The simplicity of the lifestyle of the Christ when He was on earth was not a result of lack of resources or scarcity of needed amenities. It was a carefully thought out lifestyle of choice that was picked up by the subjecting of desires found in the chase of the things of this world to a higher aspiration of wanting things that are eternal. For Jesus as both Man and God in one, had the ability to create whatever He needed at the very time He needed it. He not having anything this minute does not stop Him from having so much the next minute. For the One who made the fish of the sea in the beginning by spoken word accurately did the same again when He told Peter to cast his net to the right side. His words to Peter didn’t just direct Peter’s net to where the fish were gathered, His words instantly created fish for Peter to gather on the right side of obedience.

With this Jesus and Peter’s fish scenario, I would like to say that there is a wicked scheme playing out in this modern day of the life of Afrika and Afrikans. A wicked scheme that was put in place in ancient times by the haters of anything in black skin called Black Afrikans. It was that wicked scheme that created the slave trade, created the partitioning of Afrika and the hatred that followed even after independence. It is that wicked scheme that created the neo-colonialism that we see now in Afrika. It is wicked because it is based on cheap lies and the masterful acts of deception from the white supremacists and then given power by the current black supremacists who think that Afrika is their personal business centre. It is wicked because it has become the corruption in the very bones of the Afrikan leaders who were supposed to remove the chains, the stench and the dark memories of slavery from the Afrikan people. They have certainly become neo-slavers of their own people, telling the same tale of lack, poverty and backwardness that they inherited from the mad foreigners. But it is a lie, for Afrika is not lacking in anything. In fact, Afrika alone has been the one continent that has been the food basket, the gold-mine, the diamond mine, the oilfield, the human resource department of a very large part of the entire world’s economy. So the story of lack, poverty, unemployment etc. is nothing but the seal of irresponsibility that the governments of Afrikan nations have put on their own people. For like Jesus, whatever we need, we can create both by accurate imagination and true words to bring them to pass. So why does everything look so difficult when it comes to creating a better Afrika and yet it has proven so easy to steal from and milk her dry? If, as at now, after 60 years of independence and almost 200 years after the Atlantic Slave Trade, Afrika has still not gotten it together, it is either we have slaves in government or Afrikans are just stupid to allow themselves to be used and dumped all over again. But in this case I do not think Afrikans are fools, I just think they have not realized they have been fooled.

What really is wrong with Afrika?

I have thought about this question over and over again and one thing keeps popping up as the problem. I realized that what is wrong with Afrika is that Afrikans do not believe that they are worth being the centre of all that is good and achievable on earth and that they have been lied to. They were lied to when they were told that they are a third world continent. They were lied to when they were told that their educational system was inferior to that of the white man. They were lied to when they were told that God was not in Afrika’s spirituality outside of what the white man interpreted Christianity to be. They are right now still being lied to that Afrika must depend on loans, aid and all manner of compromises for her to fulfill her destiny among the nations. 1.2 Billion original people in the cradle of humanity can’t all be blinded to the schemes and shameless things that are going on in Afrika, plotted and funded by foreign powers, but allowed by the corrupt and compromised Afrikan governments and leaders.

Afrika’s Economic Hitmen

The demeaning narrative that Afrika is backward and that Afrika is in a state of poverty and impoverishment is one of the most stinking lies ever told. Afrika, like a milk producing cow, has been producing milk for the feeding and the development of foreign nations for centuries. But like the proverbial ox threshing the wheat with a muzzle covering his head and mouth, Afrika can’t eat from her own labor and her children are subjected to poverty and malnutrition because until the muzzle is removed, she is helpless. It is a wicked scheme and one which is no longer acceptable, either from the economic hitmen that are working it or the irresponsible Afrikan governments that are allowing it for selfish gains. To create a better picture of how Afrika has been subjected to economic sabotage, let’s check these few questions together.

Firstly, why is it that no country in Afrika, even after sixty years of independence is allowed to trade their naturally endowed resources in their own sovereign currencies to ensure that the true values of those resources are translated into economic development and empowerment on the Afrikan continent.? The answer is simple. It will allow Afrikans control their own natural resources and the corresponding wealth that will follow, which will in turn empower Afrikans to live outside of the dictates and control of foreign powers. He who controls the medium and the terms of trade, controls the outcome. That simple.

Secondly, why is it that Afrika only sells crude and unprocessed mineral resources, when the sale of finished products certainly will put more value on such products and then bring more foreign exchange and more wealth? The question answers itself. Afrika in the eyes of foreign powers must be made to remain undervalued and thus easy to manipulate.

Another question is this, why is it that any Afrikan leader who rises to make a case for change or who decides to face this issue of economic sabotage head on is either assassinated, removed from power by force or discredited? It is also a simple answer. They know that all a nation will need for her emancipation is a true leader who will challenge the status quo and be bent on change. So they kill such before it becomes a reality. This was done to Patrice Lumumba of DR Congo, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso and Gaddafi of Libya. Somehow it is no longer just about leaders right now that are being sabotaged, killed and shut down, it is being done to all Afrikans irrespective of whether we are aware of it or not. For any Afrikan who rises and says it’s enough or challenges the status quo is shut down also. And you know the most recent style is that such shut downs of Afrikans are done by Afrikan governments themselves against any of their citizens who decide to ask questions or call for responsible leadership from their governments. They simply discredit such a person by calling it fake news, or arrest you and charge you with treason or incitement of violence or civil unrest. So it’s basically the same thing all over again.

I am not an economist, but I know that the value of a local currency is dependent on its bargaining power in the global market. Meaning, take away the global bargaining power of Afrikan currencies and you have completely valueless currencies.

I am most certain that Afrika is not poor but she is a victim of global economic manipulation, internal sabotage created by the selfish interests of those in authority and poor bargaining power which stems from mindsets of devaluation of self. There is surely an end to every season, but we must realize that we don’t have time to debate and argue. It’s time to cast our nets to the right side of truth and reasoning and come up with lasting solutions to our long term problems.


To enable a more stable and emancipated Afrika, we should consider doing the following:

  1. Strengthen the Afrikan economy by creating a single Afrikan currency.
  2. Let every trade made with the outside world be with the Afrikan currency.
  3. Let Afrikan nations only export finished products in order to increase their value.
  4. Have one big common market where we use only the Afrikan currency.
  5. Remove all borders, create an Afrikan citizenship for all Afrikans, both at home and in the Diaspora.

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Samuel Phillips

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