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We Are Slowly Killing Ourselves

People have become a little peculiar in the manner in which they want to ‘own’ sickness and in very weird ways either take pride in it or try to milk compassion and an odd sort of social standing from it. In much the same way as they will tell you, “I’m the CEO”, they are now willing to blurt out “I have cancer, stage 4”. They will say, “My cancer is really bad”, “My family has Alzheimer’s”, “We tend to get heart attacks, so I’m waiting to see how my own case will go”. It’s as though this is a badge of honor. The statement is usually accompanied by a facial expression that says, “I’m brave and I suffer much, but that’s the journey”. Then they look into your eyes to gauge your reaction, the impact of their comment or maybe even try to elicit more sympathy with a, “It’s very serious” or “The chemo is making my hair fall out, so I’m shopping for wigs now”. There are those who don’t talk about what they may be going through, but many of those have also embraced it, as though it is a mandatory part of life that was programmed for them. You may think me heartless, but I’m trying to get to a point that I would like you to consider.

Your body will wake up and decide that your own
skin is a foreign invader and do all to destroy it and
it’s ‘just one of those things?’ Even if they think
we’re dense, let us not cooperate.

There is an acceptance of dis-ease as being ‘normal’ but that very name, dis-ease or a lack of ease, immediately tells you that it is not normal. It is not ‘par for the course’. It is evidence of abnormality that has encroached on the well-being of humanity and is to be fought with as great a diligence as one would fight off an enemy that has broken into one’s home. That’s because dis-ease is an enemy and a thief. It takes one’s money, strength, time and physical appearance without any apology. But most people will tolerate it and even accept its presence in their lives. And yet, there are enough examples of people around them who are not suffering like they are, which means that there is an oddity.

I started to think about this about 12 years ago. Before that I was of the mindset I described above and spent a lot of time with people who were the same. But, I began observing the world around me and I took note that many of the people who had shared experiences such as vaccines, toxic food, drinking, poor diet, poor sleeping habits did not end up looking the same. “Oh, they’re just stronger.” Ok, fine, but why? My husband noted that a huge number of people in Kenya both young and older people wear glasses to help correct their vision and he asked me why. I had no answer. All along I had just thought, “That’s just the way it is.” I remember even telling him, it must be because of the “too much reading that Kenyans do” (that’s the type of ‘humble brag’ people use around dis-ease). Quite foolish, I think. But he pointed out there were people of an older generation in the same country who had no such issues and that in Nigeria, it was not a thing. So, that added to my contemplation on good health vs. dis-ease. It is lately that I started to understand that the dis-ease which affects a smaller percentage of people is meant to serve as warning and notice to everyone that something is amiss in the spiritual, social, mental, physical environment around and within the people. Not just the one person affected, but the people as a whole. Sickness, in many indigenous cultures, always pointed first to a spiritual issue and then to a physical one and it was always addressed as such – unlike in today’s world.

This means that increasing cases of cancer, increasing cases of autism, increasing cases of irritable bowel syndrome, increasing cases of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, increasing cases of baldness, increasing cases of infertility among men and women are all signs to the community that there is an issue that has caused an imbalance or a displacement and it needs to be addressed. Not by building more hospitals or training more specialists – but by understanding its root cause and fixing that. The people who have chosen to ‘own’ the situations their bodies are facing have missed a crucial step in resolving a wider issue in the society that they were being used as an indicator or warning for. Movies and books put out all these ‘noble’ ways to die of sickness, surrounded by ‘loving’ friends and family and courageously accepting the situation – but that was just more spiritual, mental and emotional energy that was being put out there to cause the world to turn and embrace the obvious dysfunction that was around and within them – instead of facing it like an enemy and finding out what the real cause of the issue is. Instead of dealing with the evil head-on, we created a multi-billion-dollar market that is ravaging our people and destroying the future. By taking the evil energy that the movies and books disseminated, people in the world re-transmitted it and caused it to gain strength from generation to generation. They created a reality that was not needful.

This manufactured reality is what the world has been conditioned to accept. That dis-ease is ‘normal, ordinary and commonplace’. Yet, it’s not and we must ask questions if we’re going to get to the bottom of things. “How come my grandchild reacted to this food, which our family has been eating since I can remember?” “How is it that these children raised in the same home have completely different health profiles?” “Why are more women from around the same 10–20-year vaccination period struggling with endometriosis or PCOS in their 20s, 30s and even 40s?” “Why are men who grew up in the 1950s in Afrika dealing with issues of prostate cancer later on in life? Even those who were from completely different communities.” “Why were there increases in eczema, asthma, food allergies and acne in Afrika in children from the late 1960s onwards?” “Why are children getting obese?” “Is there a link we are missing in all of these health issues” “What can we do to stop these things?”

We must become observers of the world around us by choice and as a matter of urgency and as a deliberate act. Look at your world and consult those who would know, such as wise elders who have observed changing trends over the years.

What’s going on in the world is not normal. We do not get to praise ourselves for having ‘modern’ diseases. Having them is cause for sounding every alarm possible and doing all we can to fight to eradicate them.

Consider the issue of autoimmune disease, which is a situation where one’s own immune system is said to turn against one’s own healthy tissue and attack it causing diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Celiac disease, Irritable Bowel Disease among others. It is said that autoimmune disease is three times more common in women than in men. ( It is also said that autoimmune disease affects more Afrikan Americans and Hispanics. Because of how we have been socialized, people will tend to read that and say, “Oh, women have such a hard lot in life” or “Aha! That must be what happened to Mary and her family then. Aish, but life, eh?” Instead of, “What nonsense!! Our bodies were not designed to just attack themselves. We went generations without this taking place. What on earth is going on? What caused it and why? How do we stop it?”

