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Birthing A New Nigeria Needs Those with New Mindsets


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Birthing A New Nigeria Needs Those with New Mindsets

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An old wine skin cannot hold new wine, nor can a new Nigeria be birthed by those with old ways and mindsets. Or else both the wine and the wineskin will be destroyed. New wine is a metaphor for a new spirit which is required for a new dispensation. While the spirit behind change is the new wine, the wine skins are those who must carry the change to its beautiful conclusion. To tell you the truth, Afrika has come of age for change from the backward, corrupt, diseased, sick and poverty narrative to a glorious one that manifests true spirituality, beauty, innovation, technological advancement etc. And Nigeria is critical for that change in narrative.          

Outside of the various issues and challenges facing Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people, and that is irrespective of where they may be in the world, Nigerians still remain some of the brightest and greatest achievers globally, in their fields of endeavor. You cannot tell the story of Afrika without multiple chapters telling the Nigerian narrative. And that in itself is worth staying strong for, even in the face of challenges. However, this article is not about the challenges facing Nigeria, there is no country without them, this article is about the light at the end of the tunnel. This metaphorical Nigerian tunnel has been dark for many years, with only sparks of hope here and there but it’s time to go all out to turn on our light. Now, the light at the tunnel does not come on by some work of luck or magic, but by deliberate choices and decisions made by those who have had enough of the dark days and want to make change happen. The coming 2023 elections, by the grace and mercy of God, are one such key moment for turning on the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Why is this critical?

The year 2030 (less than eight years from now) is a major spiritual turning point year for the entire world, based on, first, what the Most High God is doing, and secondly, how that which God is doing is being copied by the many machinations of the globalists and the dark spirits that back their dark agendas. For every good thing that God is doing, Satan always has his own warped version. This is why you have themes like UN’s Agenda 21 and the plenty other stuff you hear them talk about. You can search online for these things and get to know what the world is walking into. But mind you, on the surface, UN’s Agenda 21 or 2030 Agenda was deliberately made to look like some beautiful plan to create a better world or like the World Economic Forum likes to say “build back better”. But don’t be fooled. For when you read about Agenda 21 from people who have done their deep research, I do not mean the corrupt and globalist controlled mainstream media, but those research warriors who can connect the evil dots, then you will understand why understanding Agenda 21 in its real context is critical. (See a summary of it here or read the long version flip pdf here) But how does this connect to the elections of 2023 in Nigeria?

The answer is simple. Whoever comes on the seat of power in Nigeria’s Aso Rock, 2023 will determine how Nigeria and Nigerians will be prepared to handle the madness that is coming to the world from 2030, by creating alternative realities. The false pandemic and the global lockdown of 2020 was just the tip of the iceberg of what the real plan is for the global community and it is critical to have in the seat of power and in every leadership position, those who will not sell Nigeria and Afrika to the globalist agenda, for money and more power. It’s enough to deal with the underground plan to Islamize Nigeria, we cannot afford to add the Satanic globalist agenda to it.

New wine needs new wineskins

God’s plan has always been to make Nigeria new wine of the Spirit for the emancipation of Afrika and the world. But this new wine cannot be carried by old wine skins; men who are driven by greed, selfish desires, and who only know curses and evil utterances for election campaigns.  Churches have prayed. Prophets have spoken. Muslims have prayed and their Imams have made utterances. Nigerians have prayed for decades for a better Nigerian society. Is God now deaf that He cannot hear the prayers of the righteous or is it that there are no righteous men in Nigeria? Of course, there are and the time for the new wine has come.

