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I believe so. Not only that, but I think that what ends up happening most times is that mankind ends up messing things up even more.

You know the story about golden rice, we shared an article about it in one of our issues. Scientists decided it would be a good idea to find ways in which to spend millions of dollars turning rice from its God-given purpose into a beta carotene carrying product. The idea was to ensure that communities that were low in beta carotenes would be able to ingest more through this ‘golden’ idea of genetically altered rice and thereby fight against eye diseases like night blindness. Instead of introducing foods rich in beta carotenes like carrots, pumpkins and so on, their option was to spend money and time trying to mutate a plant.

Instead of trying to implement genuinely sustainable agriculture that protects the environment, protects the health of the soil, water, air and the people… and genuinely provides nutrient-dense food to people – which is what they need and want – mankind is running around genetically modifying seeds and creating poisonous chemicals to spray on food. Chemicals that cause cancer and other diseases in mankind and don’t yield healthy food outputs in abundant quantities as promised. Whereas handling the soil, the seeds God gave us, the water and the air – and each other – with honor and respect would actually do so. It was actually never necessary to go the GMO route if we simply took time to understand how the earth works from God’s perspective and worked with it based on natural laws.

Instead of building up man’s immunity to this man-made respiratory disease through natural means like diet, exercise and exposure to sunlight. Instead of (for those keen) supplying prophylaxis i.e., preventative medicine, in the form of Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D and Zinc – or (for those who prefer it) from natural sources like the plants God gave us. Instead of using Ivermectin which is even available as affordable generics in the so-called low-income countries to help cure Covid, mankind is running around hysterically bashing those who calmly look to existing solutions and trying to force them to take experimental gene therapies that have been proven to have horrible side-effects in the short-term – the long-term side effects are as yet unknown.

It’s like this young man from Senegal, Khabane “Khaby” Lame is always trying to illustrate using his TikTok videos – people in the world are looking for the dumbest, most complicated ways to do the simplest things. When it’s actually the simple things that work best.

Geo-engineering the planet to make it either hotter or cooler (they appear confused about this one), creating artificial rain that results in desert locust crises in other regions, using weather and earthquakes as weapons against people, creating viruses and bacteria that can wipe out nations so as to prove or enforce some kind of dominance, starting or sustaining wars in different countries in order to keep the ‘enemy’ off your shores and then ending up right back where you started… laws that make no sense yet are implemented and enforced to the detriment of all.

Instead of looking at each other as members of a global family, we choose to see, create and defend unnatural divisions that prevent us from dealing with the real problem on the ground. As neighbors who recognize each other’s needs and seek ways in which to meet them. So, rather than spending billions on weapons of war and visa regulations that are just plain limiting and stupid, why not spend those billions on solutions that people actually have need of like sustainable clean, safe food, clothing, shelter, water… like proper waste disposal solutions, like education that genuinely improves people’s lives rather than creating slave, like sharing insights and ideas and experiences that others could benefit from.

I’m not naïve, I know that these things are possible if we allow people to work together from their natural state of love, rather than creating false crises and false shortages that put people on edge and make them feel that they need to defend something.

The global stance on everything is a very selfish one. It comes from the point of view called “Mine” and in this tiny, self-centered little world, no one else is allowed to participate or share because it will jeopardize the entirety of “Mine”. It’s a frightened worldview. One that prevents its owner from looking up and seeing the great abundance that God has prepared and presented us with and prevents its owner from believing that there’s sufficient to go around for all of us, if we just think through things differently and live differently with one another. The opposite of “Mine” isn’t even actually “Ours”, it is “His” and it comes with the understanding that we exist as custodians of what is not ours, to ensure that it thrives and blooms and blesses each one of us, to the best of our ability.

That understanding places upon us a responsibility for others rather than just self. It means that we will realize that the bizarre experiments that are going on in the world where scientists are trying to create human-animal hybrids or turn people into machines or ‘preserve their consciousnesses’ until another reality comes along are absolutely unnecessary. It means that Ubuntu will become the principal by which we live and the environment will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this. Not only that, the environment will respond with rewards that we could never have imagined.

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While it’s great that someone cares enough, it’s sad that we have to build complex machines that will float on the oceans to collect huge masses of plastic waste when two things should have happened: 1. People would take personal responsibility for their waste understanding that they live in a world that needs their good stewardship, and; 2. We would have stopped making toxic plastics that are not biodegradable and found another way out of the myriad of options that exist around us. Instead, the selfish petroleum and plastics industries, greedy bribe-able public officials in governments and international NGOs and irresponsible and selfish citizenry continue to choke the world around them in plastic waste that is actually killing them in return.

The problem, as always, lies with mankind. Not in the defeatist “mankind is a virus that must be eliminated” kind of way, for then even the believers of such madness would need to eliminate themselves. It’s in the “mankind has to finally take responsibility for his choices and actions” kind of way that forces us to take an approach to living on this earth that recognizes our responsibility to God, to one another, to the environment we are living in and to those for whom we hold it in trust, temporarily and who deserve better than tossing an empty, used, plastic yoghurt cup out of the window of the car, bus or train we are in – because we’re done and we don’t want to deal with it any longer.

It’s time to grow up and deal with our poor choice of leaders, our poor personal choices and our reluctance to face the fact that globalist extremist are hard at work trying to eliminate all signs of good sense and living from the face of the earth. It’s time to face the real problems that we have on this earth and to deal with them.

I’m just sayin’.

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