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Detailed Food-4-Thought for Anyone that is Still Human and Has the Capacity for Thought

Dear All,

This video is an hour long, BUT it is imperative to watch if you truly want to understand WHAT is going on under the hood at root level and not on the WWE comic wrestling style charade that you see on your TV screen or read in your mainstream media.

The REASON WHY they want your kids and YOU vaccinated (I told you last January among the varied hidden Eugenics reasons is surveillance but this video explains the FULL picture better). This is deep and the young lady (for those who understand research methods) did a phenomenal job at researching the issue providing you with NAMES and Organizations and most importantly the STRATEGIES they use (similar to what you see in the book titled “Looting Machine”, but far more sophisticated in strategy) to peddle their EVIL and confuse you while doing so.

You can download the video or stream it directly in your browser. Put in the effort to listen as the information provided in this interview will help you understand the wider picture of things and why things, such as what was explained in the book titled “Medical Apartheid”, and all the experiments to date done on those labeled as Black pales into insignificance when compared to what is coming down the PIPELINE that they desire to achieve by 2030.

Trust me, as if you think that YOU as a person are “HUMAN” then get it that it is YOU then that these creatures feel does NOT deserve to have a life (and they will go to extreme lengths to amputate their own minds and justify what they do to cull the population).

They have been working on this for over a century (many of you can’t comprehend this, but if you had read the books/records you would have seen it coming too) as these people abhor humanity and their real/ultimate goal (something I also pointed out long ago as their own torturous history unmasks this truth) was really their OWN KIND as we (those labeled as Black) were just the initial practice and experimental grounds for them to perfect their actions to implement on their OWN KIND. Do not forget that even when the likes of Hitler went to extreme lengths to create the master race to rule over ALL humans. YOU, the one labeled as Black, was NOT even included in that very group they referred to as HUMANS, as Hitler and his superior class of “humans” wanted to subjugate and rule over the LESSER breed of humans (those labeled White) neither you nor I were in that group they refer to as HUMANS, as we were in another class called SUB-Human, so it was NOT US Hitler wanted to subjugate as we did not even Exist in his mind….try to wrap your head around this TRUTH!

Sadly, like World War 1&2 that was created (again) by them it ended up affecting us (as their evil somehow also spills over) and we like the grass under the feet of elephants get trampled upon.

What the interview explains is not pleasant but you should be able to follow the thread. More so for those who have an IT background (especially those who studied the stuff with proper physical books and trainers in classroom, not necessarily the new age internet learning folks) you should know who/what DARPA is. For those who don’t have an IT background, contrary to what you may know or have as an illusion about the INTERNET, it was DARPA that split/cut away a section of their military network and offered it for economic public use.

If you know WHAT DARPA is then you would be a fool to think the internet was FREE for all (as many have as illusions) and never at any point in time did they give up control of it as the internet is still very much controlled despite the embellishment and romantic illusions they often psyop sell you. But like any tool/technology it can be used for Good and not just only bad as these fools use it for. For those who remember their IT basics, you were told that the reason for the shortage of IPV4 addresses was because DARPA had originally planned only a HANDFUL of companies to rule the world (largely UN subsidiaries and later over time companies that took on a more public appealing  Charity/business look and feel) so it behooves me why any ignoramus IT person would even say the internet is a free and open place, as it just shows the ignorance of such a person and one has to doubt what that person even professes to know about IT. Anyway, the internet can be used for good but sadly it is the BAD that seem to be overshadowing…But let the video explain as Whitney explains in far better detail. It may need watching a few times, because there is so much information in this single hour, so for those who have a mind for detail, I recommend listening to it a few times over to grasp the information properly. Bill Gates is the name you hear most because he has funded many of these THINK-TANKS. But the truth is these THINK-TANKS are the your top end academicians who despise humanity and a world they perceive as MASTER CLASS and LOWER CLASS.

