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Issue 19 January 2022


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Issue 19 January 2022

Time for a year of greatness. No, this is not one of those promises made by enthusiastic preachers or motivational speakers that get you into a spiritual or emotional high and fade away after a few days. This is a loaded statement that I will unpack, briefly below.

Greatness has as its synonyms words like: significance, renown, excellence, fame, seriousness, vastness, enormity… and more. All signifying importance and weightiness beyond the norm. Beyond what one is accustomed to.

Having spent time with you over the past few years via magazine, book or videos, we have carefully mapped out the direction the world system is trying to push everybody towards. You can be assured that 2022 is a year when they will kick their activities into a whole new level. Their own version of greatness. As the WEF announces the so-called “Great Narrative” even while it continues to push its paradigm around the so-called “Great Re-set”.

Where does that leave us? Also focusing on a great year where we do all possible to ensure that we build well, that we train our children well, that we impact the world around us well. Greatness is achieved through effort that is initiated by a mindset that is set on improvement, transformation and upliftment of itself and those around it. It is not a casual thing, nor is it an emotional thing. And the results of preparation, focus and effort will yield us great outcomes.

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