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Vitamin D: Addressing its Deficiency is the Solution to Severe Covid


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Vitamin D: Addressing its Deficiency is the Solution to Severe Covid

The month of April, 2021 is almost gone, but not without the shocking explosion of COVID-19 infections and severe COVID disease, in India, resulting in painful and needless deaths. This has left many people, especially those doctors who study diseases, their risk factors, distribution and determinants puzzled and scratching their heads: These doctors are also called epidemiologists. The author of this article is an epidemiologist, among others.

This month’s article seeks to highlight Vitamin D as part of the “problem” and also part of the “solution” to severe COVID-19 outcomes. This is therefore a follow up article to identifying the key modifiable risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease.

The March article highlighted obesity as a significant risk factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes:

The Indian experience presents an opportunity to address the conundrum of COVID-19 phenomenon unfolding in front of our eyes, leaving public health experts, including virologists and epidemiologists scratching their heads as to what went wrong and the possible solutions, in addition to vaccinations. Indeed, there is documented evidence of fully vaccinated persons getting infected with COVID-19 and some dying from severe COVID-19 disease despite being fully vaccinated.

Do we have evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is the “forgotten remedy” that should be included in the mitigation strategies to address the unfolding Indian COVID-19 situation and indeed everywhere else?

John Campbell, in this short video, explains why vitamin D deficiency is part of the problem and how availing Vitamin D and raising it blood levels is a solution:

Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic Trained Board Certified clinical pathologist, confirms the critical role of Vitamin D in mitigating severe COVID-19 outcomes: Listen to him in this short video:

Ryan Cole explains further in this article:

As further confirmation, this article, by Dr. Osborne explains why and how vitamin D, in combination with Zinc and other treatment regimens, can prevent up to 90% of COVID-19 deaths.

Furthermore, here is evidence that, up to 90% of hospitalizations are associated with Vitamin D deficiency:

What is the way forward in addressing the Vitamin D deficiency at population level? The author of this article, a public health physician and epidemiologist, also trained in nutrition, recommends that in addition to taking a daily intake of 5000i.u of vitamin D supplements, daily exposure to the “noon sunshine”, for half an hour to one hour, where possible, is sufficient, especially for those with darker melanin pigmentation.

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Consuming safe(not grown with agrochemicals) organic foods, rich in Vitamin D, from local, diverse and traditional foods, including fish and fish products, is one affordable and sustainable way of addressing the rampant Vitamin D deficiency: Have a listen to these videos explaining why local and traditional foods, in addition to exposure to sunshine, can address not only the Vitamin D deficiency but also Zinc deficiency and other nutrients/mineral deficiencies that are vital for metabolic balance.

Going forward, a comprehensive nutritional approach should constitute a critical component of the continuum of care in mitigating not only COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases, in addition to non-communicable diseases(NCDs) which, on their own, are independent risk factors for more severe COVID-19 disease outcomes:

Finally, have a listen to the author of this article articulate the benefits of agroecological organic foods:

and this one:

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