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On Sunday the 5th of September, 2021 a great unveiling was made, the unveiling of the true, the real, the accurate, the precise, the genuine Kenya. That which was in the heart of God from before time.

You see, dear ones, these lives we live are inherently intertwined with the Divine Creator, whether we care to accept it or not. And He who fashioned the entire earth, and knew that a country called Kenya would exist, had made a determination what nature it would carry, what peoples would inhabit it and what it’s divine purpose would be and the timing of all things carried out within and outside of the boundaries that were set for it. It is that way for the entirety of Afrika and the world. This is why we have to pay attention to more than what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears.

For those who are busy denying the existence of God, or saying a white concept of God, or a white Jesus was foisted on us and used to con us of what was ours (even while the ‘founding fathers’ of Afrika robbed us blind, yet we say nothing!) do not ever be deceived about these two crucial things that you must reconcile for yourself as priority items:

1.          God is very real and our ancestors had interactions and relationship with Him in every single aspect of their lives. You have the same need they had and the same access but do you use it or just shout about the ‘white’ Jesus, instead of seeking to know God and searching out His mysteries for yourself? and;

2.          All those who seek to deny you access to a spirituality (i.e., the globalists) who claim Afrika was practicing dark arts and who claim that God should not be interwoven in the daily activities of man from governing, to politics, to business, to family to education etc. are all lying to you as hard and as much as they possibly can. And while they lie to you, in order to convince you to let go of or dilute your spirituality almost to the point of uselessness, they are practicing a whole other spirituality that is based on utter evil: human (even child) blood sacrifices; the opening up of and access to supernatural portals using what they call science (to fool you) all the while they know it is purely spiritual, and they use these to access the dark wisdoms to control and run things in the world and influence you. They don’t want you to access your true spirituality, because, if you pursued a very real God and had consistent and genuine interactions and relationship with Him, they would lose all traction and gains that they have secured in your life, your family, your country and your continent. And that’s just the plain truth.

Every individual, every nation, every continent has a place and a purpose in the eternal workings of things. Every single one. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each and every single individual, nation and continent to search out, understand and implement these purposes, for therein lies fulfilment and victory like we’ve never known before.

Back to Kenya. Speaking from personal experience, despite her many beautiful aspects, Kenya has been the most heartbreaking, tortuous place on earth sometimes. I have never seen a country with so much potential, so much wealth, so much capacity to achieve greatness… just head down the toilet with unerring accuracy time and time and time again, at the hands of those who say that they are leaders. Consistently and terribly failing repeatedly. What a disaster! Since ‘independence’, regime after regime, decade after decade has failed to actualize the potential of a nation replete with capacity to do great things. Subjecting her people instead to theirs and the will and desires of the globalist imperialists, under awful policies that hobble the people of the nation, preventing them from attaining goals that are so simple to attain, using the instruments of state to subjugate, control and humiliate and destroy destiny after destiny, generation after generation. Things has been epic in their levels of extreme badness. My God! The things I’ve seen, experienced and the things others have experienced! If that’s leadership, Kenya and Afrika certainly do not need it. However, oftentimes the places with the greatest things to accomplish go through the greatest levels of opposition to their destinies. That has been Kenya’s experience, that of the nations of Afrika and that of the continent of Afrika as well.

Then God said

Mercy Mwendwa, New Earth Africa

So, having watched the travails of this little nation and all the foolishness of men, posing as if they are something and as if they are doing something amazing – all the while busy taking the country to the pits of hell, God called time out. He said to His daughter, Mercy Mwendwa, that He wanted to “Unveil The Kenya”. Not the Kenya that had been taken round in circles by men, not the one with tarnished name and reputation, not the one that had been bragged about or ridiculed in equal measure… not the one that had lost its way time and time again. He asked her to present Kenya to Him. The genuine Kenya. The Kenya that was in HIS mind before time. And Mercy responded and spoke to her brothers and sisters and together they created a show to commemorate this great presentation of what was in God’s heart per the understanding they had received. The day that was selected for this genuinely great reset (not that of the Schwabian variety) was the 5th of September, 2021.

And so, on the grounds of the Kingdom Business Network in Nairobi, where we gathered to do this all important business of the Kingdom, hosted by Mercy’s New Earth Africa, with the strength of the Awesome God Group, Sally Karago and her team who designed the garments that adorned about 24 of God’s beautiful daughters, each representing the former 8 provinces of Kenya and all the regions of Kenya, guided by the passionate stage director, Betty Venetti, and with the support of Oneness Media, Mo Sounds, All Tymes Tents and the great team at KBN… the stage was set for the unveiling of The Kenya. It was time to set aside the old in favor of the new.

A gathering of the family and friends of the daughters of God who walked the runway and a few others were in attendance, to support and encourage these girls, many of whom were walking the runway for the first time in their lives. Every single girl who accepted the assignment to represent a region in the Kenya went through a process of transformation. Their concepts of identity, of beauty, of modeling and even of Afrika were all challenged… thrown out the window as they were forced to look within and draw out the person who they were created to be and celebrate that person as they walked, adorned in garments that each told a spectacularly different story. Their journeys mirrored Kenya’s own journey that day.

