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Natural Revolutions


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Natural Revolutions


The cream of what God created to support God owned Life, is called Nature.

The Life of all living creatures is firmly rooted in Nature. Nature as in the natural.

Without Nature, Life simply cannot function. Cannot survive.

By grace; mankind cannot create Life. The same is true regarding Nature.

By grace; mankind cannot create Nature. Impossible. Mankind cannot even dream about influencing Nature, in any way.

Even the Antichrist himself. The supreme evil one. In his capacity as “the Prince of this world.” He cannot touch Nature, in any way.

By its very design, Nature is subject to divine authority. A most high authority which God does not share with anyone. Anyone, including mankind. Instead; by his amazing grace, our almighty “Father who art in heaven,” promulgated clear rules about Nature. Clear protocols for mankind to strictly observe.

Should mankind mischievously make the mistake of rebelling against the very same Nature, which God put in place for the good of mankind. Mankind may silently perish, together with “the Prince of this world.” The demise of mankind as a result of his own disobedience, would be scheduled to happen during that time when Lord Jesus Christ is due to arrive back on God owned magnificent Earth. To put an end to “the current order of things.”

By his amazing grace; the almighty Lord God of mankind created, for the sole benefit of Life, a Nature which is awesome.

A Nature which is rock solid. So that within the flamboyant confines of Nature, mankind can consistently gloriously flourish until amen. The almighty Lord God of mankind is a generous God. In his generosity, God gifted mankind a super intelligent brain. A super brain with enough built in intellect, which affords mankind outstanding abilities to explore Nature to the fullest. All for the benefit of the entire Nationhood of mankind.

By grace, mankind can experiment with Nature; Can Invent.

Can discover the many new things which Nature consistently offers mankind, throughout the Life which God gives to mankind for free of charge.

As they say in this perishing world, “the sky’s the limit” to how far mankind can manoeuvre, for his own benefit, within the confines of good old Nature.

Quoting from the Scriptures;

“And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

Going by Earthly standards; the Tower project was a noble idea.

Noble but unnatural.

Noble but Earthly.

With immediate effect, God put a big stop on the Tower project.

God had to stop it. For it is not natural for mankind, when he is still living in “Flesh and Blood,” to dwell side by side with the almighty Lord God of mankind.

It is unnatural. It is improper in front of God; for the entire Earthly world, to speak only one language.

The Tower project aimed to have only one language for the whole world. God said no to a one language world. A very big NO.

The Tower project envisaged an Earth with a population that is confined to only one part of the God-owned magnificent Earth.

A world whose population is not spread out across the whole globe.

God said no to a world whose population is confined to only one place. A very big NO.


When the Scriptures say. And I quote. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

It means that; Nature based Revolutions are always taking place.

It means that; by grace, Revolution is always in motion. More importantly. It means that; the definition of the Revolutions that happen in the eyes of mankind. Is not based on matters of this perishing world.

Rather; Revolution is defined by the “Will” of the almighty Lord God of mankind, as defined by Nature.

Revolution is subject to the amazing grace of the almighty Father of mankind,”who art in heaven.” This fact of God-owned life is well tabulated, in the published rule book of Nature.

Revolutions as mankind sees them through his “naked eyes,” may not appear to some of mankind exactly as what the Revolutions really are; in front of “our almighty Father who art in heaven.”

By grace; Revolutions are a natural fact of God owned life. Are a natural “Act of God.”

With the happening of each Revolution, mankind either blossoms. Or mankind withers.

By grace, each Revolution is divided into two sides. A good side. And a bad side. Mankind ought to be extremely careful when choosing the side of a Revolution which corresponds with the purpose of each mankind.

The mankind who is helped by God to successfully choose the good side of a Revolution, reaps glorious joy.

Whilst the mankind who recklessly picks the bad side of a Revolution, reaps bitter sorrow.

God does not allow any of his Children to “sleep through a Revolution.” Doing so amounts to choosing the designated bad side of a Revolution.

Yesteryear Revolutions

The first Revolution was when God created “Earth and everything on Earth.”

The second Revolution was when God introduced himself to the Nationhood of mankind. That time when there was a chosen tribe. That tribe, at one time, ended up living under captivity in Egypt. Then; in his own time, God delivered the chosen tribe to their “promised land.”

The third Revolution was when the Antichrist teamed up with “the Prince of this world.” In leading mankind into a revolt against the Lord God of mankind.

It is that revolt that gave birth to the Politics of mankind, which were pioneered by the Pharaohs.

