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Take this simple analogy:

A human being is like car (body) and a driver (soul). The car has its needs e.g. fuel, maintenance, oil, water etc. The body also has its needs such as food, shelter, health, air, water etc. As much as you want to drive a car, you need to provide the car with its requirements so that it can best serve you, same with the body, you need to provide its requirements for it to function well. The driver (soul) also has its needs, the driver may want to go to town and he places fuel in the car to get to town. The soul also has its needs well known as ‘purpose’ it uses the body to achieve this need. In Afrikan culture, our ancestors knew this in depth, and this is what Ki-Muntu or a society of Ubuntu means. Ki-Muntu is putting the priority of the soul (driver) first before the car (body). An Ubuntu society is a society that focuses on helping people to achieve the needs of soul (driver) by using the car (body) effectively. Now what is materialism? A Mentality brought to the Afrika by the west, it puts the needs of the car (body) first and the driver is forsaken. This is what we call dead-in-spirit. The driver (soul) becomes a prisoner in his own car, and the car becomes a driverless car. For people who are materialistic, their driver is asleep, has no control, the car is doing all that it wants. And this sort of mind-set will be the end of us. The body (car), loves pleasure and to have fun, because for the body (car) it only lives once, but the driver is eternal, so when one is materialistic life is YOLO (you only live once), so, your leaders will do anything to make it in this life and keep you in poverty because their car (body) wants to make it, now! But, our Afrikan ancestors saw the future, because they knew if they build a good society now they will come back and reap the benefits. If you don’t know this, you will enslave your people for temporary car (body) needs.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, you know very well that we are advanced in the fight for Afrika. There is a visible dimension that seems a bit complicated at the moment. But on the level of elevated authors, on the level of the astral world, as well as on the level of the mental world, great aspirations have been reached by the efforts of black people across the world. You know we fight not only against flesh and blood but we fight against principalities, against dominations in the celestial space that create immense negative egregores (large groups of evil thoughts, see image). National egregores that have submitted an entire people to spiritual enslavement in our continent for a long time. Since the 15th Century, practically, there have been a lot of evil egregores that have clothed our continent with the introduction of the population of Afrika to slavery, colonization, and all the injustice, and recently with the rape of women across Afrika, all this has created negative thoughts in the hearts of men and women. And it has created negative energy that encircles our nations and all the people that live in our nations are directly impacted by these negative egregores that cause people to manifest a mentality that’s absolutely absurd. So, there was a need for precursors of light (people that live in love, purity & justice) to come, people like Mfumu Yesu, papa Simon Kimbangu, and many others who came after him to build a bridge of light in Afrika so that little by little this evil of the astral world, this evil in the spiritual world of Afrika in the astral and also mental world of Afrika could dissipate. Because you know that the universe is stratified into various layers, starting from the denser layer to less dense layer.

If there is evil in the astral level of a country, it means there will be hate in the form of feelings and emotions among the inhabitants, people will be impolite because they are directly attached to egregores that influence their behaviors on the level of feelings and emotions, which is expressed in the manner of words. And if there is evil on the mental level, it means people will have an evil way of thinking, a very wicked way of seeing/thinking about the universe, and it will be densified in the world in dirtiness, in fights, rivalries and in many other things like this.

 So, there is a lot of work to be done at this level, so that we can make a good follow-up on the level of the dense matter/physical earth. Silent watchmen arrived in Afrika in the past centuries to bring light and because they had a nucleus that was very illuminated, and had entered into the space of Afrika, they were basically a bridge of light in this space, and their rays of light boosted/penetrated the mental and spiritual environment of the space of Afrika to liberate it. Christians say Yeshua is the way, it simply means the presence of master Yeshua on earth created a bridge between us and the spiritual world.

And, as we said earlier, we have advanced to bring the fall of this great edifice (evil egregores). Many Africans have risen up, this edifice will fall all of a sudden, but we fear that when the edifice will fall there will be a catastrophe in the national ladder/hierarchy and this catastrophe/disaster will lead us to a civilization of light (Reign of Kwatulendo a.k.a Reign of a thousand year). Ladies and gentlemen, all of this is to tell you that if there are evil egregores (large evil thoughts) which cover our space, our entire way of reasoning will not be in symbiosis with light. And since all our ways of reasoning will not be in symbiosis with light, it will be very difficult for us to be habituated by virtues and values. Our life will no longer incarnate virtues, our life will no longer incarnate values, and all our reasoning will be attached in a prison that we call a material civilization, a materialistic civilization.

