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Word Spells: Understanding the Power of Spoken Words


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Word Spells: Understanding the Power of Spoken Words

The world system is run by a series of word spells designed to create an illusory state, one with absolute control over the minds of the people in it. I can tell you for sure that if the majority of people actually knew what was going on around them, all of the governments of the world would have been felled and either replaced, or people would have broken off and gone to live quiet lives in loose groupings with those they are in agreement with. That’s how bad this is.

The extent to which mankind has embraced slavery, imprisonment and oppression is beyond unnatural, it is supernatural in its magnitude. People are basically living under mind control due to a spiritual reality that has been put into place using words. That’s all that holds it together. Words. Not the stone, bricks or mortar that was used in the construction of the physical buildings around us.

A word (according to is “a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.” Think about that: A word is a primary delivery vessel of intent i.e., the intent of the speaker of the word is fully encapsulated in that word and whatever force or authority they represent is the power through which that word is effected upon the earth.

Consider this: Hebrews 11:3 (NKJV) says, “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.”

The thoughts and intents which were in the heart of God, the Creator, were brought forth through the words that He spoke in the beginning, which formed the worlds, the animals, birds, cycles, seasons and even man and the purpose for each of these. Life came forth from LIFE through the Words which God spoke.

Now, fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on where you sit and how you live) man too was imbued with this nature when God created him i.e., the power to use words to create realities, atmospheres, spaces, places and things. Each one who has come forth upon the earth is a reality bearing a mandate which he or she then chooses to use for good or for evil, but that mandate, for as long as it shall be allowed, will produce what it was created for either in corruption and death or in purity and life. That choice rests with the individual within the time limit of their existence.

Which is why you have a situation where a representative of darkness, such as William Henry Gates, whose names basically mean Vehement Protector, Ruler of the Home, in charge of Entrances or Exits had an effect on matters to do with the entrance and exit of realities around Covid. Having been built up for decades as a ‘trusted voice and success story’ in the field of technology and later on in the area of philanthropy and vaccines via GAVI and the WHO, he was simply being prepared for his performance in Covid.

He was charged with realities around this particular situation by those he is in cahoots with, and he is using everything at his disposal to continue to direct and implement whatever evil decisions they have determined they want to put in place for as long as the timeline allows. Their method is one of cursing and death, not blessing and life. Which is why he will speak of a future reality to program it into place and by the power and authority of who he is, it will take effect, if it is not answered and countered by a stronger man or by the agreement of those who have opted to stand against it.

The people working behind Covid set themselves an ultimate objective to achieve, which is the death and digital imprisonment of millions, and sent the vehement protector and ruler of the home in charge of entrances or exits to begin to lay the groundwork by programming the hearts and minds of men more than six years ago about: the need to reduce the population, an upcoming pandemic that would kill many, the importance and place of technology in resolving such a thing. They accompanied this with movies, books, newspaper articles, television interviews, policies in global and national bodies and other mind-bending tools to seed the spiritual environment with the word poisons or spells needed to effect their plan. So that when it was time to implement it, it would find the least resistance possible to roll out. William was not their only human tool, and his words were not the only ones used. There was an intricate web of lies and carefully coordinated seeding of word spells into the atmosphere to program minds and reduce resistance to what was coming across many sectors.

Once Covid was rolled out, they worked to keep it in place using lies and fear. Lies are used to mask the real plan thereby allowing its continued, yet discreet rollout. The lies create the impression that what is going on is true. Fear, on the other hand, is used to lessen resistance to the plans that are to be rolled out by making people imagine the worst possible scenarios that they would like to avoid, thereby causing them to be more compliant to the various aspects of rollout plan. Making it easier to say that the only solution for Covid is a vaccine that wasn’t properly tested and whose side effects are concealed or distorted by the lies continually rolled out. Or that the only way to properly  manage it is to force people to carry a ‘vaccine passport’ or submit to a test that was never designed for the purpose for which it has been used around the world to put into place ‘lockdowns’ and other control measures.

Fear is used to break down mental and spiritual resistance and thereby secure physical conformity. If a man shouts long and hard enough that everyone is going to die of something unless they follow his guidance, when the very thing that he has spoken of emerges (based on his machinations), even the very symptoms of the thing can be made to manifest in the body by the power of the mind, due to the seeds that went forth. And when one member of the population succumbs to the seeding, it helps to hasten the spread of the thing. Hence an ‘epidemic’ or a ‘pandemic’ which is largely due to suggestion. Which is why the use of crisis actors was so critical at the onset and in the middle of this campaign to seed the world with fear and convince them of its existence by claiming that they had it – especially at a time when no one could identify a single individual who did have it.

It is all the result of carefully implemented witchcraft based on spells cast into the atmosphere by specific people who had specific authorities for its rollout. The words used on people since the reveal of Covid in 2020, which were accompanied by images of Chinese authorities ‘sanitizing’ cities using massive sci-fi movie looking machines and people collapsing and dying in the street have all been about death, deadly illness, miscarriages, protection, ‘the greater good’, pandemic, speed of spread, bodies lying in the streets, ‘it WILL happen to you and your family’, stay at home, stay away from people, danger… and so on. There has been no hope being shared – outside of the untested vaccine… which is a false hope, used to manipulate people into a global digital controlled universe.

