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Issue 21 March 2022


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Issue 21 March 2022

Let’s not be distracted. Afrika’s lost glory is not her gold, silver or precious stones. Neither is it her kings or queens. It is not even her economic prowess at trading across the continent or the seas. As good as it is to know that Afrika was conducting trade and military expeditions in far-flung places, or that Afrika had clean cities with excellent sanitation and fortifications, all that does is bring us to the same level of competence and even mediocrity that the rest of the world lives at. If we do this, we are still comparing ourselves with the standard of civilization that the west claims and trying to prove that we are as worthy as them to be called people, human, equal. Neither is the quest to try to prove some form of superiority of the Afrikan race. These are all distractions that will keep us spinning around and around in their web of logic and seeking their approval or our own glory as juxtaposed against their standard of futility.

Afrika’s lost glory is her lost identity as the womb of spirit and soul, and her purpose, which is to incubate life as the cradle of humanity. This means her role is to be an establishment of a standard for life and living that is not bound to the physical aspects of this world, but those of the realities spirit of God, the Creator of all.

Could that be the reason why every effort to put the pursuit of money and economic gain above that of love, brotherhood and Ubuntu keeps Afrika going around and around in circles? And, that if we simply shifted our focus to lift up our hands to God (meaning we cannot move or do anything in our own strength or wisdom but as we seek Him and His will we are led and guided) and sought to find our life’s essence from Him once again, that we would automatically align to what we had lost? Emphatically I say, “Yes.”

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