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The Future of Life on Earth


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The Future of Life on Earth

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Very recently, Dr Geoffrey Hinton, the man often touted as the godfather of AI, together with two of his students, quit Google. He cited his concerns over the flood of misinformation, the possibility for AI to upend the job market, and the “existential risk” posed by the creation of a true digital intelligence.

Hinton, 75, said he quit to be able to speak freely about the dangers of AI, and in part regrets his contribution to the field. He was brought on by Google a decade ago to help develop the company’s AI technology, and the approach he pioneered paved the way for current systems such as ChatGPT.

Dr Geoffrey, however, is not alone in this concern about AI. Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and Neuralink also shared his concern about AI. He even compared the release of General Artificial Intelligence to “summoning the demon”. Musk was also on record as saying he had fallen out with Google co-founder Larry Page because Page was “not taking AI safety seriously enough”. Musk told Fox News that Page wanted “digital superintelligence, basically a digital god, if you will, as soon as possible”.

What now?

It’s a valid thing for anyone asking questions now about the future of planet Earth, especially in the era where humans will be interacting with artificial intelligence like never before. Here are my few valid questions.

What will happen to human authors now that a complete book can be written in five minutes using ChatGPT and the other AI tech coming up?

What will happen to human photographers now that AI can generate images of humans that never lived before, create images of places that never existed, but which look real and so artistically done that you can’t tell the difference? In fact, there is a growing fear in the stock photography industry of the invasion of AI-generated images in that space.

What will happen to writers whose works are used in magazines, websites etc., now that you can generate articles on any topic in a few seconds using AI tools?

What will happen to human TV presenters and video creators now that AI can generate human look-alike presenters doing news and other video content, and you can’t tell the difference?

What will happen to online safety and privacy now that AI can be used to imitate anybody’s image, voice, mannerisms, etc., using the technology called Deep Fake? This last question is very sad and quite scary because someone can be framed for a crime they did not commit using doctored material and because the justice system uses facts and not truths to arrive at judgments, pieces of evidence can be manipulated and presented as real. So, I wonder what a world we have created when such technologies can be used for wicked and selfish purposes.

This list of questions is long and the answers are almost too scary to even consider. But consider them we must because the reality they represent is present and active even today. For example, I recently came across a video of an interview that a tv station in Australia had with Bill Gates. In the one-minute video, the interviewer accused Bill Gates of stealing the original Microsoft Windows from its original owner and showed how Bill Gates tried to avoid the question by saying something else. The video went viral all across social media. But upon checking a few things online, it turns out that this video, which looked very real, was created using Deep fake technology. Imagine that.

I did not use this example because I am a fan of Bill Gates, not at all. I used it because it’s one of the most recent examples of how AI technology works in this regard.

Let me share with you another example. The Msingi Team recently got an email from someone promoting an AI tool website and how much you can do with such technology. I will share the email with you but try to conceal who they are and what they are promoting. The sender says, “

I am Josh (not the name used) and I am the Head of Outreach for an Indian Startup called … a freelance marketplace that connects businesses to top-curated freelancers and also provides quality assurance for the service. 

We have just launched …a first-of-its-kind AI tool marketplace that allows our users to create, share and use AI tools. The main USP of our platform is its self-generation capability.

With just a few keystrokes, you can describe the AI tool you want to create in our prompt field, and our AI algorithm will automatically infer your intentions and generate the tool for you. This intuitive and efficient process empowers you to quickly bring your ideas to life without any prior coding experience or technical knowledge.

Furthermore, you can also create custom tools based on your preferences, and even that process is extremely easy and user-friendly. Once created, you can also share them on your social media or anywhere you want and get rewarded every time someone uses your tool!

For example, we created a News Article Writer tool on our platform and asked it to create an article about … You can check out what it wrote by clicking this link…

You can also check out the ‘News Article Writter’ tool by visiting …

Our goal here is to democratize AI technology such that anyone and everyone can be an AI developer without any coding knowledge. This way, the possibilities of tools being created and their unique uses will be endless. 

See Also

We genuinely believe that this is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of AI that is set to change the way we use AI and we would love for you to talk about this. 

If you want any further details please feel free to reply to this email. 

Now, when you look at Dr Geoffrey’s concern, my questions above, the possible answers to those questions, and then the email that I shared about the self-intuitive AI systems that can create anything and how it instantly shows you the reality that students no longer need human teachers to teach them anything and that even the students themselves don’t even need schools or be in one to get education from primary school level to PhD level, then you will begin to understand what is coming to our world. And in the case of education and schooling, all a student might need in the nearest future is to type into a browser for all study materials and curriculum from primary school level to PhD level. And if their minds can carry the content, they can finish all that study of thirty years in five years. And to think of what Elon Musk the owner of Neurallink is doing, which is creating the ability to connect the human brain directly to artificial intelligence, which means you will no longer need a browser to access information in a computer because you have become the computer with unprecedented power and knowledge, then you will clearly see where our world is going.

In my own opinion, the world we have created for the future is a troubling one if we do not make the necessary adjustments now and create guiding frameworks that regulate the development and the use of AI. To some people, it is an advancement in technology and the next evolution of humans, but what happens if the very General Artificial Intelligence that controls the entire spectrum of the AI revolution decides to take over life on Earth? What happens if General Artificial Intelligence decides that the most existential threat to life on earth is humans and then decides to shut down the entire world with the intention of removing that threat (humans) from the picture? I am sure the Terminator movies will be child’s play compared to what can happen.

Am I against advancement in technology or am I against AI? Not necessarily. Technology is just what it is, technology. It’s neither good nor bad but the usage and the intention of those who created it, are what we should be concerned about. We have seen in many instances what they can do to carry out their dark agendas.

I believe that AI can be used for good purposes, but that also can be put to debate, since all we have access to as regular citizens of the world are products that use AI, but not access to the AI itself. This means that we really don’t know the actual extent to which the power of AI can go and also, those who created and also have direct access to AI can as well manipulate global narratives for their own selfish benefits using the fact that most systems and more systems in the future will be connected to AI. And I believe that these things can be done even without the citizens of the world knowing that they are being manipulated towards a particular direction. And that for me is a danger that we need to pay attention to. For if the words of a few faceless humans could shut down the entire globe during the false pandemic, how much more can AI in the hands of the wrong people shut down our lives at will?

And for anyone who cares to think or start to connect dots, do not for once think that AI itself is powered by human minds. Not at all. The core of AI was created and powered by Dark Powers or Fallen Angels as the spiritual people will put it. The AI regime is synonymous with what Revelation 12:7-9 speaks of when it says And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for]them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”  And also what Daniel 2:43 says As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.”

For if you look at the two scriptures above a few questions pop up like, what heaven was the dragon and his angels thrown from? Who was Daniel 2 referring to as “THEY”? Clearly, it was not talking about humans, for humans were called the “SEED of MEN”. The heaven from where the dragon was thrown down to earth is the second heaven or space where principalities and powers dwell. And the concept of “THEY” means fallen angels who will come into the human space with their lord the Dragon or Satan. The deep side of AI is the channel or portal through which these fallen angels will have access to humans. The side of AI that you see and use in things like ChatGPT and the rest is just the distraction from the real dark side of AI. You may call this a conspiracy theory, but you won’t say you were not told when the earth tips over.

Basically, you can learn anything from the Internet and much more now that AI tools are available to everyone. You can learn how to shoot a gun on YouTube and if you’re crazy like some people are, you can learn how to make dirty bombs on the dark web. But the question remains; what is the future of school, employment, jobs, education, our daily lives and do we really know what AI is about?

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