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Nation in View: Eswatini


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Nation in View: Eswatini

Showers of Blessings

This is the word of the Lord to the nation of Eswatini and the continent of Afrika. “There shall be showers of blessing.”

One of the things we do here at Msingi Afrika Magazine is to understand and put into writing the beautiful and good intentions of God for Afrika and Afrikans. Sometimes the words and statements given for any of the Afrikan nations we have featured in this magazine don’t make sense, in that, they almost always don’t seem to fit in to what is really going on on the ground in Afrika. But it has never been about fitting in, but about changing the narrative with words of blessing instead of words of curses. So, we will never stop making the pronouncements of goodwill and hope for Afrika.

Someone even made a comment on one of the articles we wrote about an Afrikan nation that we featured. He was clearly angry in his words. What was his issue? He was complaining that we wrote good things about his nation while there are foreign military bases stationed in his country. He wants those bases to be removed from his country. I really cannot tell how his anger for the foreign military bases in his country connects to the words of blessing we wrote about his nation. Would he have preferred we cast curses on his nation? I still wonder till today.

The kingdom of Eswatini, formerly called Swaziland, is purely ruled by a monarch. This in itself is a beautiful thing in that, kings are known to be channels of blessings for their people. Well, that is if the king or ruler has a good heart towards the welfare of his people. For even the Bible said that “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” See Proverbs 29:2

Fathers are kings and kings are bringers of blessings

When the word about Eswatini and the showers of blessings came to me, it made a whole lot of sense knowing that there is a strong connection between kingship and God’s blessing on a people. It even made more sense when the word about showers of blessings was about the kingdom of Eswatini and how its also a blessing to all of Afrika. The truth is, kingship and fatherhood go hand in hand and the blessing of fatherhood is a very strong blessing that creates pathways of progress for the people or children of the land. Kings, just like fathers, must be channels of blessings to their people and not curses. For when the heart of a king or a father is greedy and selfish, the children and the land suffers hardship.

Facts about the kingdom of Eswatini

Eswatini is Africa’s little gem. With a thriving population, varying landscapes and rolling hills. The country is a tourist favorite and amongst one of the most scenic places on the continent. However there are a number of interesting and outrageously wild fun facts about the country which many may or might not be familiar with.

Absolute Monarchy

Eswatini is Africa’s last absolute monarchy and one of the few remaining in the world. This form of government gives the head of state supreme authority that supersedes all written laws, legislature or customs. By tradition, the king reigns along with his mother who is known as the Indlovukazi (She-elephant) while the King is reffered to as Ingwenyama (Lion)

Swaziland was always Eswatini

The year 2018 was a historical one for the Kingdom. The year not only signified a double celebration of 50 years of Independence as well as the 50th birthday of the head of state, but it also marked when the country went from being Swaziland to Eswatini overnight. Literally. However, an interesting fact to note is that the Kingdom was always considered Eswatini by it’s people. The change was only a legal affirmation. The name means, the place or land of the Swazi/the place of the people of Mswati.

Second largest rock found here

Sibebe Rock which is located on the outskirts of Mbabane, is the world’s second largest monolith (single piece of rock). It lags a little behind Australia’s Uluru.

Best big Five safari experiences

It is possible to observe the famous big five which consists of lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo in Eswatini. It is also to be noted that the Kingdom is one of the very few countries in the world where BOTH black and white rhinos can be found.

Longest reigning monarch in the world

King Sobhuza II, the present King’s father, reigned from 1899 to 1982 and spent 82 years and 253 days on the throne. This makes him the longest reigning monarch in world history.

Youngest crowned monarch in the world

This ironic tale is not fictional at all. Eswatini is also famous for having the world’s youngest crowned monarch at the time of his coronation. King Mswati III, current reigning monarch, ascended to the throne at just 18.

Oldest Mine in the world

The country is home to the world’s oldest mine. Ngwenya Mine which is found north of the Kingdom considered to be the world’s oldest mine with iron ore deposits that constitute to one of the oldest geological formations in the world. All that remains today of the ancient mine is a modest hole in the hillside, known as the Lion Cavern. You can visit the mine on a guided tour from the nearby visitor center, which displays samples of various mineral deposits and a life-size diorama of an iron-age smelter at work, among other extraordinary exhibits.

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Two capital cities

Mbabane is the administrative capital while Lobamba is the traditional capital. It is also the seat of King Mswati III and where the houses of parliament and other national institutions are situated. Lobamba is located close to the Ezulwini Valley. A tourist hotspot.

Largest population of nesting vultures in Africa

Hlane Royal National Park is a nesting paradise. The park holds Africa’s largest population of nesting vultures. Hlane is the country’s largest protected area and extends either side of the MR3. This is what makes it incredible because you can spot wildlife along the side of the highway as you drive by. There are different camps within the park and it is at this very reserve where the annual royal hunt called Butimba takes place.

Oldest mountains in the world

Southern Africa not only holds some of the world’s oldest fossils, including those of dinosaurs, but also some of the oldest landscape formations. The Mountains in Eswatini’s Malolotja Native Reserve clock over 3.6 billion years old.

Host Country of Annual globally recognized festival

Highly praised by CNN as one of the “7 African music festivals you really have to see”, and also named as BBC’s Top African Festival, the MTN bushfire fest is globally recognized. It is a music & arts festival that celebrates creative expression whilst promoting social responsibility, stimulating the economy and drawing talent and tourists from across Africa and around the world. This year’s festival takes place 24-26 May at Malandela’s House on Fire.

Words for Eswatini

Indeed there are showers of blessings coming on the kingdom of Eswatini and Afrika and I pray none of us will miss them. Blessings and curses are mostly the results of spoken words, so I pray that as Afrikans, we will begin to understand and also use words to accurately shape our lives and purposes.

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