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Nation in View: Gabon


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Nation in View: Gabon

The Nation of Comfort

If you, our esteemed  reader of this magazine have been following our publication for a while, or from inception, you will notice that every time we write about any particular nation in Afrika, it is always from a positive and hope-based attitude. And this is not done to turn a blind eye to the issues going on in and with Afrika and Afrikans, but to create a new narrative that can help shift and also shape the mindset of Afrikans from that of victims of colonialism, the global systemic manipulation and puppet mindset of their local Afrikan leaders, to a much more responsive and creative mindset that says we have all we need to both live and thrive.

In this 18th issue, which is the last one for the year 2021, we feature Gabon, the land of comfort.

It is not surprising to us that the word that was given about Gabon is also about hope and comfort, even in the midst of severe storms facing the world and Afrika.

Hope is a powerful thing, which brings comfort and inner strength  needed to face whatever may come our way as individuals, and even as a collective. Hope is found in the fact that it is possible that a present situation that had caused setbacks and pains can actually be turned around to produce that which is desirable, and which creates comfort. This is the reality of Gabon, the land that brings hope and comfort.

About Comfort

Comfort for me, is not some laying back or being in some form of relaxed mode away from the struggles of life. Comfort really means being able to find inner peace even in the midst of turmoil. To take it a bit further, as David the writer of Psalm 23 put it, “thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”. Referring to the good Shepherd leading his sheep into a space of comfort. But did you notice where comfort comes from? It comes from being able to use God’s rod (correction) and His staff (instruction) to live in peace above the issues of life.

Have you ever met someone with real inner peace? They seem to walk on air, and they live their lives like there are no troubles anywhere. That is what true comfort, which is found in the correction and instruction of God does to a person’s heart.

And one of the reasons that happens is because, comfort stems from the hope that comes from knowing that you are not alone, even in the wilderness, and that your life has meaning before God. But what is HOPE?

Hope for me is an acronym which stands for: Happiness, Opportunity, Peace and Elevation.

Our world is broken and people are looking for glimpse of hope and light at the end of their tunnels. A glimpse of hope that will give them happiness, opportunity to express themselves and also thrive, peace of mind and an elevation from that which they have been subjected to before. Meaning that comfort is not necessarily the absence of pain or that which causes fear, but the possibility of hope found that elevates a person from the fear that is seen.

It is very obvious that Afrikans have lost hope in their governments and politicians. And the reason is simple; the people cannot see the essence of governance and the dividend of democracy, except in the many debts and loans that are choking the masses. Meaning that if you show or give a man or a people that which gives Happiness, Opportunity for growth, an atmosphere of Peace and a path that Elevates them above the things that bring them down, they will take a stand and follow you to wherever you are going as a leader. So, does that mean that Afrikan leaders have lost the trust of their people because they the people have lost HOPE? Absolutely. But hope can be restored, not at a national level at first, but first in the heart of the individual who will accept the rod (correction) and staff (instruction) of God.

What does this mean for Gabon?

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Whatever it means for Gabon certainly is what it also means for Afrika. That is, there are ever new opportunities to rise above negative events that create complaints, by aligning with realities of hope and room to make deliberate changes towards that which elevates one to a higher realm of existence. Gabon, as a nation in Afrika, is a micro of the bigger macro Afrika. Meaning that whatever is given as a word of encouragement and faith to Gabon, also applies to the entire Afrika. I must say that the season we are in right now in the world is not one in which anyone will sit back and let events happen to them as if they have no right to create their reality. The comfort that comes through hope is a good thing, but because hope is directly connected to faith and faith cannot work without the due work that is required to make it happen. Each person, both as a Gabonese or an Afrikan must put in the work that is required to birth comfort through hope. And what that means is that, as Afrikans, we must deliberately put in place systems and patterns that help create the future that we so desire to have. Nothing on earth happens by chance, but by deliberate actions backed with lots of determination, and the inner strength to bring things to pass.

Gabon is a great nation, and Afrika is a great continent, and what both require to step out of backwardness is the same: deliberate actions that refuse to back down in the face of opposition, until that which is the dream of Afrika is realized. Afrika still remains the mother and the well spring of the entire nations of the world, and must take a stand to manifest that great position she was given by the Creator.

My prayer for Gabon

There is a fresh spirit of hope that enters into a person, which causes them to suddenly remember who they are and what their destiny is. It makes them shake from off their shoulders the weights and the yokes that have held them down before. It is this spirit of hope I asked that you the great nation of Gabon be blessed with, and that you will rise from every ashes of pain, oppression and limitation and begin to rise into the very place that is meant for your comfort in hope. And because you are the symbol of the comfort that is found in hope, the rest of the nations of Afrika and the nations of the world will begin to see you for who you as a beacon of hope and comfort. You will rise and rise until all that was lost before is fully restored.

God bless you mighty nation of Gabon.

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