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Letter to Afrikans


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Letter to Afrikans

The return Source: (Wilson Mrema)

Hello Afrikans,

A whole lot has happened and is still happening in Afrika.

Most of the events in the life of an average Afrikan seem set up in a way to create the narrative of deprivation, poverty, violence, instability, insecurity and every other falsehood the mainstream media paints about Afrika and Afrikans. However, I personally believe that a man doesn’t need to swallow poison simply because it makes another man smile. Not at all.

I watch movies most times just to see what is happening globally. And that almost all movies, series etc coming out of Hollywood now take the same storyline shows there is a global script playing out, using the global entertainment media as tool of dissemination.

The movies Black Panther, Creed 1 and 2 have strong black male characters: Erik Killmonger (birth name N’Jadaka) and Adonis Johnson Creed. Did you notice something about those movies? Different movies with different plots but the same subtle programming which portrays the Afrikan man as an angry son doing and willing to do anything to avenge the wrongs done to his father or ancestors. You could see the hate, the manipulation, the vengeful and vindictive response to how to correct the wrongs of the past. It is a subtle programming to create a narrative of hate and vengeance in the heart of the Afrikan man.

It is easy as an Afrikan living within the continent or outside of it to want to take a position of vengeance for the slavery of Afrika’s forefathers, the division of Afrika by the colonialists, the exploitation of human and natural resources and the continued media narrative of a good-for-nothing Afrika.

This position of hateful vengeance is not what is needed for change. It is better, in my opinion, to use what I call sweet revenge, which is the ability to take what was meant for your downfall and to use it to build yourself up. It’s about taking the memory of the painful slave trade, the exploitation of Afrika’s massive wealth, the manmade civil wars and violent insurgencies, unrest etc, to the mirror of the mind of God. This will enable one to see why He allowed it all from His own perspective, and then create a new narrative of hope in the face of hopelessness, strength in the face of weakness, liberty in the place of slavery and innovation in the face of exploitation.

The Afrika and Afrikans that keep looking back at what was done to her will never move forward. No man can engage his reverse gear and then expect to move forward. That it has not happened by now means it will never happen.

It is time, Afrikans, wherever you are, to take up the torch of hope, strength, black beauty, wisdom that comes from knowing the mind of God for the continent and then forge a foundation of a New Afrika built on love, truth, justice, trust, equity, hope, brotherhood, compassion, faith and every other good virtue that God has graciously blessed Afrika with. Afrika is not a third world continent. Afrika is not poor. Afrika is not deprived. Afrika is just a victim of her own bad choices and decisions to dance with the devil and she alone has the power to undo those bad choices and decisions.
Let Afrikans change their mindsets about their continent and put in the effort to create a new narrative that gives life and hope, rather than the memory of the dark past.

Let the various movie industries within the Afrikan continent create new content that depicts the true Afrika we want to see and not those of blood sacrifices, money laundering, drugs etc. For as Afrikans will think, so will Afrika be. The change we want will be done by patience and critical thinking regarding the situations in real time, which will then create the understanding of why they happened and then produce answers for how to rise above it. The past 60 years of independence in various African nations gave us a lot of time to make accurate analyses and cutting edge decisions for true change. Have we used it?

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Much has been said already, but let me say these last bits.
Our education system is so twisted and mind controlling that it churns out crops of graduates who in their minds are already slaves of the status quo. But the time has come to realize that we must stop being certificate-oriented and start being solution-oriented. True education is not a thing of the head but a life in the heart. That Afrika is still where it was 60 years ago, yet now having millions of PhD and Masters degree holders, shows you proof that we were programmed through our education system to fail as a continent. Of what use are educated men and women, with wrong and selfish hearts that only see what to gain and not what to give? Heads don’t make changes, hearts do. We must stop asking what job a man does and start asking what solution does he bring? For there are those who will never step into an office or a factory for any job, but their lives are changing communities.

Afrika is blessed of God, but careful tending and keeping is required.

God bless you Afrikans and God bless the land of Afrika.

Samuel Phillips

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