Dear Afrikans,

It is my pleasure to write to you this little piece. I just want to bring your attention to something that is in the mind of God for us Afrikans and the continent we call our home. It is about us as Afrikans, our common unity, our brotherhood and how every aspect of it will translate into a community of Afrikan relations.

For as soon as the first steps of the colonialists touched the land of Afrika, disunity, hatred, division and all manner of weird attitudes between Afrikans followed, and after about sixty years of independence, Afrikans still have not been able to come out of the effects of divide and conquer which our fathers were divided by. To prove that Afrika is still very much under colonial masters, the topic of borders and their effects are still very much a part of the Afrikan narrative. Permit me to say, borders are nothing but imaginary lines drawn in the minds of the colonized, oppressed and marginalized Afrikan. They are a signature that says “we were once together as brothers” before the white man came.

This letter is not in any way trying to build a case against the white man or the children of the colonialists; it must not be seen as such. But it is a letter to my Afrikan brothers to remind them of who they are as sons of love and how much damage we are doing to the reality of a liberated Afrika by the way of our failing to realize that the more we are divided in thoughts and attitudes towards each other, the more we are giving strength to the very thing the colonialists used to subject Afrikans to servitude. We were never poor and impoverished, but because we have allowed self-hate to come in between us, the true Afrikan pride has not been given space to thrive.

I want to share with you a few things the Lord shared with my wife and I at different times; just maybe they will help us realize how much the Afrikan unity is needed in this time and age. She shared a dream she was given with me. In her words she narrated “There were two planes on a runway. One was clean brand new of a type and technology I have never seen before. Deep blue, metallic grey and red in color. Sleek. It belonged to the white man, Europe and the rest. It was parked horizontally across the runway, blocking the end of it. The other one was a large, broken down old airplane, red, green, white and yellow in color. The kind you pray you never have to fly in – in fact that’s what I was desperately doing in my heart. It belonged to the AU and all the African leaders and AU leaders and their African NGO types were in it. A group of African people were standing to the side I was among them. The white man said to the Africans on the plane to go ahead (they were all to fly to the same destination). Even though they knew this huge lumbering giant could not make it without the full use of the runway, they didn’t move their craft out of the way but stood rather nonchalantly leaning on their plane and watching and waiting for the inevitable to happen, knowing that the Africans would do all they could to take off on the limited runway that they had been given access to without crashing into the sleek new plane, and would fail. The African ‘elite’ strapped in and the pilot began to taxi down the runway and gave it all he could and took off almost vertically before reaching that new plane… and then, disaster. The plane was blown backwards and crashed fatally, being totally destroyed. Just like the westerners knew would happen.”

Her dream certainly looked like a tale of doom against Afrika but not really, for several months later, the Lord gave me these words concerning Afrika which connect back to what He showed my wife. He said “A new Afrikan Union will arise; it will not be that of the gathering of Afrika’s heads of states in Ethiopia, but the true union of Afrikans both at home and in Diaspora. Afrikans will begin to see through the veils of the evil their heads of states are doing with world leaders. Afrikans will begin to unite without their governments and to begin to strengthen themselves to activate love, brotherhood and innovation.”

These words are not vain words or tales to incite anything against anyone. It is the reality that is coming shortly and it will not fail. The Afrika that God is putting together is not the one that is run by heads of state that have turned their governments to family businesses. It’s not the one that depends on foreign powers even to her own detriment. The Afrika that God is raising is the one who will bring all Afrikans together in a borderless space and from which true liberty, love, original thoughts, innovative ideas, brotherliness will be sought after and shared.

You as an Afrikan reading this, know that the liberation and emancipation of Afrika is your responsibility. Love and raise up your Afrikan brothers, let’s stop the hate and all things will be possible for us. God bless Afrika.

Samuel Phillips

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Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

A passionate photographer who is inspired by the Unseen to capture the seen.
A singer/songwriter and gospel music minister; a bruised reed I will not break, and a smoking flax I will not quench. A Messenger of Hope, The Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast in God.

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