right direction, which for me is not just about the new narratives of a better Afrika going around but much more about the conscious questioning ofthings about Afrika and Afrikans.
Ranging from questions about our antecedents as Afrikans, our history, the ancient Afrikan wisdom, the original knowledge that was endemic here in Afrika, Afrika being the cradle and mother of mankind and the various other things we are beginning to question and seek answers for. I remember telling my wife some time ago that I wouldn’t really mind never leaving Afrika to visit America or Europe in my life time. It’s certainly not a priority and the reason is very simple. There is so much beauty, wisdom, knowledge to see and absorb in Afrika to last a lifetime. And that for me is very real and true, except if the Lord will have an assignment or something for me outside of Afrika.

There is so much beauty, wisdom, knowledge to see and absorb in Afrika to last a lifetime.

The Unwanted Jesus
In all of the redefinitions going on and the various other beautiful things happening in the world and especially in Afrika, I also sense a subtle deception creeping in which is already making waves. Various media persons are talking about it in their TV shows, interviews, articles and even in books. They are all beginning to ask questions about the Afrika that was before the white man came with the religion called Christianity. Questions like, how was the original pre-christianity Afrikan connecting to God the supreme being and creator like, without being a Christian or follower of Christ.
Valid questions I must say. At least to the intent of making us have critical thinking about what it means to be Afrikan in connection with God the creator. I find it quite disturbing however, that over time, people have now learned how to accept God as supreme but reject the Jesus Christ He sent as an expression of Himself on the earth. They based their argument on the theory that the bible is a white man’s religious book and that the Jesus of the Bible is a white man’s Jesus who was imposed on unsuspecting Afrikans. I have heard some come on social media saying things like there is no name for Jesus in the Afrikan language but there are names by which God was called by ancient and not too ancient Afrikans.
Meaning, most people really don’t have any issues with God being God, but the issue
is Jesus being God. I am beginning to hear many who also profess Christianity talk about reincarnation, ancestor worship, the African magical power etc and how that redefining Afrika’s spirituality means we must go back to ancient traditions, some of which are laced with demon worship in order to be original as Afrikans. Sounds like a noble idea, but a subtle one that directly sets a man against God found in Christ. Simply put, they are the antics of the enemy to subtly introduce the regime of the Antichrist while men still claim God as supreme. Satan has never had any issues with God as it were, his problem has always been the Man Child called Jesus the Christ or Yeshua if you want to use the Hebrew name.

Meaning, most people really don’t have any issues with God being God, but the issue is Jesus being God.

And the entire narrative of the end time is about the true Christ and the one who says he is also Christ – the Antichrist. The end time story is not necessarily a war between Yeshua the Son of God and Satan or his seed the Antichrist, it is much more about the war between Satan (the fiery red dragon) and the seed of the woman or if you want to put it in another way, the sons of God in the flesh who walk however in the Spirit. Satan and his seed the Antichrist are already defeated by the dying of the Christ on the cross, so it’s clear against who or they that this war is about. It certainly is not between Satan and God.