I am not a member of any political party in Nigeria and I won’t be for any reason. In fact, up until now, the thought of voting in any election had never crossed my mind, for just like many Nigerians, voting was seen as a waste of time and energy, since it appears that votes don’t count in Nigeria. But this time around, things are obviously looking different and many more people – in their millions – are registering for their voter’s cards. It seems like the young generation of Nigerians suddenly woke up from their sleep and realized that the very people who told them twenty years ago that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow are still the very same people who are fighting tooth and nail for power twenty years later, while the youths themselves have become nothing but fodder for the canons of these greedy and heartless politicians. The youths suddenly realized that life is not getting better for them in Nigeria and that the children of those who have made life worse for them don’t even live within the country. They all are schooling at some of the most expensive high-end schools abroad while the universities in the country are on strike because of lack of pay for lecturers and whatever else. They suddenly realized that they have no proper hospitals and health care while politicians and their families fly private jets to go get health care outside of Nigeria. They suddenly realized that if nothing is done now, life will only get worse for them because the very proteges of the political hyenas are being prepared to take over from their political lords. They suddenly realized that enough is enough and they actually do have rights and power to choose what happens in Nigeria. They suddenly realized that Nigeria is still home, irrespective of what the challenges are. They suddenly realized that though the world has laughed at Nigeria for her bad choices and though some Afrikan countries see Nigeria as some good-for-nothing elder brother, there is still hope for a tree when it is cut down to sprout again when given water of nourishment. But the question is this: is what is happening right now in Nigeria sudden? Not really. Nothing comes suddenly; for suddenly is a word used to describe that which has been sown and watered over time and whose season has come in all strength for all to see.

Old wine skins

How do you recognize old wine skins? You know them when they speak in interviews and hear what they stand for. You know them when they shamelessly share millions of Naira to bribe Nollywood actors in order to buy support for their presidential aspiration. They act as if bribery is no longer crime in Nigeria. You know them by their non-progressive ideology of me, myself and I. They never take responsibility for their bad judgments, choices and decisions. They complain of past administrations instead of delivering good leadership based on sound judgement, vision and purpose. Meaning that, they really do not have anything to give in the present, so they use the failure of past administrations as excuses. And since we have seen this play out over and over and over again, then basically, all we have had all these years has been a line of excuse making and purposeless leaders. Who in Nigeria has any more time to spare for such old wine skins?  Maybe their bum-licking sycophants.

 In campaigns, they use rude and uncultured words and statements that are not only proof of how dead their minds are, but also how unfit they are to lead men of sound mind. To them, money is everything and because they have it in huge sums, mostly as proceeds of wrong deals, they spread it around like cancer to buy votes. Over the years, they have weaponized poverty to the point where with just a few thousands of Naira thrown around, young people lose their minds in the moment and thus are not seeing that the solution to their poverty is not the peanuts those politicians give to them, but a system that really cares about their economic empowerment and which really works. Like I had said, you can tell who these old wine skins are by their campaign utterances and their general mindset. They think they own the game, but the game is changing right under their noses but they cannot see it, for they are as blind as the bat who is only good at hunting in dark nights. When you hear someone say in their campaign that those that call themselves Labor Party (an opposition party) will labor till death, that’s an old wine skin speaking. He does not know that the labor of those heroes past that fought for the freedom of Nigeria and the labors of those men and women and the youths that work to keep the economy of Nigeria going daily, will not be in vain. When they say that it’s not possible for an Igbo man to be a president in Nigeria, those are old wine skins speaking. For clearly, Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian and every Nigerian has the right to run for any position of government in Nigeria, irrespective of tribe, region and religion.

From where I live in East Afrika, I have been following the political narrative going on in Nigeria through the internet and social media, especially as it concerns the 2023 elections and could only conclude that a new day for Nigeria has come and men of goodwill must put rubber to the road to make the required change happen. Of such enigmatic movement that is rocking the political space and which most people are still finding hard to believe that is actually happening, is the Peter Obi political movement. I have written about it in an earlier article. No, I am not affiliated to any political party and that is inclusive of the Labor Party in which Peter Obi is running for the presidency, but when you see a train that is headed towards what direction you have envisaged, then it simply just makes sense to support such a move, irrespective of what others think. And yes, there is the possibility of grey areas that others are privy to and for which they may not want the Peter Obi presidency, and that’s ok, but is it not even time for us to try another mindset and see if we can get it right this time in Nigeria? I think it is and that alone is worth defending the new wine skin for. Interestingly, even the Nigerian national anthem seems to favor the Peter Obi and the ‘Obidient’ movement of the Labor Party. Let me explain what I mean.

Take a look at the Nigeria National Anthem.

Arise o compatriots

Nigeria’s call OBEY

To serve our fatherland

With love and strength and faith

The LABOUR of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain

To serve with HEART (Obi) and might

ONE NATION bound in freedom, peace and unity.

