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Quote of ALL quotes:

“…First we’ve got population: The world today has 6.8 Billion people that is headed up to about nine billion. NOW if we do a really GREAT JOB on new VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services,  we could LOWER that by perhaps, 10 or 15 percent…….”

By  Bill Gates ! TED2010 February

“Innovating to zero”:

Question Time: This “lowered” 10-15 % that this Mr Gates intends to use his vaccines to “delete” from planet earth, WHERE are they coming from? Is this only Africa and Asia or have they (so called global leaders)  agreed on a “Quota” system globally (hence why now the plandemic and the strategies being implemented on those in the western world? Is there a quota system in place for this population control bio-warfare) at the organizations such as UN that Gates and his shady non-and-for profit organizations, behind the scenes, are the biggest donors to its various departments?


Last year sometime Jan-March I emailed everyone telling you categorically they were planning to CHIP YOU and STERILIZE your black butt. Many “scoffed” then but now, a year later, the reality is coming to the fore.

I was not a soothsayer I just did what many of YOU often do not do and that was LISTEN (but listened CAREFULLY) and then put the 5WH thinking framework to work, as I took what I heard and using my experiences and knowledge analytically/objectively as best as possible put the pieces together.

Here I will go the extra mile to EXPLAIN from a technical perspective to you how what is happening works as it is clear that many are unaware of the “HOW” it works and a few back then even went ignorantly into defensive denial of 5G Wireless signaling not understanding the “Role” it plays in the completed process of things.

While others who are in “AWE” of technology repeatedly give the likes of Gates, Musk and others godly standing ovations when they have no clue what these people even publicly told them that they intend doing to them, yet they hold them up high on pedestals and praise!

That said, I can understand that it may not be easy for the ordinary person to see what these crafty/cunning creatures are doing as you do not share my 3 decades plus of IT experiences, so for me to expect you to fully understand may be a bit too ambitious, hence why I am here breaking it down for you.


Technology is a DOUBLE-EDGED sword (like most things) as it can be used for good and for evil and as such it all depends on MOTIVE: For those who have a technological background hopefully (instead of being in AWE of what you do not fully understand, try to see beyond the hype and impressive marketing by simply looking at what they are NOT telling you) you are a bit familiar with what WIRELESS technology is and probably how it works.

For the technical minded you probably understand frequencies, spectrums, channels, bands, ranges and strengths of frequencies etc. You probably understand databases, transactions, queries, transmission/signaling and processing power.

So, if I was to tell you that certain channels/frequencies have been traditionally reserved for “military” use, you should thus know that, and also if I was to tell you that certain frequencies and strengths of frequencies are intentionally used to  spread controlled and directed rays that burn the skin and high pitch audio signals that deafen the ears as a means of dispersing so-called riot mobs I assume such information will not be a surprise to you also.

Just to add one (out of the many) more if I was to point out to you that military grade signals can slice through a person at most, and even cook your internal organs at least when such a ray is directed at a person, none of such technological information would be news to you given you are IT literate right?

Anyway, if I also told you that the computers and supercomputers (basically machines that have high-end calculation/logic processing power and storage and sorting/querying capabilities) needed for any LARGE-SCALE data collection of 6.6 billion people to the “cloud” needs various components working in relay to achieve such a task as no “ONE” component will achieve this end result as it needs a team of components working in concert.

Special Data Centers (serving national intelligence) are needed in strategic places to receive all this data being transmitted up into the “cloud” (that said for those unfamiliar with IT terminology, there is no real “cloud” it is just an analogy of a grouping of processing resources such as computers and how data is stored and moved around etc.) as the data needs a home and these special purpose data centers  are where all transmitted information will be located (as this data is not stored in your normal consumer grade data center).

To achieve this colossal transmission it would need both transmission speed and bandwidth of a certain magnitude (one that could also be detrimental to human health, but that is not what I am concerned with here when talking about 5G) in order to constantly  transmit such a volume of data in real time, and that is where 5G for its speed and bandwidth/range fits into the puzzle.

Just stop to do some analytical thinking; remembering the quote at the top of this email which states as of 2010 it was 6.6 BILLION people now imagine in real time transmitting data from each person from that 6.6 billion catchment into computers situated in remote locations…you certainly need some form of medium (5G) capable of such a task to do so.

The key here is REAL TIME. Do not be fooled they already do this sort of thing with Diabetic and certain medical  patients but NOT on the magnitude of Billions of people as they transmit real-time data from within their bloodstream via special smart devices to centrally located databases (cloud computers) so it is not something new or science fiction:

Hopefully by now you can see that you will need a signaling system that is high powered enough to achieve this sort of grand feat and that is where 5G fits into the puzzle as it is the means for TRANSMISSION as this whole puzzle fits like a relay race.

They would not be able to do this via LANDLINES because it would not be practical to physically hook everyone up to a home PC and then get the software to transmit the data via cabling.

