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Afrikans: Welcome Home!


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Afrikans: Welcome Home!

Donald J. Trump continues to play his vital role in re-jigging the United States of America’s economy as well as the entire global economy and society. The man goes against every convention that people have set in place, defying and overturning what has been said to be commonplace, acceptable norms and he has done it in brilliant style. You cannot fault the man for his consistency. From the get-go he set his face to rebuild the economy of the United States of America and despite mainstream media’s attempts to conceal the results he has achieved, he actually has succeeded and no matter what they have plotted with Covid-19, he will get the economy of America back on track. That is his vision and his singular pursuit. And he does this for American citizens. Love him or hate him, the man has a dream he has set out to achieve and his focus is commendable in that regard.

For all those, Afrikans included, who fall under the category of immigrants (undocumented or otherwise), whose papers are temporary, who are not citizens of America, this presidency has been a time of stress and uncertainty with regard to their own place in the society. Recently, the Trump administration suspended all work visas and permits, until the end of the year and all those who hold such documents are now unsure of their future. Secondly, his administration has suspended immigration into the US for everyone, except those deemed useful for Covid-19 support, as well as relatives of US citizens and members of the military. This is not a comfortable situation for anyone who fits into the categories that have been excluded from active participation in the American economy, particularly people for those who had long-term plans to build themselves up in the US, those who have loan repayments to make or dependants who are with them in America or back home, wherever they came from. Fear and anxiety are on the increase and these two destabilizing influences are likely to produce emotional and social reactions in people that may not be beneficial.

So, let’s talk candidly. Kindly try to stick with me until the end, without getting upset. Please. It is now 2020. Donald Trump has been in power for three and a half years and his position has been very clear from the beginning, his support is for Americans. This means that all those who are not American citizens have been aware that their immigration status was a tenuous one at best for the past three and a half years. Why am I taking this tack? Because we have to kill the culture of blame and finger pointing. The way this world is currently structure, if you are in a land other than that of your birth and if you do not have citizenship papers, then it means that you are not at home. The rules of the land you are visiting do not favor you. The land does not need you beyond what benefit you can give to it. If that benefit is not outstanding and spectacular, then you know you can be escorted off the land at any time. This just has to be stated very clearly so that we do not start off along the lines of victimhood or blame. Donald Trump is not beholden to you if you are not a citizen of his country. It’s 2020, it’s time for us to chew some meat with bones regarding to how we face our lives now. Therefore, optimism aside, all non-citizens have had 3 ½ years to plan their next steps. Now the chickens have come home to roost. It is not a time to point fingers at a man who is facing his country to deal with his issues, domestic and international. Leave the man be and face yourself and your own country.

To my beloved Afrikan family in the Diaspora, specifically the US, it’s time to come home. It is evident that the bed of roses that the US was for you, is now a bed of thorns. Yes, Afrika may not be all that you think that it should be, but here at least you have some rights and some room to breathe and to build.

Think about it from this perspective, when Joseph was sent to Egypt – initially as a slave – he was going both physically and spiritually to prepare a place for Israel to be incubated in. He did his time there, made way for his family, who joined him. They grew and prospered in the land of Egypt. Joseph then died and Israel continued to flourish and grow, until a Pharaoh arose who knew neither of Joseph nor of the deal that had been struck for him and the Israelites by his predecessor. This Pharaoh became the bane of their existence in the land. But the question is why. Yes, the Pharaoh was wicked to them and treated them harshly, but what did that re-activate for the people of Israel? It re-activated their remembrance of God. They cried to Him. It re-birthed the covenant that God had made with their father, Abraham, years before and it animated the word spoken by God that the people of Israel would be brought back and established as a nation. Don’t think that what Ghana did last year with the Year of Return was some random PR event. No, it was a powerfully prophetic precursor to what God is doing for Afrika; bringing back her sons and daughters to the land to build the future Afrika.

For almost two decades now, I have known that Afrika’s sons and daughters must return home, to give her strength, having studied the lands beyond her boundaries, understood the peoples and nations there, along with their ways. For more than ten years I have known that the Spirit of the Lord had sent out a summons in the spirit to the true sons and daughters of Afrika to return and to rebuild her. That they were to return in order to gather her out of the dust heap and ash pile that the world has relegated her to, as though she is useless, even though she birthed the whole world. Some heard and heeded this call and have returned over the years, while the rest are enjoying the leeks and onions of the land that they have claimed as their home.

But, as Samuel Phillips has shared in some of his writings, this is the age of the Black Afrikan. The age of Afrika’s slavery is over, the age of her exploitation is over and – at last – the age of her arising has come. The Afrika that was intended to be the “arrowhead of all things spiritual and of all mental creativity on earth: education, technology, innovations, you name it,” is upon us now and you are required to be a part of its building. The destinies of Afrikan and the world’s nations depends upon it.

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Do not be like those who despise Afrika because of her woes and her many struggles. Do not turn your nose up and away from her, saying that there is a stench that arises from within her. There are things that need to be worked on, yes, but how can we be those who continue to complain about her state, yet we do not do anything to change it? What manner of madness would that be on our part? Keep in mind the dream I was given that Samuel was given the interpretation of, of the arising of a New Afrikan Union, of linked and like-minded people who will help to lift each other up. Not in arrogance or superiority of attitude, but in love. For what was shown was that those is that those in the West do not wish Afrika well and they have indeed plotted her demise that they may take her spoils for themselves, but it will not come to pass as they desire, for God has already gone ahead to secure our destiny as a people. Not in the hands of corrupt leadership who compromise and sell Afrika’s inheritance to strangers, but in the hands of Afrika’s true sons who understand that without her, the world is in serious trouble. Because of the word of God, as it was in the beginning, so it is even in this last day, that Afrika is the source of life for all of mankind.

So, consider that your trials and sufferings in that foreign land are not intended to cause you to hate the hand of the one that has been used to stir these things, but rather to understand that the Divine clock in the hands of God is sounding the prophetic hour for that greater destiny for yourself and for Afrika, which you feel in your heart to be fulfilled is upon us. Come home and build her up again.

Afrika will fulfill her destiny, the question is, will you heed the call to return to her bosom and lift up this mother of humanity so that all of humanity can receive of her the depths, breadths and heights of love once more?

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