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Has the World Gone Mad?


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Has the World Gone Mad?

When Family Members Become Monsters

“If you can’t take us, take our children.”

The above statement is one of the many cries by the crowd at Kabul airport who were fighting to get away from Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country recently, when the US army left after twenty years of war.

Here is another. I watched a young girl online crying and begging the American soldiers to allow her into the airport. What’s her cry?

“The Taliban are coming for me”.

Before I go further, here is a little update of what’s happening around the Kabul airport as regards those who are trying to flee the country.

According to BBC News:

“Since the Taliban took control of the country at the weekend and closed land border crossings, the capital’s airport has become the only way out of the country for many.

But the militants have said they don’t want Afghans to leave the country. They have set up checkpoints on Airport Road – shown in yellow, below – the main route to Hamid Karzai International Airport, and have attacked people. The violence has left 12 people in the area, dead – killed by gunshots or in stampedes – since Sunday, an anonymous Taliban official told Reuters news agency, meaning the journey to the airport is an increasingly treacherous one.

Inside the walls of the airport compound, more than 4,000 US troops are in temporary control. Outside, heavily-armed Taliban fighters now ring the perimeter, generating an atmosphere of fear.”

Now, when you look at the various things that have happened and are still happening in Afghanistan, that is, the war for twenty years, the death and destruction of lives and properties that came with that war, how the US army left exactly after the twentieth year, and the resulting fear of what might happen to Afghans now that the Taliban has taken over the government, you will tend to get confused about the whole thing. And you might be right to be. But is it really confusing if you can just dust off your head from the many smoke screens and then take a look again, especially from the perspective of the many evils the US has done against many nations of the world. Why? The story is the same, always.

They, the American government, create the regimes in these countries to facilitate their selfish access to their mineral resources, just like they created the Taliban against the Russians and then when the owners of the resources decide it’s enough and they want their land back, the US come up with “fool’s stories” as reasons to attack and destroy. It happened with Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Gaddafi of Lybia and now Afghanistan.

Increase in rape among family members, friends setting up
friends to be raped, grandfathers sodomizing their grand kids.
Police officials doing the unthinkable which, most of the time,
is linked back to troubles at home.

But my point of writing this article is not really about the wickedness of the nation called America and their many atrocities across the globe, but about something that most people may not be paying attention to, but which is very critical for the times we are in.

Take a look at these two statements of fear and pain again and maybe you will see what I am trying to make you see:

“If you can’t take us, take our children.” and; “The Taliban are coming for me”.

The question I want to ask now is this, are these Taliban referred to by these cries of woe and fear, not supposed to be, first and foremost, humans? Second, fathers and third, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, nephews and even cousins of these same people, especially the women and young girls who are crying to leave the country for fear of what might happen now that the Taliban have taken over power? Please enlighten me if I am wrong. Or are these Taliban demons wrapped in the cloaks of religious extremism whose intentions are so dark and bloody that even the very people that they claim they have been fighting for the last two decades are afraid of them and won’t want to have anything to do with them?

I have read various stories of the Taliban and their brutality, especially with things pertaining to their religion and what they call morality. The women and children that are crying may just be right to do so, especially now that they the Taliban are already trying to bring back Sharia law into Afghanistan.

What’s happening with families globally?

Something is definitely broken in our nations and the families that make up those nations. There have been increased cases of depression, suicide, familicide and the many other unbelievable things going on within the homes. Increases in rape among family members, friends setting up friends to be raped, grandfathers sodomizing their grand kids. Police officials doing the unthinkable which, most of the time, is linked back to trouble at home. And to cap it up, the falsehood called Covid-19 and its devastating effects on the economies of nations and by extension, families. We cannot hide our heads under our pillows and pretend that nothing is wrong with our families.

And the earlier we own up to the fact that something is wrong, the earlier we start to make amends before it’s too late to do so.

How do you justify the recent case of killings of Kenyans by the Kenyan police officers for not wearing masks or that they were caught outside at curfew hours? It’s unthinkable. How does the life of a person equal face mask or curfew, when a mask can be removed and a curfew completely and immediately suspended if the President says so, but the lives lost can never be regained? It’s still unthinkable. What exactly are we becoming in the name of whatever reasons we have for doing the things we do.

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Let me reiterate the words of the song of Prince which says

Did you hear about the new pill? It feels like sex!

Guaranteed to thrill with no ill side-effects

A pill that will stop the wrinkles, a pill that will stop the pain

A pill that will make a baby never seek political gain

What’s it all for when you can alter biology?

Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?

Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?

Sincerely speaking, is there a “pill” that the whole world has been drugged with and which is creating humans that are no longer humans and which is making the vulnerable cry out in fear and anguish saying

“The Taliban are coming for us”.

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