If the Pharaohs did not end up “sleeping through” the third Revolution, they would have quite easily realized that the “Exodus” of the Children of Israel, from Egypt to Canaan, was powered by God himself.

Unfortunately for the Pharaohs though; their sleeping through the third Revolution was not by their choice. It was by the will of God.

Man-made countries, Revolution

If God wanted an Earth which is chopped up into countries; God would have done that himself at the time of creation. There is nothing that can suggest that God left it to mankind to selfishly erect on Earth, senseless national borders.

Rather; all the reasonable evidence points to a generous God. Who formed Earth to become the only shared natural habitat, for the entire Nationhood of mankind.

Fact; there is no reasonable justification for National borders. Neither is there justification for the use of the immigration laws that are so very popular, right across the globe.

National borders. Immigration laws are a total disgrace for the Nationhood of mankind.

Advances in medicine,


To heal mankind, God requires no hospital. Right ???

What then is mankind doing in hospitals ???

Who then is healing the mankind who ends up in hospital ???

Why is there so much death, so much suffering; so much pain, in hospitals ???

At which stage of his God owned life. Did mankind decide not to depend, for healing, on the expertise of the Giver of life himself ???

What then is fueling the Revolution that gave birth to the mischievous talk about “advances in modern medicines ???”

Is it the foolishness of mankind which is encouraging mankind to think that his “advances in medicine,” can heal mankind better than what can be done by God himself ???

Family planning, Revolution

Children are a blessing from God. Right ???

Children of God are a blessing which nobody else, besides God, can give. Right ???

Why then is mankind obsessed with “Family planning” methodologies ???

Genetically modified foods,


Mankind cannot give life to himself. Or to any other living creature. Right ???

How then does Genetic engineering fit into the template which God uses to maintain the Life which God gives to mankind ???

Which Spirit then is motivating mankind to fuel his obsession with genetically modified foods. Genetically modified plants. Genetically modified animals ???

Who then is the mastermind behind the Genetic modification Revolution ???

Crop Fertilizers, Revolution

God has been farming on Earth ever since the creation of “Earth and everything on Earth.”

The evidence which proves that God is the primary Farmer, is the grass. The trees. Which have been germinating. Which have been growing, unaided. Ever since the beginning of time.

What then is the purpose of the Fertilizers industry, Revolution ???

Who is the mastermind behind the so-called modern methods of farming ???

Mining, Revolution

When he is in his rightful mind; mankind would be fully aware of the fact that each time mankind engages in Mining activities, mankind steals from God.

Fact; mining is mankind plundering what does not belong to mankind.

Mining is outright destabilization of the very same God owned magnificent Earth. Which God generously gave to the Nationhood of mankind; as mankind’s only shared natural habitat.

How then can mankind plead innocence during the act of stealing what belongs to God ???

Revolutions currently in progress

In his greed. At his most foolish. Mankind graduated with full “honors.” From nasty Revolutions that are powered by the Politics of mankind. To awkward Revolutions that are engineered by crazy philanthropists.

By the fate that can come to mankind only from the highest office of the devil. The latest man-made Revolution, is wholly powered by a heartless Illuminati group of mankind.

Some time during the twentieth century. The Illuminati group teamed up with “the Antichrist.”

The unholy alliance gave to the Nationhood of mankind, a “handy” self destruction button. Ready for use by mankind. At any time. To trigger the planned demise of this perishing world.

The man-made pandemic, Revolution

On one crazy morning; the masses of this perishing world woke up to an unfamiliar loud BOOM type of feeling.

During the dead of the previous night, the Covid19 virus secretly touched down on God owned magnificent Earth.

The masses of this perishing world were caught totally unawares. They did not have even a single clue about what hit them.

All that the masses were to witness was the falling sick. The dying of family members. Of dear friends. The dying of dear relatives.

The health of the majority of mankind who were attacked by the virus, deteriorated at a furious pace.

To the masses; the sudden dramatic passing away of dear Children of God, must have felt like the untimely arrival of the planned end of this world.

Noticeably; the commotion that went on everywhere, around the whole world, did not seem to bother the Illuminati group. With tonnes of “insider information,” at their disposal. The Illuminati had absolutely nothing to worry about.

As per the Nature rule book, the future belongs to the almighty Lord God of mankind. Be it the future in the long term. Or the future in the short term. Only God knows about tomorrow. Nobody else does.

Nevertheless, according to the Illuminati group, the covid19 virus ushered in a brand “new world order.”

“Covid19 is a deadly virus, which is very capable of reaching all corners of this world,” they said.

“We, the Illuminati, are going to facilitate the promulgation of the Earthly laws that are necessary to control the spread of the virus.

