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2023 and Beyond: New year resolution or a new year Revolution


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2023 and Beyond: New year resolution or a new year Revolution

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2022 has come and gone and we are definitely grateful to the Almighty for good health and life. Despite the various ups and downs that 2022 brought with it, it still was one of the most amazing in recent years for me. I am personally grateful for 2022, as that was the year my son was born and the many other blessings that made it memorable. I am very sure you too have something beautiful to remember 2022 for. So, give thanks, knowing that a thankful heart definitely becomes a fruitful hand that is blessed to receive more blessings.

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Growing up, I was familiar with the concept of the new year’s resolutions that people make. In fact, it seemed as if a person without a new year’s resolution to boast of would not make anything good of the new year. But how often do we make new year’s resolutions but just a few weeks into the new year, we revert to that which we had resolved in our hearts to change? I have seen it happen a million times to a million people. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my drift. I have never really been a fan of new year’s resolutions, in fact, I see the 1st of January as just another day after the 31st of December. And please don’t get me wrong, I understand the spiritual undertones of a new year, but in the context of new year resolutions, I do not put too many thoughts into it.

Looking at how people treat their resolutions the moment the New Year starts, and how they do that over and over again at the beginning of each year, I am now of the opinion that we really do not need new year’s resolutions, we need deep-seated heart revolutions to take on the challenges that are coming. Here is what I mean.

2022 has been a major year for me, as I had mentioned already, but in a global sense, it is the year that most of the lockdowns due to Covid were removed, except maybe in China and that, for whatever reason they have. But here is the catch, in as much as 2022 was the year that re-defined global liberty, by the removal of restrictions, it also brought with it another kind of game-changer that has also shifted and redirected global economies. I speak of the ‘war’ in the Ukraine. There are lots of narratives about that war and quite a lot of directions to look at it from, depending on who is looking, but one thing remains, it was not a war that tried to check how strong or weak Russia is in attacking another country, but a test for a bigger global showdown. Maybe a military drill is what the word should be. The global price of oil and wheat suddenly shifted and Europe, which has for many decades seen Afrika as their depleted backyard, suddenly remembered that Afrika can actually solve their newfound problems in the energy sector. But the energy crisis in Europe and whatever else is going down with the Russia/Ukraine war is really not the reason for this article, this article was written for you that is reading to take a more critical look at events going on globally and then decide if it is a new year resolution you need or a new-heart revolution that will help prepare you for the next seven years.

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Revolution in the face of the next seven years

There is a lot to talk about and a lot to consider when putting into context what I mean by a revolution in the face of the next seven years.

For a start, I like the way Chioma Phillips, the editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine put it when she wrote in an article and said “revolution also means transformation”, but especially the transformation of the mind. You can read the article here.

In the course of writing and studying various media content online, I have come to understand a very bitter reality about humans. Everyone wants change to happen for them, but not many want a change or the transformation of the mind from which all changes actually start. So, everyone blames everyone else for the problem but not many want to acknowledge that societal problems are always a reflection of all our inputs. Either what we did individually, or what we refused to do individually. So, nothing that is a problem in our society is a stand-alone issue, but stuff arising from various factors which always includes inputs from more people than we care to acknowledge.

The year 2023 happens to be the beginning of the next seven years up to 2030. This puts 2023 in a very special place of its own, if you understand what it portends and how it will affect the rest of the years going forward to 2030. But what really is 2030 about? Nothing much, I will say. IF you’re looking at it from the aspect of the many agendas going on globally, created and implemented by those who think the world and the people in it belong to them and their families and thus, they can do whatever heck they want to do them. But if you’re looking at it, from a spiritual standpoint, there is a whole lot to consider and also make changes towards. I won’t go too much into this, but let me share what I have been seeing lately.

I have been seeing videos of a couple of prophecies from various prophets about what to expect in 2023 and how it is the beginning of a seven-year period in the similitude of what happened in the Bible, how Joseph stored up food in the season of plenty in preparation for the seven years of lack. Some even said that there is going to be a global famine in 2023. There’s a lot out there, but anyone can narrow down these things to two levels. The level of what globalists vis a vis the World Economic Forum are doing with the global reset agenda and then the level of the things spoken of in the Bible that must come to pass on the earth. Be reminded that what the globalists are planning within the agenda to take over and rule the world and the resources in it can be truncated if the citizens of the world decide to take a stand and say no to their foolishness, but that which is written in the Bible will mostly not be what can be wished or prayed away. They will come to pass as it has been written. Why? There is a new world or dispensation on earth that is coming and this one and all its evil and wickedness must be done away with. Now, I am not talking about what some call rapture, I am not a proponent of that, but there is definitely a change coming on the earth. The seven years from 2023 to 2030 are critical for preparation and going forward from 2030 into the future will definitely reveal a new dispensation on earth. Either as a new world order as the mad globalists are planning or as a New Earth Order that the Most High planned from way back.

Global control

Some people love science, tech, and everything around it. I love how tech and innovation interact to create amazing and magical stuff, but we all know that powerful innovations in the hands of men with wicked hearts can be devastating to human existence on earth.

I listened to a video where Elon Musk was talking about AI and the power of AI. He made mentioned that he has come face to face with the latest in artificial intelligence and he is afraid of what they can do. He said that the use of AI is like “summoning the demon.” He went further to say that the use of artificial intelligence will be deadlier than all nuclear warheads in the world put together. Think about that in the context of what one nuclear warhead can do and then put in context what kind of power AIs have that can outdo the power of all nuclear warheads on the planet. Can you see where we are going from 2023?