Now, Nigeria has come to the place and season in history where she must produce her new wine, but new wine cannot be carried by old wine skins and for real, there are too many old wine skins bouncing around for the coming Nigerian election. When you look at the words of the National Anthem and the call for compatriots to obey, you will realize that it is not the call of the Labor Party or Peter Obi but the call of Nigeria herself as a physical and a spiritual entity. You will begin to see that those who go against obeying the call of Nigeria for change are actually anti-Nigeria. Nigeria has her own share of bad eggs, just like every country in the world does, but she also has a huge number of compatriots who have done the nation of Nigeria proud. It is these compatriots that Nigeria is calling to obey the call for change of guard. So, this is not about Peter Obi or the Labor Party but about the heart that is ready to ask simple questions like; should Nigeria after more than sixty years of independence still be struggling with lack of stable electricity, burdened down by debt from IMF and the World Bank, people dying from insecurity, a negative global Nigerian image etc.? Should an old man of sixty-three years not be ashamed that he still goes to join the queue of those begging money from those who are the age of his sons? Case in point, Nigeria joining other Afrikan leaders to go beg for money from the young Macron of France. If shame can be measured, Nigerian leaders must have broken all known records by now. But this is not the generation of fools any more, but the generation of young people who know that Nigeria can be better if we choose to make it better.

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Recently, I was just doing some random thinking, when suddenly a question popped into my mind that; is it not even foolishness that after more than six decades that most Afrikan countries have had independence, what politicians still use for campaign promises is “If you elect me, I will build roads” or “if you elect me, I will build schools, hospitals, stop insecurity, drop the dollar exchange rate” …etc. etc. If these are still the campaign promises we make in 2022, what then have we been doing for sixty years? When then are we ever going to be able to move Afrika to the status of a “first world country”? And I put that in quotes because the idea of a first, second or third world is nothing but another face of the same “white race is superior to any other race” propaganda. But you understand what I mean. When nations are thinking of building structures in the moon, when individuals are thinking of building human civilization in Mars, creating rail roads that pass under the sea, creating new innovations for life, we are still busy talking about roads in our cities and villages, poverty and lack of health care services. We cannot but rethink the country called Nigeria. We do not have the luxury of trying to bandage the malignant wounds or trying to do some first aid for this Nigeria that we have now. We can only tear it down in our thinking and then come up with something new that fits a nation so blessed with everything needed to throw a narrative of a ‘first world’ into the trash.

Rethinking Nigeria

It should be safe to say that the Nigeria that got her independence more than sixty years ago is dead. In fact, there was never independence in the first place, for what we celebrate every year as independence is nothing but a reminder of the failures of our Afrikan ancestors and how the so-called colonizers placed leashes around our necks while telling us we are free. And the truth is that, we still have those leashes on as long as we still patronize the IMF, the World Bank, borrow money from China, queue to collect money from Macron of France etc. We have to rethink and envision a new Nigeria and by that vision, build a better country befitting the most popular Afrikan nation in the world. We must match ideas, innovations, skills, discipline, political will, social will, spiritual liberty, education etc., with the image of a new Nigeria. But what does rethinking Nigeria really entail? 

I believe there was a puppet country that the British envisaged in 1914 when they amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorate of Nigeria.  A puppet country which was meant to be their backyard and mine where they get natural resources from. Much has not really changed from the initial reason why Nigeria was created. And since it has not changed after more than a hundred years, it becomes the duty of every Nigerian to join in the fight for a new Nigeria.

For me, there is a lot to be written about what a new Nigeria should include, but for space, let me just mention a few. You definitely can add some of yours in the comments section.