Materialistic people are certainly intellectuals, but do not have a liaison with the spiritual world, their astral and mental layer is enveloped with fathoms and demons or evil egregores. This is what has happened in Afrika, and this is what actually explains why the nature of the majority of our politicians and our intellectual leaders is materialistic. They are not impacted by the light that comes from other subtle environments, some think they are spiritual, but in truth they are religious, religion is not spirituality.  In religion you live from the outside-in, but in spirituality you live from the inside-out. Master Yeshua gave a good example in the tax collector’s house; religious people wash the outside of the cup, while spiritual people wash the inside of the cup. A spiritual person searches for values and virtues and in their environment produces fruits of the spirit, while a religious person, uses the material and earthly success as an elevation before God.

So the men and women of tomorrow, cannot only be men and women who are impacted by the astral world, and the world of thoughts (mental world). When one does not have a spiritual ray in his/her astral or mental envelop, at that moment he/she develops ego. It is ego that is developed, it is the me-me-me, because all is reduced to the material level.

Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to tell you how the act of pro-creation (sex) needs to be done, or preparation for a child, and how does the spirit arrive to penetrate the matter/physical body. When a man and a woman have a project of pro-creation, it means to call a special visitor to come to their house, they engage in sexual intercourse. It means the man liberates 23 chromosomes, the woman also liberates 23 chromosomes that makes up a total of 46 chromosomes which constitute the physical hereditary characteristics of the person that will come. The person is not the envelope that the parents fabricated, the parents liberate the chromosomes in their physical image to fabricate the animal body or physical body, but the spirit that will come to incarnate in these different envelopes comes from the spiritual kingdom. Parents provide the physical envelope, but before the spirit comes, the genius creators cover him/her already with two other envelopes in the level of matter.

He/she receives the first material envelope that we call the mental envelope and the spirit enters into this mental envelop, in all truth it is the spirit that has the form of a human. The morphology that we have is the morphology of the spirit. He receives the first envelope, which is the mental envelope that enables him/her to think, that enables him/her to create concepts, notions, to invent a cosmogony. And then he/she descends again semi-degree inferior and he/she receives the astral envelope, this astral envelope it enables him/her to have emotions, feelings and be able to express him/herself in the manner of words. And, finally, see a man and a woman on the earth do an act of pro-creation/sexual intercourse and this spirit incarnates the body half-way through the pregnancy into the 3rd and last envelop which is the physical envelope.

And throughout his education, before 12 years for a girl, and around 14 years for a boy, we have to form this child. He/she enters in nursery school to discover the society, and then enters primary school to learn how to calculate, read, to situate him/herself in space and time through the interest of geography and history, and then he enters in secondary school that has two levels, junior secondary school and senior secondary school. All this is to give this child sufficient information, on the level of his/her mental body; not the spirit, because the spirit comes from the spiritual world. The spirit in the spiritual kingdom needs no information technology, a spirit in the spiritual kingdom needs no expertise in masonry, the expertise that the spirit comes to cultivate here are; fruits of the spirit like it is mentioned in the book of Galatians 5:22, love, peace, joy, etc.

All these spiritual virtues that we have in us, potentially, but we incarnate in the physical world to manifest it through the various activities that we will do. The assignment is to turn that potential energy to kinetic energy (movement/action). So, this is where the interest to form the human envelope, to form the mentality of the person, to form his/her astral body (his/her emotions and feelings), to give him/her sufficient languages so he/she can open to the world and to form him/her through the physical body through gymnastics and sports and the like, so that his/her spirit feels good come from.

But, unfortunately, because the materialistic have dominated the world the formation does not take account of the spirit, because for materialistic people the spirit does not exist. When a materialistic person says, “this man is a great spirit”, in truth he wants to say this man has a developed intellectual animal mind; they confuse knowledge in the level of the animal intellect (brain) to the spirit.

The mental knowledge and all the expertise that we have, as an engineer, a doctor, a nurse, an architect, a builder, a minister and many other occupations, are knowledge in the physical matter that is encapsulated in the brain, and once you die, you leave all this behind. The materialistic think that the spirit does not exist, they have then minimized spiritual concepts to physical concepts. Love has become a fleshly act, peace comes because we have large accounts in the bank, finally all spiritual notions are requalified by the intellect, and man is deformed.