5G on the other hand is the wireless super highway they needed. Smart devices (and even certain modern day home appliances) are the first point receivers that have the processing power to relay on to the 5G towers the data the nano-technology feeds out from your body  to the  smart devices. The 5G towers then route it on to the cloud, via picked up satellite signaling in real time, that then end up as database data in computers in these strategic Data Centers ready for mining and processing according to motives. One key point to note here is that this “signaling routing pattern is “TWO” way that is they can also send signals to your body.

Some of you may have already (unknowingly) felt the impact to human health of radio waves jostling around in space and time from your smart phones, smart devices and various public antenna’s etc., as some of you may have in recent times experienced slight burning sensations in your skin, muscle spasms, leg pains, and even sudden rapid pulsating heart beats (many of us have we just often overlook it). Do not waste your time asking your doctor, as many are clueless on these things and, even if they knew, they dare not speak. These and many more are the hazards of radio frequencies then add a bit of imagination to the mix and I am sure you can piece together what could possibly happen where there is a MOTIVE in a “TWO-WAY” signaling transmission that is out of your control.


However, even before the 5G part you first need to have an “agent” that creates/manipulates the human data and that is where the bio-warfare part that you hear talked about comes from. As to get this nanobot component inside the human (bear in mind it goes “in” BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN it can come back out as this so far as known is a “one-way” system) you need the VACCINES part as that acts as the vector to deliver the nanobots to the cells, as that is the surest way to ensure the nano-bots are in the bloodstream where they can alter the human DNA and do what is required of them.

Additionally, (something many probably do not realize) is that the human manipulated parts of the components going into the vaccine are also “Patented”. What does that mean? Well since many of you are from the group labeled as “Black” you should be familiar with how slaves were “BRANDED” with hot iron rods to their OWNERS. Yes! this is the digital equivalent. So once that stuff is inside of you without you understanding it you are basically OWNED by the company or scientist who patented the product inside of you as you officially become their digital SLAVE: Go do some reading up as this is not news but rather common sense.


To understand why the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is INTENTIONALLY BLANKING THIS OUT Ask yourself who pays their bills? Who supplies them with the advertising billions? They are just the means to keep the masses IGNORANT and stupid. As (hopefully) you already know that the MEDIA STAFF are more corrupt than anyone (in their own right they are worse than Mobutu when it comes to corruption)  could imagine as the late (surprise surprise he is now late) German journalist by name Udo Ulfkotte  exposed how journalists in the media feast on bribes.

See Also

Hopefully you also understand that “sequencing” and division of labor; when combined efficiently it can produce structured orchestrated results.

Thus, to help make this visually easier for all to understand let me draw your attention to a motor car’s engine  as (hopefully) you will be able to relate to the simple fact that there are MAJOR and MINOR components that make up the structure of a car engine and for your car to drive it needs all these parts to drive properly. If you have some minor components missing your could still drive your car BUT if the major components are missing your car will stop driving.

This whole Eugenics SCAM needs ALL COMPONENTS in place to work properly otherwise the experiment will not be truly valid.


As you may be aware a drone was used to assassinate the Iranian commander but do a bit of reading on Bio-weapons and then your mind can stretch to understand what micro-organisms are capable of and what is possible in the world of what they call Bio-warfare. No! it is not about people dropping bombs on each other, that is not how this thing with a weird and misleading name (Bio-warfare) works, but please do your own due diligence and READ UP!

These people (and their Minions who do the dirty work for them) are not joking, they want to coerce you into being CHIPPED and Patented, do not be fooled this is NOT JUST a chip tattoo as those nano particles are a frequency sensitive sensor that could easily be remotely triggered as they can “send” information and “RECEIVE” information and be used as an agent in a KILL-SWITCH at any future date:

Besides Gates public talks (especially the TEDX ones) of deleting through vaccines 15 percent of the world population, there is also Bio-Ethical discussions about TWO age groups that should be considered good to “delete” and that is 0-2year old and 75 and above year olds as many of these high level academic and policy debates are sponsored by the same Eugenicist minded people.

Go listen to Gates public talks especially the TEDX talks he is not “hiding” it (just search on Google, they are still there) and you have ears to hear it for yourself, so use them, as he tells you in plain English what he is doing to YOU and your kind.

Yes! I am aware that he is not alone as the deep state is behind him, but atleast you cannot say he did not TELL YOU even if the rest of the cohort did not come out publicly to tell you. If you for a second think Eugenicists Like YOU (for some bizarre reason) then YOU must be MAD!!

Sadly, it does not “end” here as now they are after your CHILDREN  and grand-children because if you can chip them “EARLY” you have them for LIFE to place and be groomed ready into a Chinese style surveillance and subjugation control Eugenics governance system of the ruling class over the ruled class.

Start thinking about possible solutions for your particular situation (especially for the children, if you have them, as they need extra protection) as they will cajole and subtly coerce you to voluntarily beg to take the jab.

Lets hope the creator is on the peoples side!



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