As a side note: For those of you who like to console yourself that you are the new “BLACK” Elites you truly are ignorant as these fools (your legacy colonial masters)  do not consider your perception of “Elitism” as part of their Super MASTER CLASS RACE, so it may serve anyone thinking in this warped mindset and propping themselves up to feel “Good” about themselves thinking  they are in the “ELITE” group to SNAP out of their blissful stupor/romance and get real in thought.  One thing is certain, these European descendants STILL (under the hood) consider you the scum of the earth even when they “PERMIT” you to sit at their dinner table, wine and dine with them a little then pick up their table crumbs.

Having said what I have just said, there is one thing that has always baffled me (as I have seen/heard this so many times over the decades in various forms) and even in this video, Dr Githae explains that African so-called leaders went to the SAME people and appealed to their “Organizations” such as WHO (the strategic instruments by which they have used for so long to maintain subjugation and dehumanization on us).  Thus, the same organization funding many of these programs against our kind and stifling any genuine self-development efforts by our kind and here we go again reaching out to them to virtually BEG  for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and tokens/breadcrumbs to be given to them…Wow!

It boggles the mind to see this constantly done over the decades in various forms by our desperate people in so called positions of power and authority.

Will we ever overcome this warped MINDSET? How do you TRULY expect the man that is bleeding you to death (slaved your kind, raped, sodomized, tortured, sponsors the assassinations of your so-called leaders etc.)  and causing nearly all your below the root problems to suddenly have a CHANGE of heart and then come up with solutions or tokens of goodwill for you?

It is like the victim asking the victimizer to help him or her? It makes no sense!

It is as if we are fixated and somehow CLUTCHING on so DESPERATELY to the (drug I call) “hope-iam” in the salvation at the hands of the same group of people who created/maintained the CONDITIONS and CAUSED our problem in the first place and have done so for centuries secretly SWORN TO DEHUMANIZE us and subjugate us. I just do not get it WHY our people are so desperately in need of APPROVAL/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and recognition from/at the knees of the same groups that SUBJUGATED those they labeled as Black? I do not get it:

Everyone needs to start Thinking-Outside-The-Box and in the direction of Solutions. For many of you have spent the last X-amount of years acquiring one skill or another (no matter how compartmentalized that skill or trade may have been) do you really want to simply take that little you know to the GRAVEYARD with you?

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My question is WHY spend all those years/decades learning stuff and then not even being able to pass it on or leave it behind for others to make positive use of?

As a race, our crippling point has been our lack of a skilled MAJORITY of people (in other words too few are skilled and many that are skilled, their skills are useless to the development effort because they work for those western organizations that have long had a 70 yards head start)  and our distorted education as the main difference between us and those that have sought to subjugate us for centuries is not whether we are HUMAN or not or whether we deserve to live or die, but rather that for 3 centuries (a time period that is more than enough time for any so-called undeveloped group/race to self-develop on their own free will IF they were not plagued with the vices of dehumanization, subjugation, sodomization, religious dogma, western political chicanery/hypocrisy, negative militarization, internalized police weaponization, clandestine mis-givings, mis-education, endless psyops and all the other ills that have been subtly taught and thrust down our people’s throats since interacting with Europeans).

Needless to say, simply buying and building a Wakanda as a mis-guided perception of being acknowledged as civilized, will not save us nor truly develop us as a race as when they (the oppressor) send their rockets. drones, robots and minions to destroy that seemingly beautiful Wakanda it is ONLY SKILLS and unified MINDSET that can ever help us rebuild any Wakanda and more. What we need done now is an honest appraisal of our current political, social, wisdom/educational frameworks, economic, community, geographical and environmental standing at the least so as to build/develop a blueprint that is actionable in a near future.

Finally, If you have young children or are planning to have this is NOT a time to be complicit make sure you protect them and look out for their future well-being, and for those who do not have kids, if you still want to see old age then you too need to be vigilant and do not expose yourself to foolish risks of any kind, as these criminals hate HUMANITY and for centuries (even their own history books show you this) the oppressor has put in a great deal of effort to destroy humanity, as their only warped concern is to actually replace humanity with their own perception of a WORLD THEY WANT, only filled with a race/Super race of TRANS-HUMANS.

May inner peace be with all of you and I hope you all make it through to grow old gracefully. Stay strong!



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