  • We need a new Nigeria that is food self-reliant. I know the popular term for this is food security. I intentionally did not use the term food security, for that also has become a tool for global slavery and manipulation. For food security as used by the globalist is what they call surrendering or buying out of massive indigenous lands in all parts of the world to plant just wheat, maize, potatoes and rice. They have made a mess of natural food and nutritional diversity because they have not yet created the Genetically Modified versions of the other foods. So, they fund the madness called food security to plant only wheat, maize, rice and potatoes on millions of acres of land globally and by that raise generations of humans with very low nutrition and broken-down natural body immunity. This they did to create generations of humans that are easy prey to diseases so that their pharmaceutical companies can keep making money from diseases like cancer and the likes. They have killed Afrika’s indigenous knowledge and food systems by taking seeds and lands away from locals and giving them to corporations who have no respect for the safety of land, water bodies, the environment, the farmers and even the food they plant. They call it food security but deleted food safety out of the equation. For how do you spend billions of dollars to plant genetically modified maize or wheat that was planted with cancer-causing glyphosate-based pesticides and herbicides and then tell yourself it is food security. Should food security not be first about food safety? Or have we become so dense in our minds that we can’t think of what is happening to our people? How more people are dying from non-communicable diseases that come from bad food and bad eating habits? Are we so blind that we can’t see? And another thing, the falsehood called food security has also been used as a war against indigenous seeds. It has come to the point where in some countries you cannot plant locally produced indigenous seeds or share them with other farmers. Why? They want all farmers to buy death-carrying seeds from their friends who own big corporations. We have done some videos and articles on the issue of food security, UPOV and the seed wars on our Msingi Afrika Magazine platforms. Check them out using the links above.

For a new Nigeria to make sense, we must deliberately do away with all the poisonous agricultural policies that Bill Gates and his cronies have been pushing into Afrika. Some of those policies are already in the Nigerian national assembly. Why do we need this as part of the new Nigeria?  He who controls the land, the seeds and the food, controls the people. We have too many Nigerian intellectuals who can create new agricultural paths for our people for us to depend on the West and their corporations for food. We must be food self-reliant.

  • A new Nigeria that will establish what I want to call the ministry of Ideas, Innovation and progressive Thinking. Have you ever watched some of the videos that are coming out of China where they capture some of the new ideas and innovations that the Chinese people are creating? They seem to have a section of their society that is only mandated to think and create new innovations. China’s rate of innovation and creativity is on steroids. They have created new innovations in basically every aspect of life; from space technology to farming tools, from new cars to toys, from medical tools to kitchen gadgets, from office furniture to toilet gadgets. Nigerians and Afrikans are creative and innovative. We just need to be bolder and more decisive in our approach to raising the heads of our creators. My thought is this. We can establish the ministry of ideas, innovation and progressive thinking as a government and private institution where the only thing they do is think, create and innovate new ideas and tools that suit a changing world. But for Nigerians and from Nigeria. So instead of just dumping round pegs into square holes as ministers, because they are relatives of the big man, we can use CEOs. Chief executive officers who have been tested in the areas of technology and innovations. We can build creative hubs in every state of the nation with each one having its own CEO, for good and progressive competition. These creative hubs will deal with training, retraining, creativity and innovation. Task them to come up quarterly with new ideas and tools that are befitting of a new Nigeria and a changing world. We have a huge percentage of smart young people right now in Nigeria and Afrika who are using their internet and technology skills for the wrong things like scams and stuff, because they need to survive. So, instead of them running off to America or Europe for greener pastures and taking their gifts with them, or dying in the Mediterranean Sea, we can have places for them here where they use their gifts legally for the advancement of the Nigerian and Afrikan narrative. There is a lot to write about this, but I think you already know what I am driving at.
  • A new Nigeria where education is honored more than immoral activities. Here is what I mean. When you give millions of Naira and endorsements worth more millions of Naira to winners of shows filled with immoral tendencies, for example Big Brother Naija, and then you give notebooks and maybe a laptop to best graduating students of universities, it simply shows we have lost touch with common sense. A nation that wraps itself with the blanket of foolishness by celebrating irrelevant things at the expense of ideas, innovation and forward-thinking creativity, will soon become irrelevant. And this is not to mean that those in the art or show business should be ignored, but that we must give priority to that which really matters. Education cannot be what we trivialize, for we all know that an educated country can definitely create its own solutions for its local problems. For when universities are on strike because of lack of pay for teachers, while the politicians are spending money in the billions to just buy the presidential ticket, then we are in trouble as a nation. We must rethink a new Nigeria with a new mindset for growth and development.
  • The religious prostitution of the Christian faith that gullible people call spirituality and the extremism of the equally gullible faithful from the Moslem faith, must be put under check. We can’t have pastors sleeping with other people’s wives, scamming people in the name of the Lord and making a shame of the grace of God. Nor can we have Muslim clerics inciting their young faithful to go on killing and destruction sprees just to prove that prophet Mohamed was holy and untouchable when he was alive. This is 2022, we should by now have come to some form of mature way of dealing with issues. We cannot be protecting cows and goats but be killing humans like human lives do not matter. A new Nigeria should not accept that.
  • Deal with corruption decisively from its root. The root of most things in our society is the family, and that is for both good and evil. When parents allow their kids to engage in exam grade buying or when they allow their kids to engage in things that are immoral, then we are setting up our society for failure. Why does it sound so impossible to raise godly children in this generation? Is it that we are hiding behind the falsehood of “you know times are changing” etc. Should changing times change responsible parenting? Not at all. When the family unit is set up accurately and children are raised with a sense of morals, discipline, respect for others, compassion, kindness etc., then a better society will be the result. For the society really is the sum total of the family while the family unit is the sum total of the individuals in it.
  • There is a lot to still talk about, but for time, I will say, in closing: a new Nigeria must include having a country where discipline, good works, innovation, peace, compassion, hard work etc., are respected, honored and even rewarded if need be. A new Nigeria must do all, in good wisdom, to have good working relationships with other nations both in Afrika and in the world. A new Nigeria must put into consideration how to make the Nigerian passport more powerful and honorable internationally. Those who have travelled outside of Nigeria can tell how bad Nigerians and their green passport are treated outside of Nigeria, even when we are supposed to have a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and embassies in most countries of the world. A new Nigeria must put much consideration into creating enabling business environments for small and medium scale businesses. Remove all the unnecessary bottlenecks that affects registration and empowerment of businesses in the country. Reduce or completely remove taxes where they are needed. Give room for small businesses to grow and thrive. That way, a young person just out of school does not have to wait for some non-existing jobs or get into crime. They can simply build businesses that work for them according to their studies in school and according to the capital they have. A new Nigeria must take manufacturing, production of local products and exportation of finished products to the world. That is how economies are grown. A new Nigeria must take the rule of law seriously and also respect it. Justice is not a commodity for a few but a service to all. Meaning that, the same justice that applies to the rich must apply to the poor, the educated and uneducated, the famous and the hidden, the religious and the non-religious etc. We need a new Nigeria where our security agents: the Police, Military, Intelligence agencies are well funded with clear oversight. Each action must be backed with responsibility with clear reward for good works and due punishment for breach of the law. We cannot afford to continue with a country that thrives on jungle justice; a place where trigger happy policemen and soldiers commit crimes but are not held accountable. We should leave such attitudes in the jungle where animals rule.