And when the spirit wants to emanate (pilot) his/her body, it becomes difficult, because in truth, the body is the car of the spirit, it is the spirit who is the driver. But our formation was erroneous, because in schools and universities we were formed by materialistic people. Even for doctors the entire biology that they know, it is an animal biology. Our doctors have no understanding of the astral body, they know nothing about the mental body, they confuse the mental with the brain, while there is an entire mental body that comes from superior universes. All this is erased by materialistic philosophies from a young age. And the entire science and development of western science today is minimized to the flesh, because they have reduced all formations to the physical human body. The formation of the receiver of the spirit are not adapted to synergize with the spirit. And when the matter opens to sexual energy, through the elements that we eat, through many other things, you grow and at a certain moment you arrive at sufficient energy of matter (sexual energy) to make a connection/junction with the spirit, so that the spirit, the owner of this body can pilot the body, but unfortunately the body was deformed by material teachings.

You will see a person who finds himself/herself as a politician with a body formed with concepts such as, “you will be powerful if you have such and such amount in your bank account”, “If you have many women, if you are popular if you are this or if you are that, then you are a great person”, so, all values are inverted. And the spirit is no longer able to evolve in the body, the spirit is like in a prison in the body. This is what master Yeshua used to say, we become dead in the spirit. So there is a need to change this behavior. The politicians of tomorrow have to be men and women who are awake spiritually. It means they have to have a conscience that they arrived on earth to do an experience of virtues and values, through divine attributes which are love, purity and justice, and like this, we will organize our schools in accordance.

In our schools we will surpass the dense matter to penetrate even the subtle matter on the scientific level, so that the leaders of tomorrow can understand that there is an interaction between what we do and what we receive from the astral and mental level, and why not on the spiritual level.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you understand now that this new paradigm prioritizes the action of the spirit in the matter, because in all truthfulness, when the spirit enters matter, it comes to spiritualize the matter. The matter is also elevated to a certain level of frequency, thus our science needs to evolve, our anthropologic construction needs to evolve, our sociology needs to evolve and our theology needs to evolve. At the moment it exaggerates that we understand the mechanism of the astral world, mental world, world of light, and the spiritual world. At the moment it exaggerates that on the level of our formations we need to understand that we are spirits and we are encapsulated like an onion, in different bodies, in total there are seven bodies (envelopes). But, here, we are examining 3 bodies, the body of the elaboration of thoughts, the body of elaboration of feelings and thoughts and then the body of actions.

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So, there is a need on the level of elaboration of thoughts, that we should have thoughts that are just, our thoughts should show justice and thoughts of light. When you are in the field of masonry, you have to be just in your relationship with the one that has given you the job. When you are an engineer and you are a project director, you have to place love in your work, in your project you have to take account of the laws that govern the visible and invisible nature, so that you are not at fault with the universe. So, there is a need for new men and women, open-minded men and women for the light in the Afrika of tomorrow, so that we can build a civilization of light.

Today, political men and women are egocentric, centered on themselves, enclosed in a shell of the dense matter, brandishing their university formation as a trophy, but what are you among these 7 billion people? And this formation is a formation from the cadre of a materialistic paradigm. A paradigm that lacks even a physical dimension and also lacks a spiritual dimension. We have had formations that do not transcend matter, how then can this formation bring happiness to humanity? We are part of universe where materialism is so elevated, that leads to divorces, divertissement of a woman, a playful material society where we are ready do anything for material things, with foolish philosophies like “all roads lead to Rome”, “the end justifies the means”, you see no wisdom in such statements. But in African tradition it was a paradigm that transcended matter. Yes, we are in need of matter, but we transcend matter because we know that it is the spirit that needs to do its experience.

Voila we need to re-access and re-think our way of thinking when we want to practice politics. The politics of tomorrow will not be a politics that will be carried out by ego-centered people, it will be politics that will be done by men and women of light that will take Afrika to excellence and we shall be happy and full of love.

Zola, Love to you all!

Ahsante! Zikomo! Tatenda! Shukriya! Merci! Thank you! Ngiyabonga! Dankie! Gracias! Obrigado! Matondo!


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