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Nicholas Munyororo: Kenyan Organic Farmer

For our anniversary, we wanted you to get to know our contributors a little bit, so we sent them a few questions! This is Nicholas’ story.

Tell us about yourself and what you do, in
relation to the move for a truly liberated Afrika.

When I received the request to write on what I was doing in relation to the move for a truly
liberated Afrika, from my editor, I could not think of anything I was doing that would answer that question. I run a company
called Viro Mental Ltd and we mostly help people with their power problems, like reduce
their bills by installing solar water heating or installing a backup system to enable work
to continue in the face of a mains outage (blackout). I am also passionate about farming and helping to change mindsets
about the traditional view of farming in Afrika. I believe that in farming, as in all other aspects of life, we need to look up to the Maker of all things and in His wisdom and guidance find solutions.
In Afrika, farming is practiced by the highest number of people, even if mostly only on
a subsistence level. This is despite the fact that farming can become the biggest direct
and indirect employer of youth in Afrika and the biggest contributor to its economy. The
biggest hindrance to this is what is known as conventional farming. Conventional farming
postulates that use of machinery; fertilizers, hybrid seeds and pesticides are what will bring about a green revolution. These are machinations of big pharmaceuticals to keep farmers in Afrika, and elsewhere in the
‘developing’ countries, under their yoke and dependency. A more liberated Afrika would be one where farmers have relearned
the old Afrikan ways of growing food sustainably, as it was done for millennia by their forefathers, combining this with
newer methods of agri-ecology farming and conservation farming (Farming God’s Way)
that encourage use of available resources, seeds and technologies.
My role in establishing this is to practice, teach, talk, and write about it. Recently I heard a new expression being bandied about; that our job is not to feed the multitude, but to provide the loaves and fish…well I’m not so sure that’s accurate.

Say something about Msingi Afrika Magazine and how you feel about
contributing articles to it/why you do it.

Msingi Afrika Magazine is a platform of God that helps me to play my role. On this first
anniversary I must say that it’s been a privilege and honor to be one of the contributors and congratulate the publishers and team for a fantastic job done throughout the year. I always look forward to the amazing
articles with such insights as you would find in no other magazine about Afrika! In the years
to come I believe Msingi Afrika Magazine will grow with the continent and become the place to look for the truth about the continent of Afrika. Afrikans are spiritual people and my aspirations for us are that Afrika shall become the place where the world will look for solutions in farming and technology finance,
and that these solutions shall be spiritually discerned and shall draw others to God as is
her destiny.

What’s your hope and aspiration for Afrika for the next ten years?

Did not the scripture say ‘out of Afrika I will call My son’? How then shall this come to pass, if the aspirations of the people who live here stop at providing for their basic necessities? If then this will come to pass,
Afrikans will need to look deep into themselves and find a way different from what the rest of the world has been doing, for if
the economic, financial and agricultural systems of the West and the East had been effective, they would already have solved the
planet’s biggest issues by now and achieved, at the very least, freedom from hunger.

What ought Afrikans be doing now to ensure that we as a people and as a continent truly realize Afrika’s great potential?

If Afrika is going to achieve her potential, then we must start looking for the solutions to the issues of the continent, on the continent. The recent Covid 19 solutions from Senegal and
Madagascar are great examples of how this can begin to play out. There is a lot of healing and restoration to be done, but most importantly a rebirth of the true spirit of God that will draw out the real Sons of the continent to bring about the amazing power and grace of God. In this then, the roles of the Sons will be restored to full dominion and not only include providing the fish and loaves but also multiply them so that the whole continent may partake of the communion with God.

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Msingi Afrika Team

Msingi Afrika Team

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