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Human Actions and The Resulting Enslavement to Systems


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Human Actions and The Resulting Enslavement to Systems

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I have watched quite a few of Elon Musk’s video interviews and even read some articles about his thoughts on general Artificial Intelligence. The CEO of Tesla has, on many occasions, made his thoughts known about the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence and the future of humanity. In one instance, he says “As AI gets probably much smarter than humans, the relative intelligence ratio is probably similar to that between a person and a cat, maybe bigger.” He also mentioned that “with AI, we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s a guy with the pentagram and holy water, it’s like yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.” Mr. Musk has never hidden his thoughts about AI and the potential danger it represents be to the existence of humanity in the nearest future. “I keep sounding the alarm bell, but until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don’t know how to react because it seems so ethereal.” He was quoted saying at a National Governor’s Association summer meeting.

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And there are lots of other tech guys out there indicating the very same thing that Musk has been talking about general Artificial Intelligence. But I find it curious that even with all of the words and statements of facts and the various postulations that all those in the field of AI are “sounding alarm” about, the dangers that humanity is walking into by the minute, none of these talkers have deemed it fit to press the stop button on their own AI’s development. They still continue building them and even making them more sophisticated each day. To the point that the future of global war and military dominance will be determined by who owns and controls the most powerful and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system. But is it not insanity to keep on giving warnings about a potential danger to humanity while not stopping creating the very tool that will unleash the danger?

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I used the example of AI deliberately because it’s one of the systems that is being built right now, and whose potential danger is already known. How foolish man can be in creating systems that pamper his ego and insatiable greed for power and control and then turn around to try and disassociate himself from the very system that he created. So, you have a global education system that was created just to churn out in-the-box kind of graduates who only can think within what they were taught in school and anything else is deemed “unprofessional”. You have banking systems, economic systems, political systems, healthcare systems, religious systems, family systems, etc. that are based on nothing but the unchecked desires in the hearts of men to create things that make them look and feel more important than others. We see the effects of these systems on how humanity is being twisted and manipulated towards certain ends, still, we do not stop. Instead, we try to sound as if the systems have their own intelligence and power which no man can impede and which no man is capable of liberating themselves from.

I have no issue with creativity, but I do have an issue with humanity creating or starting to create things and systems but then telling itself that what is being created cannot be stopped, nor can we do without it. That’s sick, to say the least. So, we are told that the future of earth belongs to AI, and irrespective of how much “smarter” than man AI is going to be, including having the self-learning ability to terminate all life on earth at will, we cannot stop its advancement now and thus what has been postulated must come to pass. But is this true? Not at all. There is no system in our world that was not created by the desires and the vanity in the hearts of men. In fact, any system is simply the heart, intentions, and actions of men animated, and thus mankind cannot be excused from the very things he created to satisfy his ego.

I am currently reading a book by James Allen titled: Men and Systems, published in 1914. I particularly loved the way he expressed his thoughts about systems and how men have found a way to dissociate themselves from so-called systems but at the same time, they are the very battery running the system. They themselves are the system.

There is today a widespread revolt against those modes of human activities designated “systems” and these systems are almost invariably referred to as something distinct from, and yet directing, controlling or tyrannizing over humanity itself. Thus, the leaders in the revolt referred to, speak of the ‘commercial system”, the “social system”, the “competitive system”, the “political system”, and so on; and the particular system condemned is made responsible for – made the cause of – certain widespread evils, such as poverty, vice, etc., as though “systems” were some sort of discarnate and gigantic despots, enslaving and crushing an innocent and unwilling humanity.

Such an arbitrary and external form of system has no existence; it is a delusion. Human systems cannot be separated from human desires and needs; they are, indeed, the visible outworking of those desires and deeds. A system is non-other than the combined and concerted mode of action of the community; it signifies a tacit agreement on the part of all, or nearly all, that things should be thus and so; it is a method in which humankind agrees to act; and as men act, so systems appear, and as they seize to act, so they disappear. – James Allen.

It’s not enough to “sound the alarm” about how deadly and uncontrollable general AI is going to be in the future, or already is, or about any other things we call systems without taking the necessary action to prevent the dominance of such. We cannot make ourselves look like the victims in the dungeon of a powerful dictator whose words about our destruction are final in the scheme of things.

Is man really helpless?

If it’s the system that he created based on his own selfish desires and lust for power and control, then yes, he is helpless. And the reason he is helpless is simple. He keeps denying that the system he says he is a victim of, was his own creation and thus he will never be free from it and from both the intended and unintended consequences of such creation. His deniability of the very system that he created and from which he profits and builds for himself things that elevate his ego and pride, will be his own undoing. But the man who is ready to look inward and make changes is not helpless in the face of whatever danger he has created. He just needs to stop creating or empowering the creation.