You have Power in Your Thumb

Did you know that the one unique identifier for everyone on earth, outside of maybe the individual DNA, is the thumbprint? No two person on earth has the same thumbprint. It is the unique identity of everyone who has one. What does that mean? Each time you put your thumbprint to vote for anyone, you are actually giving them your unique identity to empower their political desire. And that is irrespective of who they are and what they believe in. To put it in another way. Your thumbprint is not just a mark on the surface of your thumb, it is who you are. It is the mark of who you are spiritually, mentally and physically. And because every human on earth is a powerful being, each time we use our thumbprint to vote for let’s say a candidate in an election, we are actually submitting our spiritual, mental and physical identity and authority to endorse them. And because whatever we endorse with our spirit mind and body grows over time, if we give our identity, that is, our thumbprint to thieves, rapists, violent men, frauds, ritualists, terrorists, liars etc., that is what we will get in return when they get into the place of power, but greatly multiplied. Your thumbprint is who you are and you are powerful. Do not endorse men of wicked intentions. You should know them by their fruits and their antecedents.

Do Not Sell Your Vote

To sell your vote is to sell your identity. It is the laying down of who you are for money and that is dangerous. There is news coming from Nigeria about the APC politicians giving money to Nollywood actors for endorsements in the coming elections. It is reported that some are accepting the money while some are rejecting it. The question is this; if the APC is so sure of their structure and ability to win elections based on their “quality political experience”, and if they are so loved by the people because of their “good works of many decades”, why do they need to buy anyone’s vote or endorsement? Or could it be that their political experience and ability to win elections has always been predicated on vote buying? Let me leave you think of that. In conclusion, Nigeria is in dire need of change, like yesterday. And if that change does not happen in the next 2023 elections, then there may not be a Nigeria to call home in the next four or eight years. This is not the time to vote base on religion, region, party, or even personal favors to anyone. It is the time to vote for competency and good antecedents.

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