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The Name Afrika


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The Name Afrika


Quite a few people have asked me about the name Afrika, especially the concept of using Afrika with a “K” rather than an Africa with a “C” in Msingi Afrika Magazine. I must say thanks to them for even noticing the usage. Firstly, our usage of Afrika with a “K” is not an attempt to “stylize” or “Afrikanize” the name Africa by the change of the consonant “C’ for “K”. It’s actually a deliberate push to give Afrika her actual meaning. It’s a deliberate attempt to show Afrikans the truth about who they are in accordance with the true identity of their home called Afrika. It’s a push to realign Afrikans both at home and in the Diaspora to the reality of the prophetic identity found in the name Afrika. So it’s not a play on letters to create a brand for a magazine. It is way beyond branding and stylization.

It’s a fact that the entity we now call Africa has been given various names over the millennia. She has been called Alkebulan, referred to as Ethiopia, land of Cush, Kemet (Egypt) and others that we may not know.  I will try as much as possible to explain this amazing identity behind the name Afrika below, while leaving room for others who may have more insight about the subject matter to also add their voices.

Afrika and Spirituality

The ancient Afrikans were not chasers of vanity and frivolity, nor were they avaricious in their social relationship with each other like the modern day Afrikans are. Obviously, lots of things have changed in our world since the generation of the ancient Afrikans, things we now call civilization and technology etc. But to have changed or eroded the ancient moral ideology and the rich Afrikan identity is not good for this generation and the generation to come. Technology and modernity has its benefits, but I do not personally think that most Afrikans are paying attention to the cost of what we call civilization both for this generation and the next one. It is not outside of reality if I say the Afrika we have now has lost so much of her true identity in pursuit of convenience and the hyper-real life of fancy. It is a well-known fact that the ancient Afrikans used knowledge and learning as a tool of alignment to divinity, using the natural energy and materials around them as channels. They didn’t see learning and knowledge as a tool for societal mismanagement, status creation, a divide between learned and unlearned etc, but as a creative tool to properly manage societal cohesion based on truth, sincerely, accountability, justice, brotherliness, faith, compassion, kindness and spirituality to name a few. The ancient Afrikans were not ignorant of their name and the corresponding identity found in its meaning and the depth of spirituality it is connected to. And that’s why everything the ancient Afrikan did was done with God or the “Central Energy” in mind and in the center, irrespective of what or how they interpreted the concept of God in their day. To them, spirit and spirituality, the knowledge and energy of the cosmos and its alignment was fully ingrained in their day to day life, a thing the modern day Afrikan has forgotten and even demonized. To our ancestors, the cosmos itself and how their lives, their beliefs, their destinies, their family, their tilling of the earth are connected to it was what mattered to them.  Just as the environment of their temples was made sacred by metaphors of cosmic order, entire cities and great ritual centers were also astronomically aligned and organized. For the ancient Afrikans, nothing in their lives was random. I read somewhere that in ancient times and just around the time of the partitioning of Afrika, there were literal super highways of wisdom that wise men all over Afrika would go through to learn wisdom from various locations in Afrika, a thing which I believe is the reason why most knowledge and wisdom in Afrika are similar due to the intermingling of ideas and thoughts. Meaning that for us at Msingi Afrika Magazine, the quest to see the borders open all over Afrika and the suspension of visas within Afrikan nations altogether is not so much about removing the money Afrikans pay to access other Afrikan countries. Not really. It’s so much more for the sake of giving access to the superhighways of wisdom and for Afrikans to be able to access such indigenous knowledge and wisdom from the remaining custodians of the same. Yes the globalist agenda is to create ten super nations out of all the nations of the world in preparation for the reign of the antichrist, but prior to that, we owe it to ourselves and the next generation of Afrikans to keep safe the indigenous knowledge and wisdom passed down to us by our forefathers.

Personally, I do believe there were Afrikan forefathers that walked with the God of heaven like Abraham of the Bible did, even though their stories may not have been written in the bible. Their stories of faith must be somewhere; we just have to find them.

The ancient language of Mizraim/Kemet (Ancient
Egypt) called Africa “Af-Rui-Ka.” It means the
opening of Ka. Afri like Afro means black and Ka
means soul or spirit. It also means the place of