Some are bent on controlling the earth and they will not stop at anything to achieve that, irrespective of what they destroy in their wake. So, when they show up at your doorstep telling you that GMO food is the best thing that has ever happened since stoves were made, or when they tell you that Covid-19 cannot be dealt with outside of vaccines that are much deadlier than the disease itself, or when they wear down your immune system with all manner of poisonous pharmaceuticals, then know that it’s all a scripted narrative created to bind you in a chain of lies, making you feel mentally and physically helpless to deal with their madness. But will you allow them?

Take a stand and prepare

No one preparation fits all, especially when we live in different places across the globe with different challenges and diverse solutions. But, I think the greatest preparations anyone can make right now, irrespective of where they are on the globe, will be spiritual, mental, and physical preparation.

Spiritual preparation

As the earth is filled with billions of people, religions, and cultures, so are there billions of what spirituality means to each one. So, preparing spiritually may mean different things to different people. I too have my definition of spirituality. I define spirituality as who I am before God. That identity of me before God is what defines who I am and how I live on earth. Pretty simple right? But that’s for me, so everything I do before now and going forward into the next seven years has to be dictated by my spirituality. And being a believer in Christ, I must then study and understand what is written in the scripture of truth about this day and age and then apply them preparing spiritually for the next seven years.

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You must discover and understand your spirituality in order to prepare spiritually for the coming days. It’s very critical that you do so, and there is not much time to delay. So, live the next seven years from the place of your spirituality.

Mental preparation

Whatsoever the mind cannot wrap itself around, it may likely not be able to use to its advantage or overcome. A lot is going on in our world and it can get very wearisome to the mind. Let me remind you that it was done intentionally for you to stop using your thinking mind to create new realities that work for you and start following trends that lead to nowhere. Much more pressure than we already have globally will manifest on the earth and you will need a strong mental approach to deal with things that come your way.

As I write this article, one of my brothers sent me a link to a YouTube video. That video was a simulation of what the next pandemic could look like and the effect it will have on the globe. Imagine they already named it SEERS 2025? SEERS stands for “Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Syndrome”. But if you are a Christian and you are familiar with Bible prophecies, you will see that this age of the next seven years falls within the time period that the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 speak of. Can you see how realities are manipulated by these faceless and wicked humans? So, you have to be prepared mentally to handle what is coming. Remember, before Covid-19 started, there were simulations of possible scenarios. So do not take this SEERS story for granted, for these guys only postulate in the open about what they have already finished in the secret. Remember how Covid-19 took everyone by surprise? Do not let this one take you by surprise. Prepare!

Physical preparation (Live weightlessly)

Sometime back in 2020, I wrote an article titled: Weightlessness – Living Light in a World of Much Heaviness. In that article, I tried to point out various areas of our lives where we have put on weights and how those weights drag us down each time we want to make a move for something new or bigger. The fact is that most people are aware only of their body weight and how to reduce that weight while neglecting the other forms of weight in their lives. The article should give you more insight if you read it. One of the most critical weights that we have learned to carry is the possession of too many material things. But the world we are entering in 2023 does not need such weights. I know it sounds like the slogan of the WEF which says “you will own nothing and you will happy”, but that’s not what this is about. Theirs is about how to brainwash people through all forms of manipulation and global policies to let go of their lands, properties, farms, etc. for the lie they call sustainable development. Make more people move from their rural homes to live in concrete jungles called cities, in the name of nature conservation. But it’s all lies and propaganda. These things they do or say have some semblance of noble agenda to save the planet, but the question is, saving the planet for whom? Is it for the ordinary indigenous people who have spent thousands of years protecting their environment before the “white man” and his disease called greed and his insatiable hunger for destruction came calling? He is not afraid to destroy the environment, nature, forests, rivers, and lakes in his mad quest for minerals to power his backward development and when he gets what he wants, he turns back and talks about saving the earth. Just look at what is happening with oil pollution in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria or what is going on in the Amazon Forest. The hypocrisy of this sustainable development narrative stinks to the highest heaven. But this falsehood is what the World Economic Forum is pushing for and their target for its attainment is 2030.

So, while you prepare by decluttering and learning to live weightlessly, make moves to either plant your own organic food or get to know those who do it without the poisons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Say no to GMO foods and the many processed foods that flood your supermarkets. We are in critical moments on earth and the enemy is not resting. Learn to take morning or evening walks, go on road trips, move around and away from your usual places, and learn about other cultures. If you have the means, this is the best time to dust your passport off and start to travel to other countries for a change. If you are interested in writing or journaling, then this is the time to put pen to paper and write good stories. Who knows, you just might end up writing a complete book whose physical or online sales may save you from having to go to any office in case another false pandemic comes up in the future, while still making money. Start to teach your children (if they are young) how to live with less and also thrive on less. Know that, especially by the lessons from Covid, the future of jobs and employment has changed and it will not be restored. It is scriptural that the world system will be turned upside down and made to stagger like a drunk. And that, because man has made himself God, created systems that go against natural laws and thus must pay for his wickedness. (See Isaiah 24) Do not be caught in the Babylon mix, prepare now.

An African proverb says “since the hunter has learned to shoot without missing, the bird too must learn to fly without perching”. What that simply means is that, when you see the enemy of your soul learning and mastering how to consistently manipulate and destroy you, you too must learn to wear the garment of wisdom and outplay the enemy.

Have a blessed 2023.

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