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Walking Love


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Walking Love

Loving God and serving men is found in the little things we do that leaves beauty and sweet smiles on the faces of those we meet each day.

The amazing love of God, spread abroad in our hearts is the one thing that makes us just like Him, well, if we live it out daily.
Most people attribute love to emotions and all the stuff it brings with it, and because of this faulty definition of love, most hate to love. Quite an irony for anyone to hate to love, for love stands alone and can never be at competition with anything. God is love and love is God and He doesn’t share any competitive space with anyone or anything. Even though this irony of hating to love can be explained by the experiences we have, it is nontheless an ungodly response to pain and hurt caused by interactions with others. No one has the power to push us to the point of we closing our womb or heart of love to God, ourselves or to others. None has such power, except if we give them. In this column for walking love, we will be dealing mainly with practical expressions of love.

Walking love is not a new concept, but permit me to call it a new thought and pattern that tries to make men see the beauty of conscious and deliberate response to the outside world through a tender heart of love and compassion.

Walking Love is simply God expressed through obedience to His will and acts of compassion that come through faith.

For example, a dear friend of mine shared a quick gist with me about Michael (not his real name), a brother we both knew from a fellowship we attended together years back. She shared an experience she had with Michael recently in Lagos. She told me how she was coming from an outing and someone tapped her on the shoulder from behind. She turned and was suprised to see MIchael, having not seen him for years. She narrated how suprised she was seeing Michael looking quite different from the vibrant brother we both knew. Obviously, Michael has been going through a lot for some time. In fact, at the time she met him, Michael had not eaten all day, he was looking for how to get a bottle of Pepsi and peanuts and to begin his long trek back home, for he had no money for bus fare. They had a long conversation and Michael narrated his ordeal. He told her about the issues he is having with his wife, who had been very strained with bearing alone the burden of the home for about two years. He didn’t even have a phone to speak to anyone. It was obvious Michael needed financial help and spiritual encouragement to make it through that day. Right there in their conversation, my friend told me God asked her remove her sim card from her phone and give the phone to Michael and also to withdraw some money from the ATM and give it to him for his bus fare back home and for some food. She told me it was a bit hard letting go the phone, but she obeyed. She was glad she did, for Michael broke down in appreciation to God for remembering him.

Someone may say it is just a phone, or it is just money for bus fare and food, but it is more than these things. It is about a man’s heart reconnecting back to giving thanks to God for the compassion and love shown by another in obedience to God. This is what walking love is about. It is about a culture of daily obedience to the spirit and a practical act of compassion triggered by faith. The days of power, knowledge, tongues, prophecy are coming to an end (See 1 Corinthians 13) and the only things that will remain will be Love, Faith and Hope.

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Can God count on you to spread Him abroad to the outside world?

Think about it.

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