As Afrikans, we must stop lying to ourselves, especially Afrikan leaders. We cannot say we are changing the narrative of what the colonizers did to Afrika when the things we do today still give strength to the very fruit of colonialism. It just does not make sense. For instance, why should any African irrespective of the nationality be regarded as a foreigner in another Afrikan country? Or did we forget that the national boundaries in Afrika are the signatures and proof that the divide and rule agenda that was used against our forefathers by the white man was successful?
It is irresponsible and morally weak to treat any Afrikan differently or meanly in any African country. Yes, the laws of the nations of Afrika as sovereign states must be adhered to, but when laws and their applications take the place of mutual understanding, empathy, brotherhood, love, compassion and goodwill among Afrikan people, then we have not learnt anything from the horrors of the scramble for Africa. In another instance, why do Africans need visas to enter any Afrikan nation? If not that we are still programmed to follow the ways of the colonizers, should not a simple ID card presented be enough at every point of entry? Also, why do Afrikans hate and act meanly towards fellow Afrikans, but have warm attitudes towards non-Africans? I still cannot understand it, but I think it’s a deep sleepiness of the mind that is affected by the opioid of “Colonial Masterism”. Why are Afrikans easily swayed by foreign money, especially the dollar, which they call “hard currency” and are ready to sell their consciences on the basis of that? Why was it so easy for certain Afrikan leaders to attend a recent economic summit in Berlin to get loans and investments for their countries within the same time period of the 135th anniversary of the Berlin Conference that divided Africa? Did they forget so soon that the not-too-good Afrika we have now is a result of the very Berlin Conference agenda of 1884? Deeply speaking, I am not against the white man nor am I against any non-Afrikan nation. Not at all. I am only saying that anyone who claims he forbids eating meat should not share the same with his teeth. For that is what our Afrikan leaders are doing right under our noses. They complain and whine about how terrible the effect of colonization is on Afrika but then they won’t walk away from the table of greed presented to them by the same people they complain about. Surely, someone needs to think things through. I am concerned about my people and I think I have the right to make them see what is not right in the subservient African narrative. Certainly, Afrika is self-sustaining without foreign aid. We just have to actively tell ourselves the truth and follow the trail that such truth will lead us to.

Keep Afrika and Afrikans safe
From all indications and from all the various accounts you find online, vaccines and vaccinations don’t seem to have any good reports. In fact, the reports of how damaging and hazardous vaccines are to humans is staggering and cannot be overlooked anymore. For every news story and personal disclosure you hear (there are lots of them) about the damaging effects of vaccines, very weak counters are found to balance the equation. Is it a kind of oversight or it’s just plain truth that vaccines are poison? Answer for yourself. If not for anything, how is it possible that we have not found any credible Afrikan clinical scientists doing checks on these vaccines to see their chemical components and the effects of such that we allow foreign organizations to give to our children?
How safe are vaccines really? Is there a big pharma, big money cover up somewhere that makes Afrikan governments allow the infiltration of Afrika with deadly vaccines and medicines?
Sometime ago, my wife and I had a chat with the well-known Dr Jack Githae, an holistic Kenyan doctor about GMO’s and vaccines. Without mincing words, he condemns the GMO and vaccine usage and the various other chemicals we are putting into the bodies of our people, especially our children. We can’t boldly say Afrika is free from colonialism when we still can’t make safe health policies for our people without the input of big pharma hidden agendas.
We can’t say Afrika is completely independent when the only medicines and medical materials we allow are the ones manufactured from outside of the continent or controlled by the big pharma agenda, even when they are manufactured here. That’s not freedom that is slavery under neo-colonialism.
There are lots and lots of other things that need to change in Afrika outside of foreign investments and the big pharma agenda against the Black Man. It is up to us to make the changes we need.
We need a new independence – The Independence of the MIND!


  • As Afrika celebrates sixty years of independence, we must ask ourselves “are we really independent?” The answer will determine the next sixty years for Afrika.
  • We do have scientists in Afrika who can do research on the various vaccines brought to Afrika so as to know the hidden substances in the vaccines and if they affect the health of Africans positively or not. We owe it to ourselves to protect our people.

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