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On the particular day that I wrote this article, I had woken up around my usual time of 5am, with a word in my heart which said: “Stay true to your vision.” I wrote down a few more things that came after that first statement, even as I pondered over the word on vision.

At about 9am that same morning, I was notified of my Facebook memory post. So I looked at it and behold it said, “Don’t let go of your vision”. “Wow!!! This cannot be a coincident I said to myself.” To make it a more serious reminder to keep the vision going, when I looked at the post on Facebook, it was a podcast (Daily Musings) link that I had shared on the 10th of July 2020 on my wall. Meaning that I had actually missed the memory when it was re-shared on 10th of July 2021 by Facebook. How accurate the timing was for me to get the notification of a missed memory, which speaks of vision on the same morning that I woke up with a word about vision.

The very next morning, at around the same time, I woke up with another word which says “Power is the concentration of energy”.

I remember spending quite some time trying to figure out, in my meditation, why the two words came to me in similar manner and successively. It made sense after a while that, when God gives us a vision, even though it takes a while, an alignment with that vision creates the right power and concentration of energy to bring it to pass. It was definitely two days of encouragement for me.

I do not believe the coming of this word about vision and power is just for me alone, even though it is specifically a reminder for me to hold the vision. I believe it is also something I must share to encourage you that is reading not to let go of your vision.

What is a vision?

I will say that “Vision is purpose and destiny, which one has in sight internally, even when it is not yet materialized. It’s like when scripture talks about faith as the evidence of things not yet seen, but received, because God said it is given. I hope this makes sense. Meaning that carriers of vision are almost all the time the people least understood by others because of what they carry on the inside, which is not tangible for others to see, but which they are ready to give all for.

Holding on to a vision in a broken world

Our world is becoming more broken, complex and difficult to live in. And it’s, to say the least, becoming even more difficult to hold on to a vision, especially when it’s becoming even more difficult to see or know what the next day holds.

The global community is dealing with the fallout from the wicked pandemic (a false pandemic that was meticulously planned, executed and imposed on the world) and the many pains it brought with it; the increase in the price of food, shortages of fuel, increase in tuition fees, rise in price of groceries, travel etc. Cost of living is rising by the minute, without any kind of matched increase in solutions and it’s beginning to take its toll on the minds and the attitudes of people towards their visions.

The global powers say, ‘Take vaccine so has to prevent the spread of Covid-19’, but right within that statement is the very truth that they knew from the beginning, that the vaccines themselves are worse than the disease they say they want to prevent. Many lives and families have not only been devastated by these wicked machinations of men, but even the future is already under lock and the slightest hope for a new day seems far removed. South Afrika is under siege because of many issues, and mostly the pressures of life that have been building for centuries, but which accurate measures had not been put in place to ease the tensions the issues cause. Nigeria is in some of pressure cooker, either because creators of violent insurgencies are doing a “very good job” in wreaking havoc in the Northern part of the country, or the thought of secession in the east that is brewing. The global space is in turmoil because a few people think they can suddenly become gods over others, and it seems like there is no end to all the pain and confusion at hand. Yet, there is hope.

Now, I am not just here to write to nations of the world, but to personally say to you that is reading this article, that all will be well. I am here to say to you dear vision carrier that you must not let go of your vision no matter what comes your way.

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To you vision carrier

Life on earth is becoming harder to understand or even live, and paying attention to your vision may be the least of your concerns right now, but the truth is this, what if the vision you were given is the very solution to the issues on earth? Think about it for a second. Meaning that the pursuing of your vision, even though it’s tough right now, may just be the only way out for the nearest future. I definitely may not know how things are with you specifically, as it concerns the pursuit of your vision in relation to the issues going on globally, but I really don’t think we are so far apart as to the difficulty there is in bringing our visions to pass.

But here is the thing, do not give up on your vision, for in this very season, where it looks like all things are going haywire, is when that vision is needed and thus, will manifest. But not so that you can feel good that you finally achieved your vision, but so that those who need solutions in these trying times, will find them.


Vision and the carrying of vision did not start with any one of us as humans. It all began with God the Creator, who had a vision of an earth which is an extension of heaven, and then a family of humans to dwell in, tend and keep the earth. God is the first vision carrier and, you as a person, are the vision and the picture of the future God saw when He said “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness”. And that you are here right now simply means that God saw you and pursued you till you became the actualization of His vision. And because you are a co-creator with God, you also have a vision from God, which will come to pass if you do not give up.

So, dear vision carrier, do not sleep on your vision, but do all to pursue it, till it becomes a reality that will bless humanity on earth. Shalom.

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