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Protect What Really Matters


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Protect What Really Matters


In my neighborhood, a major road construction project has been going on for quite a while now. The progress on the work is quite amazing and things are quickly taking shape.

If you know Marsabit quite well, you will know that road construction will, without any doubt create a huge lot of dust…red dust for that matter, because of the dusty desert nature of the land. Such dust that can instantly turn your fine wall painting into something “very dramatic”. But this article is not really about the road construction, it’s more about what I observed while watching the men working, and how  what they did is an indication of how we do not pay attention to protect what really matters.

As I stood on the balcony of my apartment looking at these men working in the hot sun, with dust all around them like red clouds, I noticed that all of them had their heads covered with marvins, to prevent dust from settling on them. That’s quite ok if you ask me. I also noticed that, while they all had their heads covered, none of them was wearing a dust mask, to protect themselves from inhaling the massive clouds of dust in which they were working. I found that quite surprising and the only reason why I was surprised was I could not understand how it made sense for these guys to think that protecting their heads from the dust, while leaving their lungs at the mercy of the clouds of dust they were breathing in was quite inconceivable for me. But like I said, this article is not about road construction workers (even though I am very concerned that they are not mindful about their own health) but about how we treat the things that really matter to our lives and the lives of others.

Are we protecting what really matters?

To most people, their families are the most important thing to them. To some, their jobs, businesses, religion, friends etc. are the most important. All of the aforementioned things and much more are important, but the thing is, when the chips are down and when we narrow things down o their barest minimum, will these things still matter? The answer will definitely be different for each one of us, and that is absolutely fine. For this article is not also trying to tell anyone what should be important to them, but will definitely touch on what my own opinion is about what matters in life.

If there is what the false pandemic has showed whoever is paying attention, it is that, we humans have over time lost connection to what really matters and how we relate to life and living. It’s like the past century or so, has been used to wash away both the brains and the humanity of many, to the point where animals now enjoy more protection from danger than humans do. You know what I mean, don’t you? If you don’t know, maybe you should stop wherever you are and make a quick review of how you treated the very last person that came your way while you were out walking your dog. Maybe the disdain in your heart towards that person, because they looked at your dog in a certain way, will point you in the direction I am thinking. You can begin from there and then spread your thoughts to other things in your community and the way life has turned. We are fast losing our HUMANITY, the one thing that really matters.

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Lots of people took the Covid-19 vaccines with all excitement, in the name of trying to protect themselves from a disease that is 99.9 percent survivable, without thinking for one moment that the very vaccine that they were told would protect them from Covid-19, is the very tool for introducing the actual killer and destruction of mankind into their bodies. Thinking that they are protecting their bodies, as the most important thing to them, they sentenced the next generation of humans to a yet-to-be-seen disaster. It’s like covering your head from the dust, while inhaling the very dust into your lungs. The dust on your head can be washed away with a good shower, but how do you wash away that which is settled in your lungs and which has the ability to stop you from breathing in an instant? Talk about protecting what really doesn’t matter.

The crisis going on in South Afrika, as at the time of writing this article, showed something quite familiar. Our humanity has been thrown out of the window because of greed, selfishness and the many other evils we have allowed in our lives. We have allowed ourselves to believe that, as long as we are fine and our family members are doing well in our fine and expensive neighborhoods, we really don’t care if the others living in shanties and going to bed without food or proper shelter. We turn a blind eye to inequality, the poverty of others and when they rise up to protest, we pick up guns to shoot them…because we can. The question, however, is this: after the shooting has been done, and we have counted the dead and the hundreds of malls and houses burnt, will we still recognize what really matters, and by that now sit down and really evaluate how we got into the rot in our society in the first place and maybe now find lasting solutions to our problem, which clearly is the loss of our humanity? For obviously, no one would love to be a thief and a looter and probably wouldn’t, if the society was balanced enough to take care of everyone’s needs.

We cannot continue to play the fool, covering our heads against the dust, while stuffing our lungs with death. In same way, we cannot say we are trying to protect our society from riots, violence, looting etc., while in our hearts we really wish to exterminate “these people” whose skin colors don’t look like ours. We must protect our hearts and minds for, out of them flows the issues and things that makes like worth living and eternity worth pursuing.

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