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Issue 18 December 2021


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Issue 18 December 2021

It has been my prayer that the end of the year, for all of us, would take place with a lot less noise, distractions and drama than the year has been filled with. That it would be a time when the politicians would retreat to their dens and leave the people be. That the globalist noisemakers would just shut up and let the people close out the year peacefully. But we all know that they will not do that, if anything they will use this time as an opportunity to flood the world and the atmosphere with more noise than before.

Which is why you must take it as your responsibility and fight like a wild animal to escape the trap of noise that they are setting for you, to distract you from what is a necessary time of reflection. Do what you can to clear your mind, to give yourself and your family a time of calm and separation from the busyness and constant spin of activity that they want you involved in. And use this time to see where you are, where you ought to be and how to redirect yourself to the path you ought to be on.

Regrouping matters, taking a breath matters, seeing things clearly matters. It helps you to refocus and reprioritize. And, in the days we are in and are entering into, you are going to need every strength available to chart a safe course to your required destination. So, do yourself this favor and shift gears.

May your year end as needed, so that you can begin anew as needed.

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Thank you for being with us this year.

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