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Dear Chioma & Samuel,

With anguish I watched this video and I could feel your pain. We all can relate to the fact that there probably was a “hidden Hand” in all of this (just as the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” explains, as they do their best to “conceal” their involvement/orchestration of events, making it hard for people to point the finger at them) but the sad part about it is that the “secrets” (in this case what really took place) once again will all end up in the same “place” the overwhelming majority of the hidden wealth of knowledge and information that those who are labelled as black globally have always ended up and that is the “graveyard” as everyone will be “hush-hush” about it all.

Knowledge or information we should be “documenting/archiving” and passing from one generation to the next (as part of our people’s history) to help the next generation improve, always ends up in the graveyard and is never passed on because we fail to archive/document anything.  We yap a lot, but still do not understand the importance of “Documenting/Researching” events for the sake of future history.

To make matters worse, the aura of “Fear” and “Silence” that often accompanies these “silent” whispers (like the strange death of the president) only helps to fuel and feed the very fear that Westerners are using as a tactic on us. As these low-level ruthless sub-human tactics of silencing people indirectly or directly that is employed and “taught” to the rest of the world by the West, was “designed” to INSTILL and maintain fear and insecurities with the end result of SERVITUDE.

So, we have to ask WHY is it that despite the fact that this Western “Tactic” is so well known and “old” yet it manages to succeed ALL THE TIME?

The answer is complex but we can scratch away at the surface to help us get a glimpse of the problem and how to address it:

THE CONUNDRUMFear and the dissemination of the “thought” of fear:

For those who can only think-inside-the-box, FEAR of the known “unknown” is a tactic that helps to keep them “in-line”. Those who think-inside-the-box are groomed to stay inside the box.

The overwhelming, past and present, majority of African “leaders” have long been groomed (via their educational contenthabits, pre-suppositions and Eurocentric cultural conditioning) to only think-inside-the-box as they do not have the mental capacity to ‘Think-OUTSIDE-the-Box’.

You see, the Eurocentric human construct of “Leadership” is such that it creates an air of illusion in the “minds” of those that fill those positions as they have been taught/groomed to believe that, by virtue of being “leaders”, that they are a member of a “SPECIAL” group/class of humans and as such they often “ACT” accordingly with false airs of grandeur.

Even when (as in the case of the African country leaders) they are visibly no better positioned than being the “janitors” of the very “class” of the self-labelled special group of global leaders. Notice how when in the company of their “white” superiors they act in a demeaning, capitulated and servile manner.

Thus, the truth remains, by virtue of their education, habits, pre-suppositions and Eurocentric cultural conditioning, African “Leaders” CAN NOT (and probably will not) help Africa develop as they are only players in a game that was constructed by “others” and their role is merely that of SERVITUDE and SURVEILLANCE “compliance” janitors for the West.

Therefore, ONLY the “PEOPLE” can HELP THE PEOPLE in AFRICA so the focus needs to be towards the PEOPLE largely the younger generation. But I shall address the issue of leaders in the solution section later which hopefully will make sense then.

One final thing I should point out about this groomed and self-ascribed leadership special group/class is that the ones at the bottom of the ladder (i.e. The African leaders) are not only stooges but also very “ruthless” stooges towards their own kind as they are the ones who are more committed to display loyalty to this self-illusion” leadership “CLASS” of people who sit at the upper echelons of the class and as such they use the means/tools (Western modern internal technical warfare tools of state oppression)  at their disposal to perpetually force the masses into perpetual SERVITUDE.

Thus, African leaders CANNOT help Africa (and should not be “expected” to do so either) as they are also part of the problem hence why, when you find one that does not want to play ball or wants to break away from this “foolish ARISTOCRATIC/CLASS-ISM pact“, they resort to eliminating that person as they probably did to the president of Tanzania. (John Perkins in his book, mentioned earlier, explains their “tactics” better).

THE SOLUTION: (Just some as there are many)

Genuine change can only come from the Younger GenerationBUT they can only achieve change if they are a) Trained b) Understand the NEED for change and c) Are knowledgeable and skilled enough to produce change.

Think with me for a moment: In the 90’s I recall the Apartheid Terrorist South African Government had a strong philosophical saying that went like this: “Cut off the head of the snake and the snake (organization) dies” This was a very strong (and to this day still is) widely-held tried and tested military/clandestine operations “belief”. But let us do a little THINKING-OUTSIDE-THE-BOX:

Now imagine for a moment that this “snake” was actually a mythical “MEDUSA” where it had multiple heads and could grow another one at any given moment! Now you see that staunch clandestine operations “Belief” would cease to hold value.

The sad truth is, it has been BECAUSE NO AFRICAN so-called leader RECOGNIZED that “A” (singular) Leader was THE PROBLEM and as such they had a DUTY to ensure that virtually EVERY BOY and GIRL on the AFRICAN soil possessed  leadership CAPABILITIES so that they could SWITCH one for another instantly, hence why that clandestine “MYTH” (as it is really a self-amputating myth) constantly held true and many of the so-called leaders ended up losing their own lives eventually when they opposed the status quo. Thus, if a snake has multiple re-growing heads, simply cutting ONE off will NOT help you destroy the organization.

When I went back to Africa in 1972, as a child, the very first thing I noticed was state/institutional encouraged SERVITUDE and AUTHORITARIANISM, where school authorities were directed to virtually force primary school and secondary school kids out on the streets to line up “waiting” and wave “flags” at presidential or government motorcades of fast/zooming presidential limousine convoy of cars to make the “wanna-be” new African Elites “FEEL” good about themselves. All that the past government rulers were doing was FOLLOWING in the FOOTSTEPS of their COLONIAL MASTERS, as many of the “NASTIES” of COLONIAL rule were INTENTIONALLY LEFT in place and many (such as the creation of clandestine organizations to terrorize and keep in check the local population) enhanced.

