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Issue 3 Nov-Dec 2019


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Issue 3 Nov-Dec 2019

Somehow God loaded us with stories about women in this issue, completely unplanned, but we understand that this is His will and choice for how to close out the season, year and decade for us.

A few days before I wrote this, I bought some potatoes from a kiosk run by a lady who was having a lively chat with a little girl whose mother, she later told me, had just given birth to twins. She said, “I felt for her (the mother) because she was so tiny, but her tummy was out there!” Then she capped it off with, “women go through a lot.” She was the second woman in as many weeks to tell me that.

As I write this, I am still recovering from a sight I saw earlier this morning, a woman walking along the road, with a tiny child strapped to her back, and a 20 liter bucket full of water on her head, on her way to work. Someone once told me how she had to climb a steep hill, pregnant, with a heavy child on her back, bags and all, while dealing with some serious emotional pain… and that’s when she realized how strong she is. These story fragments and the stories we share in the magazine, speak of experiences, some of which have torn at the soul… but ultimately these are all stories of overcoming and victory. And for that we thank God.

Their story is Afrika’s story, battles and triumphs, losses and pain, challenges and perseverance and most importantly, finding God in all this, for a victory no one can ever take away from you. There is literally nothing that can keep Afrika down, if at the end of the day we find our strength – Jesus – in all this.

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So as we close out this season, year and decade, our prayer is that somehow, the stories we have shared in the first three issues of the magazine have helped you perfectly perceive the purpose behind the challenges you have faced. We also pray that you will find The Lord’s strength to correctly understand your journey and Afrika’s journey, so far (in all their fullness) and to be able push through to your victory. Because in 2020, by God’s grace, we build. And we need you.

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