The name Afrika

The name Afrika is a combination of two words Afri and Ka. Other indigenous people of Africa used the name “Afri” or “Ifran”. The ancient language of Mizraim/Kemet (Ancient Egypt) called Africa “Af-Rui-Ka.” It means the opening of Ka. Afri like Afro means black and Ka means soul or spirit. It also means the place of birth. Technically, Afrika means the land of the blacks that is the womb of spirit or soul. From the creation story of the bible and even archeologically, it is clear that Afrika is the cradle of humanity and thus the place where the womb of creation was opened to give birth to the first man. But beyond the fact that this is historical, in prophetic foresight, the reality of Afrika being the womb of spirit or humanity is still as valid as it was in the beginning. Have you ever wondered why with all of the many evil days that Afrika has gone through, her reality still could not be destroyed? Pre-slave trade wars and invasions could not do it, the Atlantic slave trade itself could not do it, the partition of Afrika and the colonialism that followed could not do it and even the neo-colonialism going on right now won’t still be able to destroy Afrika. Why is that? The creative artistic work that God did when He took dirt (soil) from the cradle of humanity (Afrika) and formed the first man, who I believe is black (what else should the color of the image made with dark earth be if not black) is still alive and will never die. God’s word never dies and as long as His word remains, earth which is His word will remain and Man who is also His word (let us make man in our own image) will remain, especially in its original form (Black). There is a seed of life in the DNA of the Afrikan man that no kind of genetic alteration that science is trying to create can change. The womb of Afrika can never stop producing the word of God. So Afrika will remain no matter what is done to her. To add to this, it seems to me that the inferiority complex of the white man’s mind could not handle these enigmas called Afrikans, such that the only thing he could do was destroy the black man’s history, taint his pre-colonialism civilization, pour so much propaganda in the modern day globalist controlled mass media, social media just to keep the narrative of a backward Afrika going on. That too will not last forever.

Medu Ntjer the Ancient Egyptian writing

Do you know that the ancient Egyptians, who are completely black Afrikans, believed that as creation was made by Word, everything that exists represents the Words of God long before the coming of Christianity to Afrika? These ancient black Afrikans invented the first writings from signs that are elements of nature and called that writing Medu Ntjer which means Words of God but which westerners called Hieroglyphics. This is why such writing includes birds, plants, humans, animals, the sun, the moon and anything created that they could see. For years I had thought that the Egyptian Medu Ntjer (Hieroglyphics) were occult symbols and I didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Now I know better.

Raise up your Afrikan brother

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This is not just a statement, it is a plea. Afrika is where she is today because we Afrikans have learnt by foreign manipulation of our minds and the image degrading propaganda that has been poured into Afrika, to hate and fight ourselves. It seems easier for an Afrikan to hate and demean a fellow Afrikan than to sit down to chart new ways forward. The border lines that are nothing but imaginary lines of division and oppression are clearly not on the soil of Afrika, they are in the mind of Afrikans.  We cannot allow any longer the use of capitalism and the quest for the proceeds of slavery to put us under bondage. Concerning capitalism and the effect of it, I wrote something in an earlier article.

When capitalism entered into food production, poison and death followed. When capitalism entered into the health sector, poison and death followed. When capitalism entered into the church, the church became the den of thieves. Capitalism has entered into the family system, poison, death, divorce, all manner of evil followed. Capitalism is a curse to humans, especially to Afrikans. It is not our culture and neither is it the pattern of the Kingdom of God. The true Afrikan is not selfish, self-centered, individualistic or capitalistic. As he rises, he takes others with him. For according to the Afrikan principle of Ubuntu, he knows that “He is because others are”. Almost everything the colonialist (both the former and the new) taught the black man was faulty. Why? They always leave out the sense of Humanity (Ubu) and the divine central point (Ntu) which is the mind of God. They taught Afrikans capitalism, individualism but God is not individualistic. He is family oriented. Yes He saves and works with one, but with the plan to get to the whole. And that too is not for servitude or manipulation, but for wholeness and true prosperity. God does not break any man to destroy him, He breaks to heal and remold.

Let Afrikans wake up from their slumber and review if what we were taught in school points us to the mind of God for humanity or if they are just viruses in our Afrikan way of life.

Afrika is the true home of the brave and the wise, but wisdom without responsibility and accountability is nothing but cowardice. No one else will develop Afrika apart from Afrikans, for every funding for aid or development Afrika receives from foreign powers, she loses more of her resources than she gets funding for. So of what use is the foreign help when it is actually another name for slavery and colonialism? I love what one development worker said in our last conversation, “In doing this work, I tell you the truth, I have found that colonialism, divide and conquer is still happening, but in another form, it is happening through aid.” But we certainly cannot continue this way and think that things will change. As Afrikans, we owe it to each other to raise ourselves up. No one else will do it for us.

Embrace the Name Afrika

Everything created, seen and unseen, all have names and the identities attached to those names. The case of Afrika is one and the same. Meaning that after knowing the name and the definition of Afrika and the prophetic reality behind it, we as Afrikans must now no longer live like barren wombs or as people with identity crises who only seem to move when others are moving. No. We must come out of such crises modes and enter fully into the space that God graciously gave us. For if Afrika is the cradle of humanity then you, an Afrikan, are the reality of “the opening of the womb of Spirit”. Life began with you and life must be preserved by you.

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