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Is the Corona virus nature’s message that humanity needs to press the “re-set” button?


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Is the Corona virus nature’s message that humanity needs to press the “re-set” button?

Is there evidence that boosting immunity is the first line of defense?

The month of April is here and with it the Corona virus pandemic is spreading fear and anxiety, globally: This is unprecedented; a pandemic of monumental proportions unfolding right before our eyes.

In recent months Covid 19 has forced us to pose and press the “re-set” button…to ask fundamental questions regarding how humanity may have, inadvertently, caused the emergence of new infections, including the Corona virus.  Here below, pertinent questions and evidence based answers.

 Is the corona virus a message from nature for humanity to slow down and re-think his relationships with other living things and the natural environment?

Is there evidence that humanity’s extractive model, which does not factor in co-existence with other life forms, may have triggered the emergence of new infections?

It is becoming evident that it is not only animal species, like the rhino, which is an endangered species,  but perhaps humanity as well. The use of such terminology as the 6th anthropoceneaka  the 6th mass extinction to describe the impending human extinction. This is largely caused by humanities disconnection from other living things and nature:  Read more here:

Narrowing down to current agricultural food systems, do we have evidence that the current nutrition and food systems are not only unsustainable but also contributing to the emergence of new diseases, including new viruses, like the corona virus? Yes, we do!

Here is what the UN Environmental Chief observes:

Biologist Robert Wallace in his book “Big Farms, Big Flu” shows how industrial farming, with feedlots and concentrated animal feeding operations(CAFOs), are creating toxic environments which are epicenters for the spread of new infections: Watch his video here:

The current coronavirus imposed “lockdown” which has brought many cities and communities to a standstill, may be a blessing in disguise for other forms of life on earth. The case of dolphins appearing in Italy’ water’s has gone viral, shared here, is a powerfully demonstrates the new reality:

Shining a light on the current industrial chemical food production system, how might this food system contributed to the re-emergence of new infections, including the corona virus? Some explanations, as below.

The African Centre for Biodiversity(ACB) makes an argument for a correlation with the emergence of Covid19. Here:

To quote the article “The COVID-19 outbreak illustrates the complex interactions between deforestation, reduced biological diversity, ecosystem destruction, and human health and safety, in large part driven by the globalized agricultural and food system. Further, with the threats posed by climate change, we can expect greater exposure to existing and emerging pathogens.”

More evidence that the current food systems is continuously dumping dangerous organophosphates(like Roundup Weed Killer) into soils which chelates(binds with them) and making the trace elements unavailable to plant root systems, which in turn, has been associated with many chronic diseases as explained here by Dr. Charles Benbrooke . He explains how the US and other farmers are trapped into using more and more glyphosate, a well established toxic organophosphate:

For those who wish to have a detailed technical understanding of how glyphosate impacts human health and triggers chronic diseases,  Dr. Steffanie Seneff , explains in this article and subsequent ones:

What is the co-existence alternative food system and what foods boost immunity, especially during this corona virus pandemic?

A watershed UN backed scientific report advised, more than two decades ago, that the current food system is unsustainable and if left unchanged may pose an existential threat to humanity.

Among other recommendations, the IAASTD report recommends a shift from the current industrial chemical food system that promotes conditions for the emergence of corona-like viruses, to a more co-existence with nature and agro-ecologically aligned nutrition and food system. Here is the summary report:

Accumulating evidence suggests that low levels of trace elements in soil and specifically Zinc deficiencies in soil is manifesting as deficient levels of zinc in humans, in turn manifesting as increased susceptibility to the corona virus. Published studies confirm this association: Here as reported in the British Medical Journal:

See Also

More evidence that dietary Zinc (and in supplements) triggers a supportive immune boosting response that supports the respiratory system to fight and destroy the family of corona virus and by extension should confer some protection against Covid 19. Read the article here:

Watch this short video as Dr. Neal Bernard, a plant based nutritional physician, explains what foods boost immunity:

More here, on foods that one should consume to boost the body’s immune system, as the first line of defense  against diseases,  including corona virus:

The next logical question is what foods contain adequate amounts of Zinc which should be consumed to boost the immune systems and that contain high amounts of Zinc?

Foods with high amounts of Zinc include the following; pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, seafood, grass-fed beef and of course, green leafy vegetables. Find more information, here:

Where can these foods be found? It depends on your location and “lockdown” circumstances. You can start here:

Finally, in tandem with the information shared in this article, stay safe and healthy by consuming agroecologically grown foods which are sold as certified organic(or bio) in  supermarkets, local farmers markets, local food outlets and of course, directly from organic farmers.

 (Originally published on in April 2020. Published here by kind permission)

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