All of this started with words. Words which created realities. I mean, thank God for the fall which limited our creative power exponentially, otherwise who knows how bad things could have been had this been a full power declaration.

I used the example of Covid but I could also go into the “need for democracy”… which no country in the world actually abides by, the “war on terrorism”, or the “war on drugs”, or the claims they make that the world will run out of food therefore the only way forward is providing food security using GMOs, or “climate change” which means we all have to change our behavior and live in only one specific and prescribed way. Because they said. Using… words. I could also get into what they said about you and me as Afrikans – backwards, ignorant, sickly, diseased, poor, illiterate, uneducated, inept, failures, corrupt, war-ridden, despotic, greedy, uncivilized etc.

So, the world is being re-framed by the words of men whose hearts are set on evil. What they are creating – or have succeeded in creating thus far is a mind-numbingly limited reality of life and living, with artificial borders and existential states that seek to contain all the potential of over 7 billion diverse and wonderful human beings into tiny little boxes of what you can do, what you can say, where you can live, where you can go, what you can eat, how you can think, who you can interact with, what you can own and on and on. Simply because they want to control the unlimited potential in each one with silly, little ideas, so that they can harness you into their tools and slaves for the future. Silencing you and preventing you from speaking the truth into existence, which would result in a new and better reality for you and those around you. Using fear and lies, lies and fear to control, while they secretly build the world they want around you. That is their intent.

And, because the world has embraced much of the limiting reality they spew forth like capitalism, invisible borders, passports, identity cards, land ownership, forced compliance… and because people have consumed so many lies, they cooperate without stopping to think. So, you have people on social media using their creative power in the form of words to hate, hurt and hinder other people, instead of building with love and compassion what could be a much better and safer space. There are people cursing, using sarcasm, rudeness, brutality and hurtful bluntness like baseball bats and swords to crush, tear down and destroy instead of using life and blessing to create beauty around us.

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This has to stop. Because, while we do all these useless and mean things to one another, the real game is being played on our heads and minds to direct us towards futility and division, so that we can be more easily controlled. Afrika has experienced this firsthand for ages and should be much more sensitive to and mindful of it.

It dawned on me recently that through some miraculous occurrence, billions of people in the world, who never for once trusted the word of their governments and were constantly criticizing them over one thing or another SUDDENLY began to believe everything their governments were telling them about Covid. How? Those corrupt governments that were stealing from people, lying to people, cheating in elections, diverting funds to their own or their friends’ pockets. Those governments which were clueless about the economy and were failing to deliver results. Those same governments which were evidently in it only for themselves SUDDENLY had the people’s interests at heart and only wanted to keep them safe by vaccination, even while stealing the money that was meant to be buying PPEs for health workers and turning people into Covid millionaires? And no one stopped to consider that perhaps there was yet another game afoot?

Do you see the power of word spells that are in effect around us yet? Just as the evidence of the negative effects of childhood and adult vaccinations was spreading around the world and people were becoming wary of them and starting to look deeper into it, the global cabal which had set itself the agenda of vaccinating the majority of the world’s population by 2020 and later extended this to 2030, to ‘leave no one behind’ suddenly found a way to convince millions of people around the world to take an untested jab? For their own safety and protection?! Wow.

There are things we need to very quickly get wise to as a people. Words have power and we have to take back control of our lives and minds very quickly and begin to protect our environments better, to man our own gates, to counter the word spells spoken over generations that are causing hindrances to manifest around us. If we do not, the one who is wise about his own movements – evil movements – will try to take over our gates and use them to his own advantage, even while subjugating us to those whims.

Fathers need to begin to understand the power of utterances over their families and communities. Mothers need to begin to really understand the spiritual significance of their wombs and the power they carry as creators of realities on the earth. Children are not just fruits of intercourse between a man and a woman, they are gifts and instruments of change on the earth. Thus we must be deliberate about teaching our children the wisdom required to live in this fallen generation. The power and the authority to create and re-create realities that affect the land are in the hands of the family units which comprise of the father (the bringer of the seeds of life), the mother (the carrier, incubator and creator of life) and the children who are the life seeds for the continuation of life on the earth. We must take care of the family units. Why? Everything begins with the family and the current war against the family unit will give you a clear indication of how important the family is.

Darkness is spreading at alarming rate in our world and more people are confused by the effects of the sorcery and the spirit of manipulation that is twisting realities on the earth. But there is always hope and that hope begins with us re-aligning our hearts to truth and the original power that we are blessed with by the Creator to both have dominion and charge over our world.

It is time for the people who know who they are, who know why they are here to use their words of truth to re-establish good counsel, good will, love and brotherhood and to topple the world of darkness created by the words of darkness.

Speak the right words of truth, clean your heart from filth, for it is the place where life pours out from to change and create new realities on the earth. We can no longer leave the control of our lives in the hands of agents of darkness who are masters of sorcery, spells and manipularions. It’s up to you to create your world by the things you speak. So, speak life and LIVE.

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