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Let us have a mature conversation today. Have you ever wondered how some people qualify for a job? You had a good morning, nice tea or coffee with some good vibes only to land on a moody, rude, intentional day breaker. That is when you would pay anything not to ever see that face again in your entire life. It is at that point that you unwillingly find your way to corruption by paying a broker to give you a service that is rightfully meant to be free, or rather, which you pay through your taxes only to get insults. The idea here is you do not wish to go to jail for breaking someone’s face because they are related to somebody who can single-handedly smite you off the face of the earth. Have you ever been in need of a government document that is urgently required to get in person from a government office? Apparently, the office is located in a different town, city or county which would force you to board a plane or travel overnight, only to meet the person attending to you adamantly suggesting that you should come the following day or week. Then by Monday, they have a backlog of old files which they can’t start sorting. Probably, it’s 3:00pm in the afternoon and they feel like they have only 30 minutes to leave the office and go home to do nothing. Another likely scenario is that it’s a Friday and after 2:30pm all the authorized signatories are nowhere to be seen because the party starts early. When you attempt to explain how far away you come from and how important the document you require is, they would want to play god with your needs. If you are incorruptible, unlike them, you will have a rough time that you have to look for somewhere else to spend the night.

Each time you go to a government office, 90% of the time it seems like you are begging to be served, because the officer or receptionist, shamelessly ask you to hurry up for there are other people to be served. The attendant can be a very impatient person who is not a respecter of age and circumstances. In an Afrikan set up, it’s very normal to respect elderly people considering that they may not be as fit as a fiddle as they used to back in their 20s or 30s. Some of these unmindful attendants do not accommodate pregnant women who are getting exhausted standing and waiting in long queues. Note that the said civil servants are paid promptly on time, and have job security. Sometimes, one might get confused about the people you find waiting to be served, since they are treated as the staff’s siblings who have been forced to work for them. In other countries, clients are normally asked for a small monetary token for you to see the boss. What you do not know is that, that small token hardly reaches the boss.

On the contrary, there are other companies with very good employees who are uncertain of their jobs, and can be kicked out anytime. With unpaid or delayed salaries, they still provide exceptional services while maintaining politeness, smiles, and positive energy. These are the qualified and disciplined employees who worked hard to get genuine academic papers, and eventually getting jobs.

My question is: how do these extremely rude staff get these jobs? The obvious answer is through being connected by high ranking officials in government. Perhaps, they are a girlfriends or boyfriends to these high ranking officials. Possibly, others had one nightstands and boom! they landed on the jobs. Others got the jobs through brothers or sisters who know high people in high places over seminars or coffee where these jobs are granted. Such situations are usually capped by the cliché pickup lines of: “Just fix my brother or sister somewhere, he or she will catch up on the job.” So at what point do they get to interview, evaluate or train these candidates to ably undertake the job at hand? Of course the rest of the cover ups will be done one at the back office.

What am trying to relay is that even though you get connected by high value people, the fact is at the end of the day you need that job. Instead of spending time on your phone subscribing to nonsense like playing games, watching movies, or even sleeping during on boarding sessions, hop into those free trainings and pay adequate attention. Please note that you are not the only luckiest one in the world to have a free pass into the job. Just give a quality service. It is not appropriate to get into a job that requires you to talk in public most of the time, and yet you don’t like public speaking. Remember it is meaningful to be human. Learn to respect older people because one day you will be retired and in their shoes. While everyone else would have forgotten you worked there, the least you would do is appreciate the person that got you that job. Mind you, there is someone with a valid degree or masters who are more qualified than you are, and they are stranded collecting garbage. They just could not get less than half the opportunity that you got. ‘Earth is hard’ so they say. People are going through so much. While you might be rude to someone who is at the edge of depression and is considering suicide, would it not be fulfilling to be that voice of reason that would prevent that person from committing suicide? You would always feel haunted for the rest of your life should the same client got hit by a car because you made them so angry of how things were not working out in his life. Be professional and respectful of who you attend to, because who knows what life holds. The same person may be the door to your blessings that you have been praying for. Remember, chances come and go and when you need them the most they vanish and you are forgotten, and someone would call that karma.

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