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Issue 13 July 2021


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Issue 13 July 2021

Afrika, and Afrikans, I bless you with my whole heart to be the best version of yourself that you were created to be. That one which no one has allowed you to fully explore thus far, the one you dream of when you’re asleep and when you arise in the new day, it’s as if it is a memory far away. Well, no more will it be far away.
Our reality as a people is great, vast, deep, rich and truly, magnificently blessed and it is time for the continent and the people of Afrika to spit out the mindsets and the people who are working contrary to the beauty of our blessedness. By spit out I mean – don’t vote for them, don’t shop from them, don’t listen to them, don’t model your life after theirs, don’t imbibe their lies and do not give them any more of your strength. Walk away and face the true reality of what Afrika can be – of what you can be – and do that.
The truth is, when we give our energy to the right pursuits, we bear good, beautiful fruit that endures… it’s time to enjoy that, to see what that is like. It’s time for the good trees so let the soil of our hearts give room only to those… the time of the bad trees is done.
It’s time for Afrika to finally flourish! It’s time to realize that we are blessed and not cursed.

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