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Faith not Sight and the Battle with the Human Mind


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Faith not Sight and the Battle with the Human Mind

To my mind, the human body, and actually the entire world around us, are uniquely designed to facilitate living by faith and not by sight. With the exception of some very clear water bodies, insects, marine life, and with the exception of a leaf I saw online the other day that becomes transparent when it rains, pretty much everything is opaque. You cannot see through the surface with the naked eye to know what is going on inside. You cannot see through the rocks to know what is within them, you cannot see into the heart of a tree, you cannot see the organs of a human body to know what they are going through. Which is not so bad in some ways, because can you imagine watching people chewing food and it turning to mush and then excrement and waiting to pass? Although… it might be something of a novelty for some time.

In many ways, though, man could not handle the lack of ‘control’, that comes in the form of being unable to track what is going on in the earth, to find out where oil and mineral deposits are, to ‘solve’ health issues that are going on with man and beast. To, basically, be ‘god’ of his own world and answerable to no one. The reason why this is so, is because mankind made up their minds that they wanted to maintain the narrative of evolution, as against creation, in order to continue to justify their own downward slide towards madness. Therefore, they continued their walk away from God, and a wholesome and healthy relationship with Him, and chose to start forcing things into view using technology.

Imagine having access to the One who has all the answers, made all things, sees all things, understands all the mysteries and the secrets of all things. You have access and, much like Adam or even Moses, can have all histories, insights and knowledge revealed to you as you walk with Him, His way… and then you say, “Nah, I can do this all by myself.” Simply because you just want to do what you want to do, when and how you want to do it. Because that’s basically what man has decided. That’s how we ended up with things like abortion and euthanasia, and the wickedness of testing drugs on people or introducing sickness into their bodies without their knowledge just to see what will happen. It is madness.

In my husband’s just-released book, “Like the Days of Noah and Lot”, one of the many issues facing today’s world, that he tackles, is how people made the decision to walk away from living from the place of the unseen, and instead embraced a life from the seen, and thereby, living from the place of unbelief. Consider his thoughts on this:

“Unbelief, therefore, is the opposite of belief, that is, the disconnection from that which is unseen, which is made seen by evidence of the testimony of God, by holding onto that which is seen and temporal as the reason for living. To put it in another way, we are constantly faced with the pressure and pleasure of that which we can hold, see, smell, touch, feel, hear in the physical and, sometimes, this can become so overwhelming that it consumes a lot of attention, which in turn takes our eyes away from that which is unseen.

We live in a world where the reality of that which is unseen, and the holding on to of that, is considered mediocrity. We are faced with the constant choice between that which is seen and temporal, and that which is unseen but eternal. The ability to constantly hold on to that which is unseen, even in the midst of the pressure and the pleasure of the seen, is belief.” Samuel Phillips, Like the Days of Noah and Lot, Chapter 7: Faithfulness in Servanthood.

Basically, what happened to mankind was that he chose to live from what is tangible, visible and supposedly verifiable by scientific inquiry, facts and statistics, and thereby to devolve from being a higher being to this limited creature you see around you today. A being now limited in all his ways, while thinking that he is empowered, advanced and progressive. And mankind did this, all the while claiming that those who chose to remain with their eyes fixed on what is unseen are the ones who are backward and mediocre.

Perhaps, as you read this, you will be able to see ‘where the rain started beating us’, because as you look at the world around us, this distortion of realities is playing out in every single sphere of society. Where, even while denying the very existence of God, the world still – somehow – manages to blame every single negative thing on Him, all the while ignoring their own role in the establishment of the faulty global reality that they have created by their own hands. Unrepentant, arrogant, and blinded by their own stupidity. Now, this is a crisis that is choking the entire world, but it is a simple one to resolve. Repent, restore faith, live based on the unseen, as directed by God who created all things, and things will quickly get back into order.