We are not to accept or embrace the lazy argument about heredity or unknown causality. No. Even while we make adjustments in lifestyle for our bodies to have opportunity to fight to heal, we are to examine the true sources and causes of these issues. It’s not ‘just one of those things’ – what on earth does that mean anyway? ‘Just one of those things’. Garbage. Your body will wake up and decide that your own skin is a foreign invader and do all to destroy it and it’s ‘just one of those things?’ Even if they think we’re dense, let us not cooperate.

They are saying that there is a condition that causes the body to wake up one day and attack itself, that affects more women and more Afrikan Americans and Hispanics. Diseases affecting digestion, hormone balances, causing neurological issues – basically a breakdown in our bodies. Diseases that cause people around the world who were once able to digest gluten with ease, for generations, to ‘suddenly’ be unable to? Really? So, is it the wheat or the glyphosate they have been using on the wheat? Doctors say they don’t know what causes autoimmune disease, but does it mean that because we are not doctors or scientists that we need to stop our minds from doing the work of observing and thinking? Obviously, something changed in human lifestyle, diet and society over the last 100 years or so of ‘development’ and that was when there were increased cases of these autoimmune diseases. Researchers connect these diseases to exposure to chemicals or solvents, high-sugar and processed food diets and, yes, even vaccines – but they ‘can’t say for sure’. Meanwhile, vaccine schedules for newborns and young children have increased exponentially over the last 50 years or so and these injections are laced with toxic chemicals like thimerosal (i.e., mercury), aluminium, animal tissue and they even contain aborted fetal cells, meaning that foreign human body tissue is injected into another human and no one stopped to think that this might cause a reaction.

Researchers are already warning about the possibility of autoimmune diseases from the Covid-19 vaccines, particularly now that they have discovered that 75% of the spike protein travels from the injection site and settles in body organs – including those responsible for fertility and maintaining a pregnancy and are causing miscarriages as the body attacks the placenta.

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Meanwhile, fast food industries produce high-sugar meals containing monosodium glutamate and toxic preservatives and sell it to you as a convenience and when a precious child suddenly becomes obese and develops diabetes, we act surprised? Or, a pregnant mom snacks away on these foods and has an overweight child, contributing to her either having obstructed labor and a fistula or needing a CS… and we’re shocked? Consider the person who continues smoking cigarettes after being warned for decades that they cause cancer, or the person who has been shown how dangerous cola drinks are, but continues ingesting them or the person who has been shown that fast food negatively affects their blood sugar or blood pressure, or the person whose child is vaccine injured but goes ahead to get their next child or themselves vaccinated anyway… what is one supposed to do to help people who are in these situations but who are not considering all the risks?

Consider the food processing company that wants its products to have a three-year shelf-life so that it can ship its products to markets at home and abroad, growing its market share and extending its footprint and calling itself a success – and in order to do so, it added toxic chemicals in the form of preservatives and food coloring and appetite enhancers in order to increase demand. Then we, knowing that food in nature does not survive beyond a few days once it has matured, go ahead and purchase packaged juices and foods that have a three-year shelf-life and we don’t look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we are doing? Instead, we applaud ‘modern technology’ and don’t question the weird things that start to happen to our bodies because of the preservatives?

Consider the farmer who knows that glyphosate causes cancer and continues to use it on his produce so that he can make good sales at the market, while protecting the food that his family eats from this chemical? Consider the US government that is beginning to withdraw glyphosate from use but is not sounding adequate warning to other nations to take the same measures? Consider the fact that the US government is beginning to withdraw the product and not calling an all-out immediate stop to its use around the world. Consider the doctor who knows that the answers lie not in the toxic modern pharmaceuticals he or she is giving you, but in the herbs and the plants that they go to collect from their traditional medicine practitioner for themselves and their families – leaving you to contend with the side-effects of the pills and tonics that they have given you.

When we ignore the signs that are around us, then later say, “Where was God? Why couldn’t He have stopped these evil things from happening?” When all along He had even had to put up signs, warnings, saying that food is not meant to be handled this way – look to nature. When He had put up signs, warnings, saying that the human body is meant to use the leaves for medicine and the fruit for food, not to inject below the skin surface items that cause materials unnatural to the body to cross the blood-brain barrier. When He had put up last resort signs and warnings in the bodies of people, when we chose to ignore His voice warning against the use of these things – isn’t that a form of irresponsibility and sheer dumbness on our own part? If it was not enough that we ignored all the signs and warnings, we then took ourselves to a shop and picked up a chemical with the drawing of a skull on it saying ‘danger, warning’ and took it and sprayed it on our foods and then ate it. If it was not enough that we ignored that voice that said that processed foods were causing strange reactions in our bodies: constipation, itching skin, bloating, we loved the taste so much that we continued and taught our children to eat the same garbage, condemning them to a state worse than our own. We then put guns to the heads of our citizens to force them to take experimental therapies whose side effects were unknown to us, knowing we would not support them financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally or any other way in the aftermath of any issues they would encounter. Seriously?

When we ignore the signs, we had better be prepared to reap the whirlwind, because we are doing nothing but sowing the wind.

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