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Black Seed Oil


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Black Seed Oil

Black Seed is also known as Black Cumin or Nigella Sativa or Kalonji or Black Onion… among other names. It is packed with nutritional benefits. From it, is extracted an amber colored oil. Experts say the darker the oil, the better, as it has not been heavily diluted and therefore retains most of its benefits. Kalonji has been used – it is said – for millennia for various health and beauty regimens from Asia, to Europe, the Middle East and Afrika.

-Fights bacterial infections.
-Reduces scars.
-Relieves allergies.
-Enhances weight loss.
-Reduces arthritis
-Relieves indigestion & heartburn.
-Improves memory.
-Lowers cholesterol.
-Reduces inflammation.
-Helps deep sleeping.
-Reduces bathroom trips at night.
-Improves fertility in men.
-Improves hair and skin health and quality (external application).
-Supports liver and heart health.
-Relieves toothaches.

This list is based on research from various sources and is by no means conclusive.

*Some sources suggest that women who want to get pregnant, who are pregnant, or are nursing need to be careful with their usage of this product, particularly the quantities that they ingest as it could inhibit female reproductive health.

1 Tea-spoon in the morning and 1 Tea-spoon at night but please ensure that when you buy the black seed oil you read the instructions contained within.

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*As always, we recommend that you do your own research and pray concerning this before you make a decision to purchase and/or use it.

Thanks to health food and nutrition expert Sarah Wambugu (Kenya)

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