Think about the world’s perspective versus that of the unseen from this viewpoint. When a woman is pregnant, one of the world’s most beautiful mysteries is unfolding right within her. It involves her and her husband, yet is somehow beyond their ability to control or to grasp. It is beautiful and enigmatic. A puzzle and yet an answer. And the couple are right in the middle of this paradox of new life unfolding within and beside them, yet they have no control over it. It is perfect, in that sense, because man, while he was allowed to be involved, has been removed, in a way from managing the process. So, in order to overcome his limitations in this process, what did man go and do? He ‘invented’ tools and machines that would enable him to see what is going on within the woman and to monitor the progress of the new physical form that is growing within her (tools which have side effects might I add), all the while failing to see the real point. The life is neither the physical form, nor the process in the womb that he now feels in control over – but is the unseen reality of the new person who is being shaped in the unseen womb of the unseen realm. It is a realm that no machine can fathom and which is being connected inter-dimensionally from the unseen to this realm, so that something new can emerge and take place upon the earth. This new unseen person, is being housed in the seen physical form that is taking shape in the physical womb.

It is a wondrous thing. That people do not understand this is evident in the decisions that are made to kill babies in the womb. If they understood the depths of this mystery, if they knew what they are as a vessel or a bridge between two dimensions, perhaps they would honor it more. This is one reason why the world system is so vigorously pursuing ways in which not to teach spirituality as it relates directly to this world. A people who are spiritually ‘blinded’ are far easier to control than those who are aware that there is so much more than what we see.

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And that remains the reality of all the things which are concealed from plain sight and need to be revealed through delving deeply using a relationship with God, not man-made tools. Like the transparent sea creatures which are housed deep in the womb of the ocean, or the leaf whose other nature is exposed by the arrival of the waters from above and all other mysteries on earth… All of these are signifiers of depths, breadths and dimensions that exist beyond the physical realm.

For someone like Rebecca, whose story you can find in the book of Genesis, who felt a battle going on in her womb that she did not understand, the answer came from the unseen, when she herself went to ask God what was going on. This is when it was explained to her that she was carrying within her two nations and the destinies of the two nations were outlined to her by God. It was explained to her that she had within her two realities, or mindsets, one that was contrary to God (which He hated) and one that was aligned with God (which He loved). It was therefore clear to her what her role and purpose on this earth was as relates to the two dimensions who were to come forth through her and her responsibility to God in all this. She watched over these destinies until she had fully played her part and the inheritance had been passed to the rightful heir. Explain to me how a machine would be able to tell a woman who is carrying twins what the unseen reality of this is. Yet, many families take comfort in the grainy photos and settle with the physical reality, “We are having a boy!”, instead of pursuing what deeper truths exist for them as a family. Some even use those grainy photos as the reason to terminate the life that is being placed in their womb.

Every manipulation of the earth, through genetic or geo-engineering or other, only serves to emphasize the point that the dominion over the seen realm that man attempts to control through the technologies that he creates, is pulling even further away from him because of the limited perception that he has of the unseen dimension that he walked away from, whose only access is through the key of faith. For every single drought, famine, or flood; or every earthquake or storm; for each and every eclipse, or meteor shower, their meanings and significance are not only captured by, but sent forth from the unseen to the seen, as a reminder that there is more going on here than meets the eye. But each and every time that mankind resorts to his instruments and measurements and stops there, he limits his understanding. Each and every single time that mankind refuses to go and seek God’s face to know what is going on and to find out what to do about it, he shrinks his world even further to the limitations of the seen and to the reality of unbelief. You do not have to struggle to see how much more worse off man is for this pathetic lifestyle choice.

The dependence on prescription and non-prescription drugs; nutritional supplements in pills; transactional relationships which neglect compassion, love, and brotherhood; rules and regulations that imprison people; toxic chemicals for manufacturing which impact food, water, air and therefore health; toxic chemicals for farming, and water ‘purification’ that impact our bodies negatively; toxic environments socially that further threaten or destroy our nature and relationships; insistence of building weapons of war and death instead of managing relationships through love, brotherhood and compassion; medical interventions that kill or profit only one party; and on and on. These are the fruit of man’s desire for independence from God, even while the cry “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” goes on through the ages. Surely!

We have to face the fact that today’s modern world and all of its ugliness is the result of choices that were made by man to not deal with reality from the accurate place that he ought to occupy, but, rather, to try to circumvent proper and due process by evading God, and His requirements for dwelling on this beautiful earth in the correct way. So, as long as we continue to choose sight over faith, we continue to harvest an abundance of misery and pain for ourselves, and the next generations, to encounter and have to face. Why do this, when we can simply say, “Ok God, I was wrong, help me!” and transform everything around us from this chaos and mess into something that is real and genuinely sweet and beautiful?

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