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Charitable Deception

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Yes! I realize hearing this may hurt or feel uncomfortable for some, as those working in such places as a few of you sometimes yearned to “do good” but the sad truth is THERE IS NO MAJOR ORGANIZATION out there that will be riding some “white” horse mounted by something wearing shiny Armour to “SAVE” or HELP us. We ARE ON OUR OWN!!

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I may have had an “early” start in the 80’s by studying International Relations at postgrad then fortunately being exposed to all this chicanery as one had to search extremely hard to find a simple “positive” statement in any western academic literature (besides Basil Davidson’s books) in the late 70’s and early 80’s about Africa.

The only tool I had was the common sense 5WH thinking framework to assist me in simply/objectively questioning the handed down narrative which helped me to see through the “intentional” deceit and propaganda for subtle manipulation and control purposes of these “intentionally” orchestrated organizations such as the UN and the other handful of so labelled “International” charities (as later exposed to the public like the “red cross” that in cahoots with the papal state orchestrated much of the sex child trafficking back in the days) that your oppressors had systematically setup to do their dirty bidding.

Add to that the fact that fate in the 90’s just happened to take me to places in Africa, (one of which me and brother Angelo labelled “Heron Whore House”) and saw/got recited first-hand accounts of the atrocities being committed by the minions of the UN on the locals in places like Kenya and Somalia to bond them in servitude and destitution. YOU on the other hand do not need to have had these direct experiences all you need to do is REMOVE your tinted glasses from your eyes/brain and LOOK and ANALYSE objectively what you see all around you as now the truth and information is in broad daylight all around you.

Yes! I know a few of you who found yourself desperate to participate eagerly in the “system” and to desperate be “somebody” (even though you were born as somebody) in society and ended up working for these piranha organizations (your oppressors that you do not see but are those who control your actions without you even knowing it)  fell for the many perks and benefits/trappings and illusions of self-worth and glory they (your oppressors) systematically peddled to you so as to make and keep you a good obedient MINION. BUT that time has now come that we ALL need to start being TRUTHFUL to ourselves and our own kind, especially if we truly want to leave a place on earth free from perpetual bondage for generations to come.

The likes of Poverty exists BECAUSE of these structures and the conditions that they intentionally put in place to create and exacerbate the conditions:

They construct the game, they create the conditions and they manipulate the game-play. Think of the madness in place such as finance: They construct the Value Chain (money) and they mint and control it, yet they joyfully kill and manipulate others for it (something they created in the first place, that they disperse, ping-pong the value at whim of and control…how crazy is that?).

There is no “INTENTION” by the power brokers (or what they call in this video “oligarchs” which has now been “expanded” beyond the traditional power brokers of European monarchs, state and church) of getting rid of the likes of Poverty as it is ALL about RESOURCE grabbing and SOLIDIFIED CONTROL (in other words recolonizing Africa and the rest of the globe in a more systematic/secretive manner) and “Poverty” is one of their tools in their tool-set for maintaining power, domination, servitude and control. And as long as YOU live in ignorance, defensive denial and stupor with your head buried deep in the sand they SUCCEED.

Wake up! because the flip side of this is that it is your own kind who for centuries have been aiding and abetting these power brokers in achieving their objectives.

Yes! it has been your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, grandparents, cousins, friends and even your foes who did the dirty bidding who sold their own kind for TRINKETS into slavery, who helped orchestrate the colonization of Africa, who betrayed Nkrumah, betrayed Lumumba, who were those who publicly executed Brother Malcolm, planted the bomb in the car of Walter Rodney, refused to cooperate with Samori Toure (in this case the hubris filled ignorance of Amadu Sekou in the French colonization period ), betrayed Makandal, betrayed Marcus Garvey, colluded with the various western monarchs to enslave and place in perpetual colony servitude their own peoples in Africa and the Caribbean, colluded with the missionaries to indoctrinate and turn docile/servile Africans, sacrificed their own in western world wars they had no clue about, took bribes and allowed their own to be used as extensive medical guinea-pigs, betrayed the original objectives of the OAU and compromised it to their oppressors under “sponsorship” for enhanced perks and benefits, took western weapons and masterminded both local wars and genocide on their own peoples, permitted the gentle weaponization of their own children forced into child soldiers, constructed regurgitated clandestine organizations and terrorized their own local people with them, and the list goes on and on. Yes! it was your OWN kind that did all of this so first look there when seeking for solutions as there you will find part solution for solving your numerous problems.

AFRICA has NEVER been nor will it ever be a DARK CONTINENT that was the fable/narrative planted in your mind by your oppressors as Africa was the one place on earth that understood true “freedom” (not the “illusion” of it that your oppressor has successfully sold to you)  and nature and was pure and stateless (NO! contrary to your mis-education “Statelessness” is NOT anarchy as a few brainstained Presidential minions/puppets in public speeches like to ignorantly claim it is as  that is what your oppressors sold to you as a “narrative” as statelessness is simply an act of being in oneness and at peace with “natural” law) it had its own growth and development STUNTED by the oppressors as do not forget Africa has been under the boot of the oppressor for CENTURIES and it only needs 100 to probably 200 years for ANY group of “aware” people to DEVELOP if they wanted to if they do NOT have the constraints and conditions imposed on them by their oppressors.

So ask yourself HOW COULD AFRICA even “try” to become so called “DEVELOPED” IF it has been under the BOOT of oppressors for so so long?

As I have endlessly pointed out over the decades the ONLY people who truly do NOT know AFRICA or the “African” are actually Africans themselves and sadly that is part of their own self-destruction.

Thus, if only they knew AFRICA and acted in accordance to that knowledge things would be different!

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Africa is NOT a “village” with a bunch of naked tribes running around wild, cooking strangers in cauldrons living in tree huts (“cauldrons” first and foremost are western constructs and native  to European life styles and their own witch hunt madness so much of that “imagery” and storytelling were deep lies conjured up and planted by emotionally/mentally inadequate Europeans and the missionary colonizers) as AFRICA is a huge continent with vast varying landscape with lustrous beaches, natural resources, immense food sources, diverse wildlife, farming land, endowed with everything you need in nature to be self-sufficient in any form or shape hence WHY they had to SELL you the narrative that it is a “DARK CONTINENT”…just go there and remove your tinted glasses and OPEN YOUR EYES!! They have been stealing everything you have for centuries right under your nose simply because you refused to remove your tinted glasses:

SIMPLY PUT: Remove the CONDITIONS that create poverty and servitude and any society will flourish as they know this and hence WHY they subtly create CONDITIONS (accompanied by the chaos they also create to embellish it) to prevent all of us from flourishing.

The peddling of the illusion of  “DOING GOOD” for these power brokers is merely a TOOL for masquerading their EVIL intentions and for perfecting the art of SERVITUDE, MINIONHOOD and CONTROL.

THE STARTING POINT IS YOU simply WAKE UP!! I have been screaming out of my lungs for 4 decades since and age is now catching up on me…kindly WAKE UP!!!

P/S: For those of you who have an eye for detail and are “Case Sensitive” simply IGNORE the part in the video where they are briefly pointing something out about brother Malcolm and accidentally refer to him as the BP leader/founder as the leaders/Founders of BP were Bobby Seale and Huey Newton… these are “Europeans” to many we all “look alike” so “mixing” us up is common place even when they mean well!

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