The Ameru Bride

Earth tones were a consistent theme throughout, the coastal garments were mostly white with dots of brown, from the Ameru community one of the girls, dressed as a bride, had a huge gossamer bubble in olive green wrapped around her brown skirt, from the Dholuo, one girl boldly strutted the strength of the bull wearing brown dress and stately orange horns. From grass skirts, to cowrie shells, to baskets to metallic headdresses or chest pieces, Sally and her team told a story of a Kenya that was drawn from her past and presented as it should be in this century. A Kenya that is aware of its rich culture and history, boldly carrying its scars from lessons learnt and gazing optimistically, hopefully at the future… making amends for the sad and willful neglect of some of its family members who were separated from them by a colonial legacy that sowed division, more than it did love. Unveiling The Kenya shed light on these injustices and inaccuracies, even while shining a new path to a future worth embracing, where these issues are boldly faced and accurately addressed.

Mercy and her brothers and sisters were schooled early on in the journey of preparing the presentation, by God, that there was much that they did not know about the land of Kenya… much like many others in the country, whose only source of information has been text books, the internet and ugly stereotypes spread by the media and those in comedy who find spotlighting division using ridicule, to be a source of hilarity… not understanding the challenges inherent in continuing their emphasis instead of celebrating our strengths. So, the Unveil The Kenya team embarked on a study of the country and its history, region after region, community after community until their hearts were prepared to the point where they could unveil the truths that God required declared on that day for every single people group in Kenya.

These truths were proclaimed region by region, community by community throughout the entire runway show as the regions were presented; establishing for the country the truth in the heart and mind of God for the nation of Kenya and for all of its people. Effectively erasing what was, and putting in place the accurate identity, purpose and place for each one to establish a foundation for the building of what is and is to come. It was a powerful day.

Indeed, it is difficult for a man to become that which is unknown to him. It is challenging for a woman to embrace and give life to that which is not defined. On this 5th day of the month of September, it was made clear to the nation of Kenya, as proclaimed to the atmosphere, the land, the elements, the communities and regions present or represented, exactly who they are. The truth of Kenya was showcased, the mind of God unveiled, and the land of Kenya set free to be able to restore things to order once more. First in the Spirit, eventually to be revealed in the realm of the seen in God’s time. The foundation is now set in Christ. And it is so for the whole of Afrika… from this father and motherland nation to the entirety of motherhood and the womb that births life that is Afrika and all her lands.

Expect to see changes.

God does not work or move like man

For all those expecting that things in Kenya will now go smoothly according to the way things in the world work, please do not deceive yourselves. Remember what I shared earlier, that God has unveiled the Kenya that was in His mind from before time. This means that ANYTHING that is enmity to God is doomed to utterly fail, not to speak of what will happen to those holding on to what is doomed to utterly fail. What He now wants and WILL have is the Kenya that is fully aligned to His will. In any reality where God has ever come to set things in order, so as to bring about His purposes, the garbage of the world was ALWAYS removed in order to make room for GOD. God will not co-exist with nonsense… and the former Kenya was chockful of nonsense: injustices, extrajudicial killings, abuse of power, abuse of office, murders, theft, corruption, deception, manipulation, blackmail, torture, corrupt businesses, greed, selfishness, rapes, oppression, political prostitution not to mention the other kind, oppression of widows and orphans, neglect of prisoners and the hungry, and on and on.

See Also

When a country is emptied out of a way of operation that has been in place for over 60 years with respect to colonialism, for hundreds of years, with respect to slavery and other foolishness… what does that country look like at the end of it? How does it live? How will it interact with its citizens and its fellow neighbors?

What God does in the spiritual realm is not a nebulous, intangible reality, oh no! It translates into tangibility very rapidly; it requires those who have been crying and begging for change and justice and God’s intervention to step up and step forward and act in those same areas where they have been weeping to God for mercy and aid. It is opportunity incomparable for every single layer and level of society to shift gears and become something it has only dared dream it could be. It is a complete metamorphosis, and in the case of Kenya, pressure will increase upon those who are instrumental in bringing about the change that God wants to implement in the country… because He works in collaboration with His people – and His people are those He has determined are His people, not what you might think or be telling yourself.

What will happen will be quick and sudden and powerful. It will be so rapid that it will capture the attention of the world – as is intended – because this is the activation of a bigger move that God wants to implement in Afrika (because of her singular role in the world at this time) and across the world once what He does in Afrika takes effect. Remember, I said that Afrika has a great destiny that has faced great opposition. This is what it connects to.

What God does in the spiritual realm is tremendously practical and to be lived out in everyday moments by every single person. So, what does this mean for Kenya? We must believe God, trust Him and do what He says. It’s funny, because of how many people (have chosen to) live, they often don’t know that it is God they are interacting with until they see the outcome that helps them understand that they were not involved in an ordinary activity or event. Or that the words that they spoke were prophetic.

We must work on our hearts and minds!

What of Afrika?

The truth that we are all well aware of is that the Afrika that God sees is a far-off reality from the Afrika we have now in terms of state of mind, physical state and mostly spiritual state. But, like we shared in our video from Lake Ellis, all of that can change in a flash – just like it did for The Kenya on the 5th of September 2021, and before we know it, The Afrika will be unveiled and on the scene with every accurate representation of her nations and her people boldly celebrating who they really are and living it out with precision. How I dream and long for that glorious day!

All it takes is a shift in perception of God, self and others and the sons and daughters of Afrika will see who they really are, why they are here and what they are capable of. They will understand that they have been lied to for so long – but that it is time to get past that and build the real Afrika that is in God’s mind and heart, that will bring about the redemption of the world. If you have been reading our magazine for any length of time, you know what I’m talking about. If not, we’ve got articles and a book that can help.

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