The blame game

When you ask a socialist who condemns the current capitalist system as a system of getting rich on the labor of the poor masses, why they themselves live on the dividends, that is, on the fruit of other people’s labor, thus propagating every day the very thing they denounced as an evil, their reply will definitely be “you should blame the system, not me”. Such a reply goes to show that such people regard themselves as the helpless victims of a tyrannical something that exists external to, and independent of themselves and their actions, and which they call a system. But as James Allen puts it, “a little reflection will show that that which they denounce as the system is none other than the viewing as evil certain actions in others which they regard as good in themselves. Meaning that there is no system or whatever other name or tag we give it, that is outside of what man has created with his heart’s desires and lust.

Set yourself free, for you are the system

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The rat race in our world for things that are passing is sickening and worse still, when you decide personally to remove yourself from the madness, you are tagged as irresponsible and thus, not worthy of life itself. So we keep the various systems going because we tell ourselves that they don’t run on our terms and thus we are helpless. But that is a lie, for all systems that run the world were set up and kept running by our collective acceptance and we are not excused. Let me give you an example.

During the pandemic, or let me say, false-demic, suddenly the whole world is shouting ‘work from home, please work from home”. It got to the point where if you were not working from home as a man or woman, you were called irresponsible and it even became like a crime not to do so. But did we take time to pay attention to the fact that prior to the false-demic, it was frowned upon and almost a crime for a man to be in the house when others were “at work”? Oh yes, think about it. And this includes both single or married men. You are looked down upon if you are at home at 8am, not out there hustling for the crumbs of life. But Covid came and boom, it instantly became a transgression not to work from home. But why did that happen? Is it that there was this hugely powerful monster “system” hidden somewhere in a military installation in the Kalahari Desert that suddenly said it’s time to flip the book and tell the world that it’s a crime for men to go to work in the midst of a false-demic but when the madness has passed, we tell them now it’s a crime to stay at home when others have gone to work? No, it’s not. It is the decision of men and men alone. This means that what men call systems, for which they lay down their liberty, are nothing but themselves and their twisted ideologies about life and living.

The system wrecks humans’ ability to think straight

I know I have said that the so-called system is actually humans and their ideologies about life and how those ideologies create silos, dungeons, and prisons for each one that is bound by them, but at the same time, there is a systemic global pattern by which most people live their lives and by which they are bound. Let me share with you an example.

I recently listened to a video interview where a very popular Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya, was being interviewed by another YouTuber. He was asked about how people view his career as a YouTuber. He said something that got me laughing and at the same time, thinking. He said some people told him he is jobless, and that he should go and get a job. You might not know what this really means in context, but let me share a few things about Wode Maya. His YouTube channel has about 1.2 million subscribers, he has traveled to more than half of the countries in Africa and many countries outside of Africa. He has interviewed CEOs of companies, foreign ministers of states, you name it. He receives from YouTube 45,000 Dollars every month and that is outside of all the endorsements he gets because of his massive following. He has properties all over his home country Ghana, and I don’t even think he is 30 yet. Now, how can someone who is barely able to make ends meet, who works from 7 am till 6 pm and who has never left his country even for once, say Wode Maya is jobless? But that’s what the system does. It defines what work is for you. It defines what salary should look like. It even tries to define how you define yourself. So, for the person thinking and saying that Wode Maya should go get a job, while he receives monthly the amount that most medical doctors, lawyers and the like don’t make in a year, is that not a case of a brain that is toasted? I think it is. Such a person is not thinking that it is the very same money that he wanted Wode Maya to go get a job for that he is already making, even much more than those who have those so-called jobs. He just needs to change his thinking and perspective about what work is.

So, if you want to remove any system which has become a kind of slave-master to humanity, remove the foolish ideology in the heart of men that has told them that they are excused from their own creation. All systems are created by the animalistic desires and tendencies of men to create things that enable and give strength to their pride and egos and there is no such thing as a system that exists outside of this reality. For if it were not so, Elon Musk should have shut down his AI program, or if you want to say the new system that is about to take out humanity. But he will not, for just like the many others who like to talk about the system, but won’t stop creating the system, they have no ability to stop. For in the system, which is an extension of themselves, lies their god: their PRIDE. So, when you look in the mirror of truth and try to tell yourself the lie that the system exists outside of yourself, Truth will always look back at you and tell you “Thou are the man”. It is up to you to agree and make changes, or continue on the path of your helpless journey of death.

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