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The Ultimate Braai Out with Zimbabwe Tourism


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The Ultimate Braai Out with Zimbabwe Tourism

Tourists will keep on coming back for more if we add a braai or a cookout to their itinerary. We should not be found wanting as tourism operators because the obsession with the flames is now a big deal. Many people have fallen prey to Shisanyama joints and our tourists are also singing praises for this trend. Even if some tourists bail out on us still, we are going to cater to their wildest dreams. The way to a tourist’s heart is sometimes through their stomach. Allow me to embellish that any given destination with braai facilities at its disposal can win over many barbeque junkies. There is something primal about a braai, in the sense that meat grilling has been there since the beginning of time. Historically, this was the fastest way of cooking our steak, boerewors and bream, you name it. Thus, destinations that venture into a bush experience have leverage over others in the braai circles for it’s a perfect hideout and getaway.

During the day, a braai experience can allow tourists to camp beside a lake and relive some homecoming with Mother Nature. The message is loud and clear when it comes to Chivero for we never experience a dry spell when it comes to lakeside braai sessions. Tourists will have a whale of a time this coming August for a braai out is currently being flown. Potently, this attraction never disappoints on live performances with the latest deejays at hand. We have to give credit to all braai festivals, for they bring people together, and that is our mission in the tourism industry. We thrive on celebrations with hordes of people because there is power in numbers. Passionate meat lovers will simply fall head over heels for this package.

Tourists always trip over cooler boxes shamelessly to watch some ribs sizzling in their natural juices. As far as expanding horizons goes, guests are given carte blanche to order from a menu that says overly grilled, stir fry, or spicy to their heart’s desire and the braai master will go overboard to make the meat mouth-watering enough for everyone. The only thing left will be for everybody to take out their cutlery and slice their way through some pork, mutton, and chicken thereby savouring the taste. Some destinations allow tourists to bring their meat and salads. Do-it-yourself (DIY) braais are en vogue, meaning you can always play with fire if you have a knack for grilling, and can even experiment with kebabs if need be. What are our odds like, ladies and gentlemen, are you with us, or are you against the status quo? You can grab the bull by the horns or you can cut it to your liking. Treasured readers, they say you are what you eat so Hunyani Hills Lakeside Lake Chivero is the place to be courtesy of Braai Out Zw. Continue to work up that appetite and warm yourselves out of this winter with a grilled buffet that can do a number to your taste buds for Wakanda. Bon Appétit.

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