“Plus; we, the Illuminati, shall make sure that the covid-19 Industry develops to its fullest within the shortest time possible.”

“In our own time, which is pretty soon, we shall set up billion dollar Industries to manufacture Personal protective equipment.

“To manufacture masks and sanitizers.

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“To manufacture anti covid19 vaccinations. In short; “with you in mind,” we have set up a multi billion dollar covid-19 Industry.”

What the Illuminati group did not tell the masses, is the fact that the multi billion dollar covid-19 Industry is wholly owned. Is wholly powered by “the Prince of this world” himself.


“Lock yourself up in your house.” So the Illuminati rudely instructed the masses.

“Do not leave your houses. That means stop going to work.

“Shut down all public places, like bars and Restaurants.

“Shut down all businesses. Except covid-19 Industry businesses.”

“Do not let anyone enter your house either. That means stop socializing with your neighbors.

“Stop socializing with your friends.

“Even your relatives are not an exception. Stop socializing with them, too.

“Stop playing games.

“Stop watching games. That means stop going to sports arenas.”

“More importantly; stop traveling from one place to another.

“Shut down all places of worship.

“Always use masks to partially block your vital airways.

“Use hand sanitizers generously.”


“We; the Illuminati, are delighted to tell you that we have successfully prepared for you experimental vaccines which you can take, with confidence, knowing that we have done our very best under the circumstances.

“Please do not expect us to guarantee the safety of our experimental vaccines. You take our vaccines entirely at your own risk.

“Should you be harmed by any of our vaccines, please do not come to us.”

“Your natural immunity does not matter to us, the Illuminati. We know that your natural immune system is capable of combating the covid19 virus. But still; we expect you. Rather; we want you to be vaccinated regardless.”

Vaccine passports

“We the Illuminati group of mankind are, as we speak, working furiously to produce vaccine passports for use by you, our fellow mankind.

Without valid vaccine passports; we the Illuminati will not allow you to access your favorite public places.

Sorry about that. But it is in your best interests that you abide by our vaccines policies.”

“You ought to remember that the primary aim of vaccine policy laws is to try to guarantee the overwhelming success of the devil’s multi billion dollar covid-19 Industry.”

The new world order

The gospel preached by the Illuminati group is based on “a new world order.”

But the true gospel. As preached by the dedicated Disciples of Lord Jesus Christ. Trumpets about the creation of two new worlds. Both of them are situated in one old world.

On the one side are the Children of God who have been chosen by God, to live in heaven on Earth.

Chosen by God to live as an integral part of Nature.

Chosen by God to survive naturally.

More importantly; chosen by God to live independently, well away from “the Prince of this world.”

These are the Children of God. Each of whom God gifted with a grand purpose of God owned Life.

On the other side are Children of God who have been given away by God, to perish together with the perishing world.

That is scheduled to happen when Lord Jesus Christ arrives back on God owned magnificent Earth “to put an end to the current order of things.”

These are the Children of God who, by their actions. By the fate that can come only from the devil himself. Have chosen to dwell in the unnatural world.

Children of God who, by their actions, have chosen to live alongside “the Prince of this world.” The Children of God who, by virtue of the circumstances which they find themselves in, have forsaken their God. Thereby graduating as full time proud citizens of the Earthly world.

It is the proud citizens of this world whom the Illuminati have successfully converted to the chicanery ways of the unnatural world.

Citizens of the unnatural world have been made to believe that their God owned mortal bodies are not equipped with the all conquering Natural immunity; which subconsciously eats all diseases and viruses.

Citizens of this Earthly world have successfully been fooled by the Illuminati group. To believe that their bodies cannot survive. Unless they first get vaccinated by man-made unnatural vaccines.

Revolutions that are still on the drawing board;

Whilst the majority of mankind continue to sleep through Revolution, after Revolution. The Illuminati group of mankind. The Earthly rulers of this perishing world. In strong partnership with the Antichrist. Are busy scheming against Lord Jesus Christ.

The Covid19 based man-made pandemic is not the last Revolution in the history of the Nationhood of mankind.

Next; the Antichrist plans to try to “block” the rays of the sun.

Funding for this mammoth sized next do “revolutionary” project, is already in place. Provided to the Illuminati group. Courtesy of the “success” of the devil’s multi billion dollar covid19 Industry.

Mankind may want to reflect on the way God dealt with those guys who tried to build a Tower that links Earth to Heaven !!!!

Modern day mankind may witness something similar to such glorious ways of God.

If He so wishes. God may decide to pull down to Earth, the Illuminati group of mankind.

Do nothing. Just watch.

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