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Do you know that weird feeling that creeps over you or peeps out of a door in your mind when you expect likes and comments after posting a very well thought out article, or a beautiful image you took of yourself during your vacation to some sweet place in Afrika on any of the social media platform especially Facebook or Instagram? That feeling that makes you think or even believe that what you posted did not get likes or comments simply because it’s not good enough and thus, by extension, you tell yourself and even believe that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH?

I am sure you have felt it and it’s ok because today is not really judgment day, but a day to take a closer look at what that feeling really is. Is the feeling part of a series of planned product responses by the creators of the ecosystem called social media, more especially now that the social media space has become a tool for herding humans towards a very specific direction? Or is social media really a social space that truly brings people together?

No one singular answer to this, since it’s individualistic in nature, but I also believe that there are instances where we can have a generic answer as to whether the social media space really is a social tool or a tool for manipulating minds and reality.

What really is social about social media?

I think my ever first time to sign up on Facebook was in 2008 or thereabout. And over the years after that first signup, I have had to delete about two or three Facebook accounts for personal reasons.

At first, when Facebook appeared on the scene, its major competitor was MySpace and up until now, only God knows what happened to that platform. But I think I have read somewhere that MySpace faded out simply because the creators of the social media ecosystem wanted to make room for Facebook. How true that is, I am not very sure. But if you are paying attention to the social media space, the competition among social media platforms has somehow stopped being SOCIAL or RESPONSIBLE but has become wicked and diabolic, to the point where either bigger platforms buy out the smaller ones or they use their selfish and wicked machineries to fade them out of business. Meaning that the very foundation of the term social media is steeped in some form of wickedness and manipulation. Anti-social media to say the least.

Back to my first question about the feelings you have when no one responds to your posts on social media platforms. Where does that feeling come from and why have we somehow allowed all these social media platforms determine what we see ourselves as and how we see ourselves? How did we abdicate our true identity as humans and now begin to judge our very existence and the beauty in our lives by how an algorithm treats our posts on social media. The influence of the PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR.

There are those who think the concept of spirituality as a true reality in our daily lives is dumb, and there are those who believe that the spirit realm is real, but are confused about how it works on earth. Well, it really does not matter if you believe and understand or not that all that you see on earth is a direct output of that which is spirit or unseen. The fact is, that if you don’t believe in the law of gravity it does not change its effect on you. Simple!

We are dealing daily with the spirit of the power of the air, which is the dimension of the second heaven and which primarily is the dwelling of forces of darkness. Meaning that when you speak of putting your data in the CLOUD, as almost all digital things are being done right now, the question is, what is this cloud, who controls it and why is there such an effect of social media on humanity, especially our young people whose energy vibrations are very strong? Could it be that when we speak of social media and how we store data in cloud, we are actually talking about how we humans really relate with dark powers above the realm of the earth, while calling it cosmic energy or consciousness? Maybe or maybe not. But you think about it and be sure.

Are they real? Or are your friends just numbers?

I have always thought about this particular question, but because I do not really have anything else to measure it with, I tend to measure by the experiences I have personally or those which others share.

There is an old saying which goes, “show me your friends and I will show you who you are.” It’s an old saying but one which still has some great meaning expecially in this age where poeple attach personal significance to their lives based on how many friends they have on social media and how many comments and likes they get from their posts. Another thing is this, what if the friends you have on your social media platforms are just numbers and bots animated by some weird algorithms, does that not make you just a number and bot in the cloud database of the owners of the social media ecosystem? The answer is right within you to find out.

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I am not saying “social media is evil or bad”, I am only saying we need to pay attention to the “good” of social media and how we are quickly becoming a people with no social empathy because all our feelings, and what makes us human, are now locked up in our phones and emojis.

My wife and I had an experience a very short while ago. We partnered with a group of young women in our neighborhood to raise funds for women in rural areas of Northern Kenya who are dealing with health issues. So one of the fund raising projects was tagged 100bob initiative. Bob here is a slang for Kenyan Shillings, so basically the initiative is about getting a donation of 100Kenyan Shillings from anyone interested in the cause. The fundraising was done on the Instagram live page of a popular Kenyan comedian who has about 1.5Million followers. I watched the live stream for a short while and one guy particularly caught my attention when he said he was going to give 2,000 KShillings for the fundraiser and also the many others who were asking for where to send their donations to.

The next day we asked one of the young women we were partnering with how much was raised in the Instagram fundraise and she said 3,000 Kshillings. 3,000Kshillings from a platform of 1.5million followers? That was shocking for me and got me thinking. Could it be that the so called 1.5million followers of that platform were just nothing but numbers and bots or could it be that we humans in this age have actually lost our humanity and how to respond to issues affecting others? I can’t say categorically or just maybe my expectations were too great.

What about censorship?

I had always thought that censorship was a filtration system that takes out what is not appropriate for the general public, especially when it relates to young people. But the censorship we have now on these social media platforms that have become the long arms of global security agencies, is nothing but witchcraft and a manipulation of data to suit globalist agendas for world control. Imaging you share a post about Afrika that has the ability to help Afrikans wherever they may be in the world, and it’s taken down for no useful reason. You hear Afrikans in the diaspora complain of not knowing what is happening in Afrika and thus they are not able to relate properly with things on the ground. You even think you are not doing enough to reach them as a content creator, and then you realize that the problem was not you but the system of censorship that filters out your content. So your people cannot hear you and you cannot hear them. Such a weird and manipulative ecosystem we call SOCIAL MEDIA.

So is social media a bad thing? Well, that depends on what you call bad or good. For if that which was supposed to bring us together as social beings turned us into ANTI-social beings, mere numbers in a system, bots and false images, then we definitely do not have a social media but a SOCIAL DUNGEON.

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