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The African ‘WOW’-man


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The African ‘WOW’-man

The African woman is the most phenomenal species that one has ever come across. She is the basis of why Afrika is usually referred to as Mother Afrika. Her uniqueness stems from her natural caring, resilience, and family orientation. Topping up with her glaring beauty and elegant physique. A fete that is earnestly desired. The Afrikan woman commands dignity and respect among multitudes of dynamic people.

Afrikan women give birth to kings and queens, heroes and heroines, presidents and prime ministers, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and judicial administrators. The Afrikan woman is a powerhouse in herself. She possesses an overarching intelligence and wisdom that outdoes her male counterparts. The typical Afrikan woman dresses to impress. There is no fashion within and outside of Afrikan continent that does not look good on her. Adding icing on cake, her beauty and elegance would make every woman in the world feel envious.

Her struggles are endless, and yet she still puts a smile on her face. With many kids to look after, she proclaims a big and generous heart. In a world of limited opportunities for her, the Afrikan woman seizes the less than half opportunities presented to her. The Afrikan woman is a match maker. She meticulously crafts winning ideas and executes them seamlessly and flawlessly.

This woman is a dream for many. She is the reason why the Afrikan fields are filled with the greenest pastures. A strong woman who is always willing to toil the fields day and night in pursuit of sustainability. Many would say that one Afrikan woman in the field is equivalent to four ordinary men. This woman is a caregiver to her offspring, ensuring that they are fed and healthy.

An Afrikan woman is a spiritual woman. She connects innately with the supernatural and brings meaning into life. She is full of energies stemming from within her and reverberates the trajectory of life influencing the socio network of our very existence. In her spiritual disposition, she demystifies the good and evil in our society.

What you may not understand about the sophisticated nature of this Afrikan queen are the things she has to go through to earn her place. Being the conceiver of life, she takes it upon herself to bring up families. Despite being at the face of frequent challenges skewed against her gender, she always holds her head up high. The Afrikan way of life does not give her any room for failure, and on many occasions she is forced to take up the roles pegged on both a mother and father. Surely, our Afrikan women deserve to be given a break.

A masterclass in her own right, the Afrikan woman presents fairness and justice. She is the epitome of humanity amidst the regular interference of our peaceful coexistence in the world. The plight of the poor and less fortunate do not cross her ears, without her empathizing with the situation. What a caring mother.

When an Afrikan woman exhibits distress, then the health of the Afrikan continent remains in limbo. On the contrary, when she is happy and content, the more productive we become. When everything in our lives seems not be going as desired, then we go back to our mother, the Afrikan woman who will always lend a listening ear and provide unconditional support.

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Little would be said about their sacrifices. However, multiple studies have confirmed that our Afrikan women fought side by side with Afrikan liberators so that they would guarantee their subsequent generations lives worth living. Nonetheless, these brave women were the foundation blocks that connected their present and future generations unto whom the latter were to see the realization of true freedom from the hands of the imperialists.

Make no mistake, the Afrikan woman exhibits a towering presence as far as the corporate and national leadership are concerned. Majority of Afrikan organizations would be registering dismal performance should they fail to incorporate women in key decision making positions. What would even be worse is the continent’s failure to integrate their disciplined approach toward economic activities that foster wealth creation.

As the world around gets preoccupied with celebrating Valentine’s Day, why don’t you the son and daughter of the soil get to learn and appreciate the Afrikan woman for her ‘Wow’ values.

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