The Jewish Yeshua versus the white Jesus narrative
Subtlety has always been the weapon of the enemy of God’s people, as already seen in the way Eve was deceived in the garden by the subtle suggestions of the serpent, the way the white men deceived the Afrikan fathers with the “mirror for diamond” effect, “slaves for iron” narrative. And that weapon is still at work right now. The new Afrikan narrative of getting back the original identity of Afrika and Afrikans is stemming strongly from a direction that tries to interpret an Afrika that is without Christ. Simply put, it’s making rounds that the original Afrika is that one which had no Jesus but who accepts God and His worship, however demonic the mode of worship to Him might be. And the thought is that Jesus is the creation of the white man’s thinking. I beg to say that it is absolute nonsense. First, even though the white man may have brought Christianity to Afrika as a religion, the Bible is not a collection of white men’s history or stories. Not at all. In fact there is no single thing that refers to the white man in the Bible. It’s always been about the fathers who followed God through faith (Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and if you want to add, the Gentiles who are fellow heirs of salvation through faith.)
And truth be told, all these Biblical fathers whose names I mentioned above, all had strong ties with Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya which are all Afrikan nations. Also, there must surely have been ancient Afrikan fathers who walked with the God of heaven like Abraham, but whose names are not written in the Bible. Even Jesus who was hidden from Herod in Egypt as a Child was also killed in the spiritual Egypt (See Revelation 11:8).
Jesus or Yeshua or the Christ is not a religious concept, a tribal creation nor a tool for deception or a chain for slavery like the whites used it against the blacks. He is not. And come to think of it, historically, there is a strong connection between the Jewish Jesus and Afrika as both a geographical entity and as a people. The connection of Jesus to Afrika predates the coming of Christianity to Afrika. Let me share a few things that will help us redirect our minds to the reality of the Christ in the Afrikan spiritual story. I won’t necessarily use scriptural references, but you can do your own research.
From historical antecedence,Adam who was the first man was made in Afrika, popularly known as the cradle of mankind, Enoch the man who walked with God and who didn’t see death is historically known to be a black Ethiopian and was also regarded as a Master of wisdom, Abraham the father of faith is a black Hebrew and also had strong connections to Egypt through his wives Hagar and Keturah and lived in Egypt, Joseph became a citizen of Egypt as a prime minister and his two sons are basically Egyptians (Afrikans) by birth, it only takes about fifteen years for a person to be a citizen of another country in our day, so for the Children of Abraham to have lived in Egypt (Afrika) for four hundred and thirty years simple means they are Afrikans, Yeshua (Jesus) was hidden from Herod as a Child in Egypt (Afrika) in order to fulfill the prophecy that out of Egypt (Afrika) God called out His Son, the cross of Jesus was carried for Him by Simon of Cyrene (Simon is an Afrikan from Libya) which is a prophetic indication of the suffering of Afrika for the sake of Christ and according to Revelation 11, Jesus was killed in the spiritual Egypt or Spiritual Afrika and because He Himself said, “if I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself”, it means Afrika is a major spiritual hub in which Christ will draw all men to Himself in this age of the end time. How do I know this? The cross which is the instrument of His lifting was carried by an Afrikan and He, Christ, was killed (Lifted on the cross between the heavens and the earth) in the Spiritual Egypt (Afrika). And because the story of the two witnesses in Revelation 11 also directly connects to the spiritual Egypt were the Lord was killed, it means the reality of the two witnesses is beyond two men carrying the anointing of Moses and Elijah showing up in Israel. (See my article on the Two Witnesses at So to accept that the Jewish Yeshua is truly the son of God and then to say there is an Afrika that is separated from this Jewish Yeshua is absolute nonsense. For by antecedent, Jesus or Yeshua has always been Afrikan and has also lived in Afrika.

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The Noahide Laws
The coming of the man of sin also called the Antichrist or the lawless one was prophesied thousands of years ago. Interestingly however, that prophecy is for now. I stumbled upon an article many years ago. Initially I didn’t have any issues with the content of the article but later I began to see the deception written clearly in the lines of its wordings. I can’t get you the actual article I saw back then, but I can mention what it was about.
It was about the coming Noahide Laws by which the global government wants to rule the nations for the Antichrist regime. That document has seven laws written in it. In practical terms, the Noahide Laws are laws God gave to Noah after the flood and which the new world, which he Noah began with his family was to be guarded. They have, however, become the laws by which the one world global agenda is also to be ruled by. Below are the seven Noahide Laws:

  1. Do not profane God’s Oneness in any way. Acknowledge that there is a single God who cares about what we are doing and desires that we take care of His world.
  2. Do not curse your Creator.
  3. Do not murder.
  4. Do not eat a limb of a living animal.
  5. Do not steal.
  6. Harness and channel the human libido.
  7. Establish courts of law and ensure justice in our world.

These laws in themselves don’t seem to have any harm, but look at law number one in context and you will see the deception clearly. It interprets that God is supreme and that there is no other God before him to be worshiped by man, just like the Ten Commandments. Looks noble right? And mind you, this is also the narrative of the Islamic religion which says that there is no other God but Allah. But the evil here is this; this law sees Yeshua as another God for which men must be killed if they worship Him as God. This is one of the antics of the anti-Christ and which many are already taking up dangerous positions as to the place of Jesus the Christ in the narrative of Afrika.

The resolve I have personally resolved in my heart about my position in this issue. Jesus or Yeshua is the Son of God and He is also God irrespective of what anyone thinks. He is not separated from the Afrikan spiritual journey and the going back to Afrikan spirituality is not a walk away from Him, Christ, but an embrace of His heart and purpose for Afrika which has been lost over time a purpose which includes being the spiritual Afrika who carried His cross of suffering, being the Afrika where He was lifted up, being the Afrika where He is drawing and will much more draw all men to Himself and also where the reality of the Two Witnesses is revealed in real time- The True Afrikanism.

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