No president put in place (let alone monitored) a structure to ensure that EVERY CHILD developed LEADERSHIP qualities. SERVITUDE was ALL the so-called “leaders” CARED for.

In fact, just before my 17th birthday, I got an opportunity to teach in a primary school (then called “Iguobazuwa” Primary School where my father, using his influence, got me a sort of “holiday” job) for two months before I headed off for undergraduate studies. Even at age 17, I noticed, sadly, that “everything” was wrong as the standard was very poor, the educational content was totally inadequate and to make matters worse the delivery was very authoritarian and lacking human care, as the teachers never truly CARED for the future or wellbeing of the kids (and sadly this holds true today in many places I later visited in Africa as an adult).

With conditions like that the children had NO fair chance or future. Then add to that my own secondary school direct experiences in Africa that were no better. I guess I was in a well-balanced position to take notes because I had attended primary school (Kender Primary School, London) and part secondary school till third year in the UK so I guess that helped my thinking process greatly when it came then to analyzing what I was seeing in Africa at the time.

So let us imagine a scenario where an African kid, at the AGE OF 12, was capable of discerning between “Primary data, Secondary data and Tertiary data”, and could easily prepare a research paper while possessing the skills to technically set up their own home computer lab for self-practice. Yes! Imagine a primary school kid that could form harmonious and functional teams with classmates and collaboratively manage small to medium projects together. A primary school kid that enjoyed taking things apart, studying them and putting them back together again, but doing so after enhancing them.

Now let us further imagine an African kid at AGE 18 that had the capabilities to draft research questionnaires and could conduct field research. Imagine that these kids could develop programming languages and design functional systems. Let us further imagine these same kids knew how to construct value systems such as financial monetary systems, or probably teamwork and create organized teams that could find, unearth and refine raw materials, then create technical and industrial TOOLS so that they – in turn – could turn them into finished manufactured goods for both production and consumption. Now let us further imagine that at this age these kids could teamwork to create defense systems for their continent.  In fact, that these kids had the mental capacity to devise scientific tests that could be applied to virtually anything in society: from testing tools, medicines, earthquakes, rain/weather predictions etc. Imagine these kids all able to be self-sufficient in food/agriculture production.

Furthermore, let us imagine where these kids had the fortitude of UNITY and understood that selling their souls was a very unethical thing to do and thus, they all had the mental and emotional strength for abstaining from collaborating with alien outsiders to sabotage and harm their own kind.

Just imagine a new generation of African kids teamworking and interacting “STATELESS-LY” in a structured manner with each other in daily life…what a wonderful sight that would be!


You see UNITY is not something people “preach” on stage while getting excited by cheering crowds nor is it something we should be singing in songs etc. UNITY is something YOU TEACH.

See Also

The present-day technology is often used by the EVILdoers to force the masses into SERVITUDE and to impose SURVEILLANCE measures on them so as to maintain the subtle HUMAN CONSTRUCT control mechanism known as the “STATE”.

Virtually all so-called political leaders who have grown with Eurocentric culturally conditioned pre-suppositions have deeply rooted in them numerous pre-assumptions that they have never dared to “QUESTION” and as such have never, nor will ever QUESTION the SYSTEM they inherited from their colonial masters, let alone question the “STATE” as an apparatus of societal governance.

However, that same TECHNOLOGY, when properly designed/deployed to do so, can be used in REVERSE to MASS EDUCATE (and to some extent Re-Educate) the people as instead of using it for EVIL it can be used for GOOD.

For example, right now they point cameras for surveillance towards the “people” (the ruled) when those same cameras are supposed to be pointed at the RULING CLASS to ensure for example that any politician that is claimed to be democratically “Elected” BY the PEOPLE in a supposed “Democracy” is TRANSPARENT in their day-to-day activities and is not indulging in corrupt practices.

The PUBLIC is not supposed to be voting people into office only for the people THEY voted in to then start oppressing them or spying on them (it is the other way round).

How you use TECHNOLOGY is a matter of INTENT, as cameras in every public government building and police office or organizational building should be the norm to ensure these people that are supposed to be PUBLIC OFFICERS are TRANSPARENT and are doing the tasks trusted to them without corrupt practices.

Technology is just a set of TOOLS; it is MOTIVE and WILL that determine its outcome and use as either EVIL or GOOD.

AFRICA has a lot to TEACH the world about being HUMAN but it has to go back to its ROOTS and understand HOW the people lived in harmony in STATELESSNESS and using those lessons (the useful stuff …any negative stuff can be ignored) learned to structure out a new way forward.

Only when the younger generation, en masse, are TAUGHT many of these values and ways to IMPROVE their own existence, then Africa can truly stand FREE and self-sufficient.

As we speak there is really NO AFRICAN – as what you have is a Ghanaian, a Nigerian, a Kenyan, a Tanzanian, a Malian, a South African etc. (by products of Bismarck’s Africa); what is needed is to TEACH being an AFRICAN (an AFRICAN is NOT a GHANIAN or a NIGERAN or a SOMALIAN etc. it is simply an AFRICAN) and to also teach all the SKILLS and KNOW HOW they need to both survive and protect themselves and their continent  against the tyranny of hostile enemies outside Africa and all their various tricks and ways of manipulation.

Keep up the good work but do your best to understand that UNITY is a TAUGHT value not a preached or singalong value and only when we can figure out ways to TEACH THE CHILDREN en masse, can we then guarantee AFRICA’S FUTURE as everything else is just fighting bushfires and not dealing with below – the root causes.

Hang in there and stay strong.



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